Live Cam Chat is Now So Popular, Stripchat Models Say They’re Working Full-Time reports that its company membership numbers and daily traffic metrics for the live cam service has officially hit an all-time high, with its top-earning models working full-time to meet customer demand.
The popular striptease-themed cam site recently polled its online stars in order to see how many hours they’re now working, and if they still have second jobs to prop up their income.
“We all know a successful model needs to be online as much as possible,” said BustyTannia,. I’m working almost 30 hours in a week, at least that is that is the standard I set for myself. I like to have all my energy stored and released in ONE thing, in this case camming.”
For ClaraXJoy, “I don’t have another job, this one provides me with everything, especially all the money I need! I work over 30 hours per week but I think I will increase my working hours as soon as possible! We all know that the best way to be on top is by staying online as much as possible.
Evelyn Black explained that “I work 40-60 hours most of the time… I don’t think it is possible to do great in two different things at the same time.”
Kim Ventura added that “I think the important thing is how impressive you are online instead of the amount of time you spend online… as time has gone by, I have gradually started earning as much as or even more than by having two jobs.”
Iris Blues summed up that “watching the clock while working is not wise… I spend between 40 and 60 hours online. My job is to make everyone happy and see men smiling after having some hard times. I think that my cam model job is very complex; I am not just offering great moments, but I am also a therapist, a secretary, a confident, a lover and a secret keeper.
“Being a cam model means for me a 24/7 job… I never thought about having some other job,” saidIsabella Etthan. “I love to entertain people, I love to see their reactions and the most I love to be spoiled. I think this is the kind of dream job that I ever wanted to have. Of course I might rethink the whole idea at some time, but for this moment being a cam model is the only job I need.”
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