Mia Li Signs with Ikigai Marketing + PR

Adult performer, activist, and APAC President Mia Lia signed with Ikigai Marketing + PR, announcing Kristel Penn as her official publicist.

“For the longest time I’ve felt compelled to choose one brand identity—do I want to solely be an adult film performer, an activist, or a sex educator? I couldn’t settle on dedicating energy to one identity because without one there wouldn’t be the others,” said Mia Li.  “Arriving at this, I knew that I would have to sign on with a publicist that could handle the multifaceted nature of my brand. Ultimately, I chose Ikigai Marketing.”

“Mia’s desire to embrace and utilize her intersectional identity coincides with a core tenet of ikigai,” added Kristel Penn. “She has already made great strides in her career and I consider it a great privilege to work with her at this specific point in her journey. I’m looking forward to the road ahead as Mia will certainly be someone to watch in and outside of the adult industry.”

Mia Li is an adult film star, cam model, and YouTuber whose politics are greatly informed by her experiences in sex work. Her intersectional activism focuses on serving sex worker and LGBTQ+ communities. An active performer for four years, she is also involved in adult film advocacy—speaking out at local campuses, attending CalOSHA meetings in and out of San Diego, and serving as the current APAC president.

Outside of adult film, Li volunteers at local LGBTQ+ organizations and uses her unique platform on her successful YouTube channel to discuss topics like adult film, sex work, and sexuality. Additionally, she runs workshops on bodily ownership, sexual health communication, consent with medical professionals, healing from sexual violence, and the destigmatization of sex work. Follow her on Twitter at @LoveMiaLi.

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