Miles Long Guests on Christy Canyon’s Vivid Radio Show

Miles Long sits down for a chat with the legendary Christy Canyon this week as a special in-studio guest on her eponymous SiriusXM Vivid Radio Show.
The veteran adult filmmaker expressed that it was “great to talk with Christy about how the business has changed from when we both got in it over 20 years ago to what it is today, and how these days girls are focused on being multi-faceted performers and content creators, and not just shooting movies.”
Long also spoke of his love of “building fast cars and motorcycles, which my career has been able to help me afford,  as well as one of my show vehicles that I just finished building a Carbon Fiber dash for yesterday evening – my Noble M400 supercar.”
He also fielded calls from listeners who wanted to know more details about his industry exploits, as well as how to break into the sex biz. “Rob from Ohio called in with a great question about how to get into the business as a new male performer.
“I laid out a great roadmap for him to start with cam shows, then work for a small website where someone is holding a camera in front of them – then gradually work into a larger production, set and crew so he can build in some success and practice!”
Long’s interview on ‘The Christy Canyon Show’ is out now via Vivid Radio / SiriusXM radio network on Channel 415.
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