MIMIC’s Good Vibes Rate High with Customers, Clandestine Devices Shares Testimonials

Clandestine Devices’ MIMIC, the exceptionally stimulating pleasure vibrator, is getting great buzz from some very satisfied customers and enjoying a serious spike in sales as the toy hits its stride in the adult novelty market in 2018.
While initially marketed to women, the versatile MIMIC has also proven to be a big hit with men – and couples, in particular – when it comes to stoking the erotic pleasures in the bedroom.
According to Clandestine Devices’ Director of Operations Kimberly Faubel, “we have received many letters and emails with amazing testimonials from our customers and store buyers, and we are so giddy about the positive feedback – especially from men – that we wanted to share.”
One married couple sent a letter of praise to the company, writing, “In case you didn’t know, the MIMIC is great for ball & taint stuff. Record. Time. Finishing.”
Amy W. in Texas wrote in to share, “I experimented with the MIMIC on him. He’s a big fan.”
Another delighted male customer agreed when Samantha M. in Arizona wrote of her husband’s experience: “I started [the MIMIC on] a medium setting and used it under his balls and he liked it. Then I started giving him head at the same time and he really loved it!”
Denise W. from Virginia said that her boyfriend “really liked the ‘consistent vibration’ setting, which is funny, because that’s my favorite setting too!”
A U.S. adult store buyer, who is one-half of a married lesbian couple, emailed Faubel and told her “I saw what it did, and I knew I had to buy two: one for me, one for my wife!” She later added in the letter that “it’s mine and my wife’s favorite toy.”
“This was our goal from Day One, to create a massager that is versatile and easy to use,” added Faubel of the MIMIC, which was designed and launched by adult industry boss Jules Jordan. “We’ve also been told that we need to push MIMIC harder for Mother’s Day. So… dads, give your ladies something special to show her what a great Mom she is!”
The waterproof, rechargeable MIMIC, with its versatile ergonomic design, user-friendly interface and glowing LED light affords ease for the adventurous, even in the dark and underwater.
Available in three colors – black, lilac & seafoam green – MIMIC is made of medical grade silicone and offers six speeds/intensity levels, eight vibration patterns, a glowing LED light and 90 minutes of powerful pulsations on a single charge.
MIMIC is now available online and in stores in over 40 countries and can be shipped globally in time for Mother’s Day. Visit https://clandestinedevices.com for more information.

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