MixedX to Launch All-New Hardcore Series Xraw

 European erotica studio MixedX is expanding its popular platform of films with the inclusion of Xraw, a brand-new series of scenes that gets straight to the sex without the storyline.
Backed by popular fan demand, MixedX CEO Christina Shine says that Xraw is a bold step forward “to please viewers and satisfy our dear subscribers who love raw story-free sex in virtual digital quality next to the cinema. No dialogue, no setup – just straight action.
“We are excited about the company’s new developments in 2021… we will continue to create our trademark cinema films, which will get more stories from now on and be even more cinematic, thanks to our continuous training in story writing and filmmaking. Xraw is simply an exciting new addition to the MixedX quality line of motion pictures.”
The launch of Xraw is part of the studio’s ongoing efforts to advance its MixedX members’ user experience with the inclusion of all-new content, new talent and new production designs in order to preserve fan enthusiasm for the two-year old company.
MixedX is available now to enjoy instant streaming and downloading across all quality online devices and platforms. To join, visit MixedX.com.
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