Mr. Skin Aids Chicago Charities with $10,000 Endowment, Urges Local Community Support

 Nude celebrity mega-site Mr. Skin today announced a $10,000 commitment to non-profits Black Lives Matter, Chicago Community Bond Fund, Collaboraction Theatre Company, and The Gray Matter Experience to support its local communities in this time of social transformation.
Company CEO Jim McBride said, “When I launched 21 years ago, it was always my mission to celebrate the human body in all its shapes, sizes and colors. What we do has always been intended to be light-hearted and joy-sparking, and we’ve typically avoided addressing political and social issues.
“Today, however, there is a movement happening around the country and in our city which requires our energy and public support. Systemic racism and police brutality against people of color have plagued our city of Chicago for far too long, and we all must do our part as members of the community to make a difference.
“To that end, Mr. Skin will be donating $10,000 split equally between the following four charities that we believe are doing great work to effect real change in Chicago on a variety of fronts: Black Lives MatterChicago Community Bond FundCollaboraction Theatre Company  and The Gray Matter Experience.
“In addition to these donations, our company is planning to offer ongoing support of local Chicago charities through regular volunteer work organized by our staff. Big changes are happening around the country and here in our city but we know this will be a long and ongoing battle to change systems which have been centuries in the making.
“We are in this for the long haul, and are committed to being an ally in the fight for equal rights and justice for black Americans and all other marginalized communities.”
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