Erotic Heritage Museum Presents ‘Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show’ Through July 2019


The Erotic Heritage Museum is pleased toannounce it will be showcasing Bettina Hubby’s exhibit, “The Sexual Bronze Show,” now through July 2019. Clever, provocative, and often hilarious, “The Sexual Bronze Show” celebrates the diversity of bodies and each body’s possible preferences; that sex can be many things, and be had in many different ways, but it should always be pleasurable, fun, inventive, and plentiful.


“As we all know, good sex, and a general positive adult attitude to our human intimacies, comes from one’s ability to explore desires in many shapes and sizes, and from a multitude of angles, and Bettina Hubby’s exhibit captures that essence in spades,” says EHM Executive Director Dr. Victoria Hartmann. “For instance, one will find curiously-paired sculptures here, each object pair cast in bronze and precisely patinated. In her photos, she again pairs items, very often suggesting something wonderfully naughty, given the size and shape of the items she compares.


“Also, hung on our gallery walls are authentic grocery coupon advertisements, presented through Hubby’s unique view,” continues Hartmann. “These are collages, where she sneaks in her own images and text into everyday common ads we know all too well. For instance, a grocery store advertisement for fresh food and low prices, presenting a pork roast at 50% off, has the added bubble caption, ‘Put the yum into the Extra Soft Trimmed Loin.’ It is happily obvious to any who visit this exhibition that Hubby is looking to make one laugh as well as titillate with her art. We are pleased and honored to showcase ‘Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show” at the EHM, and look forward to hearing our Museum visitors’ reactions and opinions on this curated exhibit.”


Visitors to the exhibit will experience a wide range of the artist’s sculptures, photographs, and collages; nothing is off-limits for Bettina Hubby’s wonderfully-skewed, bronzed view of the world. Sexual and bronze, the exhibit’s content is determined by things one would get at the market; the presentation, minimal with a nod to excess. Enigmatic bronze pairings presented on pedestals populate the front gallery; photographs of those same pairings, in various states of “hanky-panky,” as the artist puts it, are displayed in the back.


“I take my humor seriously,” says Hubby. “I focused intently and took a survey, then plunged deeply and engrossed myself into the grocery aisles to find these pairings, and made monuments to my match-made couples’ carious proclivities. I honor their diversity and their freedom of expression. I bronzed their essence, and photographed them in a white bed of light, to reveal their true natures; they gleam with a confident, appreciative, post-coital sigh.”


“Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show” was previously exhibited at the Lora Reynolds Gallery in Austin, Texas, and Gallery Klowden Mann in Los Angeles, before starting its one-year exhibition at the EHM. Visitors may view the exhibit inside the Museum’s LGBTQIA+ Room, located on the second floor, next to the Paris Theatre.

Born in 1968 in Manhattan, Bettina Hubby received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her practice is wide-ranging, encompassing curatorial and project-based work as well as more traditional media such as collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. Hubby’s projects engage diverse communities and often exist in settings that challenge the conventions of exhibition spaces, celebrating collaboration and resisting easy categorization. Hubby’s work and projects have been featured widely in Los Angeles, at venues including Klowden Mann, LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), ForYourArt, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Side Street Projects, the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and many others. Hubby was featured inWallpaper Magazineas a top creative talent in LA, inArtForum’s best of 2014, on NPR, and her work has also been written about inLA Weekly, New York Magazine, theLos Angeles Times, Artslant, theHuffington Post, and many others. For more information, visit; Bettina Hubby may also be followed on Instagram at

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