Adult Social Media Site Featured in, a new sex-positive social media site that connects adults anonymously in an inviting online setting, is profiled in a lighthearted new Forbes article, ‘PleazeMe Is A Delightfully Erotic Yet Somehow Way Less Creepy Facebook’.
Forbes’ consumer tech contributor Curtis Silver, who calls PleazeMe “a sexual social media utopia”, writes that “there is something already calming about PleazeMe… there is a sense of freedom paired with relief when perusing statuses and engaging with users.
“PleazeMe wants to build a place where not only is this open and free discussion paramount to improving our views toward sex and sexuality, but provide content to highlight travel destinations, events and give us a safe place to have the conversations about ourselves we might be hesitant to elsewhere.”
The innovative site, currently in Beta testing ahead of its official launch, was designed and built as a ‘next generation’ social destination that accommodates a variety of erotic interests that make up seven different ‘worlds’; users can discover what suits them best while making personal connections based on mutual interests and activities.
PleazeMe offers private photo and video link sharing, user feed posting, commenting and ‘Heart’ button functionality, friend suggestions, specialty groups to join, private messaging, user followers, ‘voyeur mode’ and name linking.
The site also keeps users abreast of latest trends, innovations and ideas with its official blog section,, and has just released a new post, ‘Monogamish? Swinging? Polyamory? The Beginner’s Guide To Open Relationships’, which includes a simplequiz – ‘Which Open Relationship is Right for You?’
Company Founder/CEO Heather C. Montgomery has high hopes for this new social network, saying in the article that “healthy relationships with ourselves, with others and with sexuality increases our quality of life… I think many people are ready and looking for greater quality in their lives.”
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