Pro Sound News Spotlights LA Recording Studio Dave’s Room in New Profile

Popular Los Angeles-area recording studio Dave’s Room is profiled in the latest issue of professional audio monthly Pro Sound News, available online at
Writer Steve Harvey interviewed the studio’s Paul ‘Fig’ Figueroa for the Studio Showcase article ‘Fig, Spreng Bring a New Day to Dave’s Room’, offering a glimpse inside the newly-reopened recording workspace that’s been a vibrant part of the Los Angeles music scene for 48 years.
Harvey writes that “the facility was—and still is—set up for musicians to all record simultaneously. “There’s a piano booth, a vocal booth, a hallway you can tuck a bass amp in, and you can get an extra amp in the lounge”, says Fig.
Fig details the shock of Dave’s Room founder David Bianco’s sudden death this past June, and the daunting legacy that the Grammy-winning producer left behind as well as the 1,800 square feet of valuable recording space and gear that he and studio partner David Spreng have taken on.
“I’m a producer and a mixer, so jumping through all the administrative hoops was a whole new thing—and not to mention being booked on my own sessions at the same time.
He added that before the recent re-opening, he and Spreng made some updates to the space and brought in new and vintage equipment and instruments from their own collections.  “Dave wanted the place to be a comfortable place to create, and that’s something that we are not going to change.”
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