Pure Taboo Shines a Spotlight on The Starlet: A Casey Calvert Story

Pure Taboo takes a deep look inside The Starlet: A Casey Calvert Story, a brand-new spotlight showcase from director/producer Bree Mills, available now at PureTaboo.com and on the Adult Time platform.
Mills collaborated with Calvert on developing the storyline and script, based on Calvert’s original concept of a bratty, impossible-to-work-with Hollywood starlet named Emma who goes head-to-head in an all-out brawl with her movie’s new stuntman trainer… who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend Michael (Derrick Pierce).
“What the fuck, Em… it’s just a movie, chill out,” says Michael after she sucker punches him during a spar session. “So fight me for real,” Emma sneers. “What do I get out of it?” Michael asks after dropping her to the floor. Emma doesn’t budge. “Whatever you want…”
“I always value the opportunity to collaborate with Casey Calvert,” said Mills of the star. “The character dynamics in this episode are fascinating to watch unfold, and the sexual energy between her and Derrick Pierce is electric. Not to be missed!”
The Starlet is unique in that Calvert portrays her character as a fierce anti-heroine, a leading lady as the story’s antagonist who demonstrates unapologetically cruel behavior and believes her fame and money elevates her above the social laws of proper manners and conventions.
“I’m really excited for everyone to be able to watch The Starlet… writing it was a labor of love and an attempt to do something a bit different,” said Calvert. “Shooting it was incredibly fun, and Derrick Pierce is always amazing. I want to thank Bree and everyone at Gamma for empowering me to be the best creative I can be!”
Find the full episode and trailer of The Starlet: A Casey Calvert Story at Puretaboo.comand also within the dedicated Pure Taboo channel on the at Adulttime.com platform.
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