Sex-Positive Social Site PleazeMe Weeds Out Dating App Time Wasters in New Blog Post

 PleazeMe, an exciting new step forward in sex-positive social networking, has just posted an informative article to the site’s blog, ‘Beyond Swipe Right: Recognizing a Good Contact on Online Dating Apps’.
“How do you tell if a random internet human is going to be worthwhile?” writes PleazeMe blogger Delilah Wood of the endless screening process that discourages online daters. “Some of the more obvious nopes are easy to spot, but a review of bad signs is both cathartic and useful – especially if you’re new to dating.”
Time wasters to avoid include monosyllabic responses like ‘Hey’ (“Nothing says ‘I didn’t bother to read your profile’ like a single-word message”), the Dick Pic (“It’s unclear why so many people find this tactic so compelling, but it’s probably because they love sexual harassment”) and possible narcissists (“They can be very charming and make you feel #blessed to be with them, but before long, you won’t be feeling so lucky, punk”).
The blog posts serve as a perfect introduction to the PleazeMe universe, and, according to company founder/CEO Heather C. Montgomery, are created by design to inspire lively conversations with other users.
“We’ve gotten great feedback about our blog and regularly updated posts, which not only entertain and educate, but also spark interesting and intelligent debate among PleazeMe members,” said Montgomery. “There’s so much to see and explore at this site, so we urge both the curious and the daring to come see what PleazeMe has to offer.”
The online community, currently in Beta testing and expected to launch this summer, unites its users anonymously via seven corresponding affinity Worlds that sync up to their sexual appetites.
PleazeMe is looking for new users to add to the stimulating conversation. Membership is free, and the easy-to-use interface is similar to regular social media platforms, with a scrolling feed that shares share news, opinions and ideas in a secure online environment.
Read the full article at and go to to become a PleazeMe member.

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