Sex Power Couple Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire Host The SDR Show’s Poddybud Game Tonight at 9pm ET

Popular, New York City comedy podcast, The SDR Show hosted by comedian Big Jay Oakerson and rock radio personality Ralph Sutton recruited the gorgeous, sex power couple Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire, to be their naked hosts with the most for the third edition of The Poddybud Game, this time with fellow Gas Digital Network show hosts of High Society Radio.

“It’s a Poddybud Game threepeat! As Big Jay as I hold a one and one record, we bring in the High Society Radio boys to take The SDR Show on,” says Ralph Sutton. “And it wouldn’t be SDR if we didn’t up the ante, so this time not only do we have the beautiful Jet Setting Jade to ask questions but we also had her well-endowed partner King Noire to unleash the hammer with really pounding questions.”


“The guys are lucky that I am used to being upstaged by King’s dick,” says Jet Setting Jasmine. “It was so fun to see them so obsessed over my favorite sex toy!”


“Great interview,” says King Noire, “They asked my dick all the juicy, hard hitting and in-depth questions”


The SDR Show will close with the song of the week, King Noire’s song ‘Radiator’


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