Sex Worker Offers “Nonjudgmental Therapy Sessions” to Digisexuals – “I Can Help Cure Sex Robot Addiction”

In response to an increasing demand from clients struggling with sex and sexuality in today’s ever-changing technological landscape, a sex worker from Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel and sex vacation resort near Las Vegas, Nevada, is adding what she refers to as “Digisexual Therapy” to her list of services. Roxanne Price, a 25-year-old licensed prostitute working at the brothel, believes that the increasing curiosity surrounding sex robots, virtual reality sex, and other sex tech is causing an inordinate number of people to identify as digisexuals, people with a sexual attraction to sexbots and other technological sex scenarios. “I’m extending my services to include digisexual therapy because I believe that it’s easy for people to become confused in today’s sex and dating landscape,” Price said. “I think that many people are using various types of easily-accessible technology for sexual stimulation more often than they’re seeking actual sex with another human being, and this is causing some people to prematurely identify as digisexuals.” “Many millennials, myself included, grew up in a world where our first sexual experiences were facilitated by machines,” Price said. “We were introduced to porn through our laptops, cell phones or tablets, and this tech became a part of our sexual development.” “I think that some of us are more comfortable with the machines that introduced us to sex than with humans, and that this level of comfortability may make us prone to finding sex robots an attractive alternative to human sex.” “I don’t want to place judgment on people that identify as digisexuals, but I do want to offer them a nonjudgmental environment where they can truly explore their sexuality with another human being,” Price said. “I think that technology, a sexual outlet that by its non-human nature doesn’t shame or judge us because, can be very tempting – especially for people that are introverted or have experienced some form of sexual rejection. But working through this sexual apprehension with another human that is understanding and sympathetic can often be what people calling themselves ‘digisexuals’ are really looking for and genuinely need.” “There are people in the world that are authentically digisexuals, but I believe that these people are rare and that I can help cure sex robot addiction in most people,” Price said. “Before we turn to technology as our main sexual outlet — and certainly before we do something drastic like marry a sex robot — I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure we’re not into humans.” “A compassionate woman like me can show on-the-fence digisexuals the myriad possibilities of sex between two human beings and change the way they view human sex,” Price said. “I’ve found that most people were never in a situation with another human where they can freely indulge in all of their fetishes, proclivities, and deepest desires for fear of being judged. I can offer such an experience. Once people get it on with a genuinely open sex partner, and release long-standing inhibitions, it’s like being reborn. “For the vast majority of people, sex robots can’t measure up to a really rewarding sex experience with a human. I’m here to make sure people have those great sex opportunities.” Price said that she herself is an introvert and that she can relate to many of the people that turn to tech for sexual fulfillment. “As a shy girl, I understand how difficult it can be for some people to develop relationships,” Price said. “I’m a gamer, so I spent a lot of my youth immersed in technology. I know how our technological interests can become safe spaces where we can hide from our insecurities.” “I used games to isolate myself from the challenges of reality, and this caused me to gain weight and to become depressed and socially awkward,” Price said. “I was off balance, and I realized that I was using the technology to escape from life instead of using it as an enjoyable part of life,” Price said. “I think people turn to sex robots for the same reason — because forming real relationships could be scary and challenging for a lot of people,” Price said. “But just as I was able to find balance and joy in my life, by forcing myself to get out into the world and interact with real people, I strongly believe that sex tech addicts, with my help, can recover from the abyss they may find themselves in.” Roxanne Price twitter: @roxannepricegfe. Sheri’s Ranch is located at 10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump, NV 89061. For more information about Sheri’s, visit the official websiteABOUT SHERI’S RANCH: Sheri’s Ranch is legal brothel, resort and spa located in Pahrump, Nevada, sixty miles west of Las Vegas. The Ranch was purchased by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee in 2001 and was recently remodeled into a fantasyland of suites and bungalows with themes such as Lustful Locker Room, Naughty Classroom and Geisha Girl Bedroom, based on customers’ most popular requests.  Lee has taken great care in maintaining a resort playground with the clients’ safety and privacy in mind.

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