Sex Workers Shatter Stigmas and Break Boundaries as First Married Couple to Work in Legal Nevada Brothel

Two sex workers currently operating out of a licensed Nevada brothel have revealed that they have been married to each other for nearly two years, making them the first married couple to work together at a legal brothel in the state.
Violet Vause and Kayden Blake are a same-sex married couple working together as licensed prostitutes at Sheri’s Ranch, a Las Vegas area bordello and adult vacation resort. The women officially disclosed their marital status in a post on the brothel’s blog in July 2018, hoping to challenge stereotypes often associated with sex work as a profession, and bisexuality as a lifestyle.
“Kayden and I have dealt with stigma all of our lives,” said Vause. “Being in a same-sex marriage and employed as sex workers means that we are doubly stigmatized, so we feel that we have a responsibility to be forthcoming to our co-workers, customers and families about our relationship and our shared profession – and to be open about the joy both bring to us.”
The twenty-something couple has been together for over seven years and happily married for more than a year and a half. But growing up, both Vause and Blake faced friction from family members and society when their sexuality was burgeoning.
“I was raised in a very religious, conservative family,” Blake said. “Growing up, my parents would always talk about how one day I would get married in the church to a good Christian boy and raise a family. So, as you could imagine, the conversation that started with ‘Mom, Dad, I think I like girls…’ did not end very well.”
“Being bisexual put an immeasurable strain on my relationship with my family. The next few years were full of tension, periods of outright denial and even points where I didn’t speak to my family at all.”
Blake revealed that when she and Vause started dating, her family was not pleased as the then-teenager’s relationship with Vause became more and more serious.
“My parents’ relationship with Violet was tumultuous, to say the least,” Blake said. “They completely invalidated our relationship and there were times we weren’t allowed to see each other. They made no effort to hide their disapproval of her and even tried to convince us to break up at times.”
Despite attempts from Blake’s parents to sabotage the relationship, they came to understand that Vause and Blake made each other genuinely happy, and eventually accepted Vause as a member of their family.
“I could never have imagined that years later, my parents would be happily crying at our wedding, giving toasts about how happy they were that Violet and I had found each other and how genuine our love was,” Blake said.
“They truly accepted her as part of our family and treat us with as much love and respect as they would have had I married that ‘good Christian boy’ they had always talked about.”
While Vause’s family supported her budding sexuality, the boarding school she attended as a teen was less liberal-minded when Vause began to experiment sexually.
“When I was 15, I was living in a residential boarding school and was caught with another girl,” Vause said. “The school was run on highly religious beliefs and I was subjected to strict punishment. One of the terms of that punishment was having to call my mother in another state and let her know I was caught with another resident.”
“My mother is very liberal and was not surprised at all, claiming she had a suspicion for years. She was obviously not happy that I broke the rules, but she did not scorn me for being bisexual. It was a very confusing time for me, being a teenager trying to discover my sexuality in a place that shunned anyone who was not in line with ‘God’s views’,” Vause said.
“So, despite my mother’s acceptance, after that incident and the humiliation that followed, I entered into a state of denial for years, finally accepting my sexuality around the age of 17 shortly before I met Kayden.”
Although they overcame many of the societal challenges that came with their sexual orientation, early in their relationship Blake and Vause struggled to make ends meet.
“Before I began sex work, I spent 3 years working an accounting job at a construction company,” Blake said. “I was giving my all to this company, working 50-hour weeks and training to become the head of the accounting department, but I was getting paid less than the receptionist. I was miserable; I didn’t feel valued and I wasn’t being taken as seriously as some of my older colleagues.”
Vause was having similar luck as she tried to keep her head above water.
“I was working three minimum wage jobs, training to be a life insurance agent, exhausted every day from working multiple schedules and yet still not having enough money to survive. I discovered an ad for fetish modeling on Craigslist and it opened my eyes to a world that I had previously been blind to,” Vause said.
Vause entered sex work as a cam girl and soon started to do online sex shows with Blake. The couple skyrocketed in popularity and began to see the earning potential sex work offered. “Within a year we had both left our dead-end jobs and moved into our first apartment, and a year after that we moved into a three-bedroom home in Nevada,” said Vause.
After they married, Vause and Blake received numerous requests from their online viewers to meet in-person, many of which came from other couples. Vause and Blake decided to take their business partnership to the next level and offer sexual services to men, women, and couples at the legal brothel.
“We decided to bring that genuine chemistry to the brothel after so many of our fans and viewers requested to meet us in real life,” added Vause, “and experience, in person, the energy and connection that made our cam shows so compelling.”
While many of their repeat clients knew about their marriage, the women decided to officially announce their relationship after receiving a great deal of positive feedback from their regular customers.
“At first we were apprehensive about revealing our relationship to everyone, but soon realized that being ‘out’ as a married couple is an asset to our business at the brothel,” Blake said.
“Authenticity is a treasured resource in today’s Internet-permeated world. Our customers yearn for a non-judgmental experience with women that can not only deliver a fulfilling erotic tryst, but also provide sincere advice and lend a compassionate ear.”
“Our clients, particularly those that are couples, trust us because they know we’re facing and overcoming many of the same relationship and intimacy challenges that they face. They want to be with us and seek guidance from us because we’re real – and really in love.
Vause added that “Sex workers are often perceived as desperate people, lonely and unloved, offering sexual services as a last resort. Nothing can be further than the truth for us. My wife and I are successful business partners and sex work is a ‘family business’ for us that has allowed us to build a prosperous life together, on our own terms.”
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