Sexological Bodyworker Pamela Samuelson on ‘Sluts & Scholars’ Podcast; Della Dane on Live Show


Released today on sex-positive podcast, Sluts & Scholars, co-hosts Nicoletta and Simone talk with sexological bodyworker Pamela Samuelson. The episode is now available for download at iTunes and Spotify. Nicoletta and Simone also host a weekly live show every Thursday on Sirius XM Channel 415 from 2-3pm PST. Today’s guest is sex therapist turned adult performer, Della Dane.

“Touch can be a necessary part of healing,” said Nicoletta. “Sometimes you need body work in addition to talk therapy! Tune in to find out how bodyworkers can help you!”

In the latest episode, My Gynecologist Isn’t Going to Help Me Find My G-Spot with Pamela Samuelson, Samuelson talks the scholarly sluts through her multi-layered work with vulvas, including revolving pain disorders and exploring physical arousal. Get your cartography tools out because she also teaches about genital mapping. For a full list of episodes, visit

In addition to her work as a sexological bodyworker, Samuelson is a sex educator, orgasmic birth doula, feminist women’s health advocate and embodiment coach based in Los Angeles, CA. Visit her official website at or follow her on Facebook at Embodyworkla.

The Sluts & Scholars live show on Vivid Radio is from 2-3pm PST on Sirius Channel 415. Call in at 855-99-VIVID to chat with special guest Della Dane. Follow her on social media Twitter @delladanexxx, Instagram @therealdelladane, and Snapchat @delladanexxx.


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