Shameless Sex Gets Festive with Frisky Instagram Contest for Fans, ‘F*ck (On) Valentine’s Day’

Shameless Sex’s popular podcast hosts Amy Baldwin and April Lampert are asking loyal listeners to offer up their best out-of-the-box ideas and plans for their 24-hour Instagram contest, ‘F*ck (On) Valentine’s Day’.
The contest, which inspires both couples and singles to shape their own attitudes and create their own Valentine’s Day joy, is a defiant U-turn on traditional customs and beliefs. “So many people are unhappy because they are trying to fit into the stereotypical model for what sex and relationships should look like,” says Baldwin.
“Valentine’s Day often amplifies this, so we wanted to invite folks to give the traditional Valentine’s Day model the finger while making their own rules for how they want to celebrate love and eroticism… and the feedback has been wildly creative!”
User @ainbowray.onnectioncay said that her “Valentine is driving 2.5 hours to treat me to a comedy show and then I’m going to suggest a rural cemetery romp for moonlit, spooky sex. Afterwards we’ll get our dance on at a local 80’s dance part or stop at the kink bar for a Moulin Rouge themed night of play!”
@the_roaming_chickpea is making plans “to get whiskey drunk, vision board one entire wall, talk about high-end culinary mushrooms, be a typical Aquarius sun/rising Taurus + Taurus sun/rising Cancer and hold SO MUCH SPACE FOR EACH OTHER, get two hour massages, make 100 steamed dumplings, eat them all, fall asleep snuggling with something fluffy (might be a cat, might be a pup) on the floor, wake up an hour later and drink soOoOoOoOo much water IN 👏 THAT 👏 ORDER 👏 🌹☠️🌹.”
Solo contest submissions were equally as clever, with @rachelwritesaboutsex posting, “As a single self-owned submissive, I’m planning to wear my collar and a cute outfit, take a hot shower, and have a luxurious masturbation sesh 😍”, while @iccialala added, “I’ve naked baked myself a batch of Tahini chocolate chip cookies, will dance to my favourite songs while eating them and then a bath with lots of getting myself off!”
Read more Valentine’s Day ideas from the @shamelesssexpodcast Instagram contest here.
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