Silvia Saige : Mile High Hottie

Silvia Saige stars in “Different Wives Different Lives”. Silvia is struggling to survive as a realtor in a recession. When her free-spirited husband, Tommy, comes up with the idea of selling their
oversized house to buy a beach front rental property in the Caribbean,
Silvia falls in love with the idea, and him. At least until an earthquake
strikes, destroying their homes value, their hopes for a new life,
and their relationship. When her boss, Marcus, reveals that he is
considering making her partner at the office, Silvia does whatever
it takes to secure this promotion. Of course, she will have to
outperform her coworker, Vera King, for the position. And while
Marcus and Silvia are trying to forge a fitting business relationship,
their spouses are making plans of their own.  Silvia Saige, Reagan Foxx, Vera King, Tommy Gunn, Marcus London. Go to and get a copy today. Follow Mile High Media on twitter: Follow her on twitter:   for more, go to:

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