Slixa Encourages Support of Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Through Crowdfunding Efforts

 Slixa, a leading online directory for adult entertainment services, announces its support of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, an educational advocacy group promoting sexual freedom and expression.
Slixa has made a $2,500 donation to the Foundation’s crowdfunding campaign to assist in creating a more accessible and inclusive attendee experience at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit this year, set to take place August 15-18 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.
The directory’s CEO publicly issued an open letter on the site’s blog this past week, asking for contributions to make this year’s Summit a possibility for those with who may have financial or physical limitations.
“We are – truly I, as the CEO of am – asking you to contribute any amount you can to help us open the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit up to as many community members as possible. We have many battles yet to fight and it is imperative that we have informed supporters who know their rights and understand why they should be enraged at the ways those rights have been taken from them.”
In addition to Woodhull, Slixa proudly serves as a patron to many organizations that require continuous support in order to carry on their educational and inspirational work: “In January, Slixa gave out $5,000 in awards for critical essays about the impacts of FOSTA/SESTA, in the US and globally. In addition to that prize money, we made $5,000 in donations to sex work-focused organizations to match the awards given for writing.
“Last month, Slixa pushed to highlight the work of two important organizations (The Black Sex Worker Collective, and the Desiree Alliance) doing on-the-ground work with providers and advocating for the rights of marginalized peoples whose lives are most threatened by these vague and puritanical new Federal laws. Both organizations were awarded $1,000 by Slixa to match contributions they were able to raise from other donors during our pledge match period.”
The open letter is up on the Slixa blog, and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation campaign page is up and receiving donations here.
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