Slixa Welcomes Sex Educator Andre Shakti as Blog’s New Advice Columnist

Online adult directory Slixa has added a new weekly column, ‘Ask Andre’, to its popular blog (, featuring sage sexual advice from educator, performer, journalist and ‘go-to sexpert’, Andre Shakti. Shakti recently unveiled several different perspectives on one provocative subject in a new article, ‘Why Do People Pay For Sex?’, interviewing a trans man named Dominic who sees a BDSM practitioner, a cis gay male who relishes the intimacy providers offer and a married couple who hires a sex worker on vacation. While their accounts varied, many stories, such as Dominic’s, explained that intersecting levels of marginalization and vulnerability can contribute to a desire for sensual experiences that are more structured and potentially pose less risk than ‘outside’ interactions. “With a sex worker, I know they won’t force anything on me that I don’t want, and there’s a certain level of pre-existing knowledge and experience that’s comforting,” explains Dominic to Shakti. “I also got to find [a professional dominatrix] that was queer like me and had worked with trans people before… that was really important to me. If they’re a sex worker, I know they understand consent. I know they won’t cross boundaries.” Shakti has written four ‘Ask Andre’ articles so far this month: ‘My Boyfriend Hates Dogs’, ‘Am I PrEPared Enough?’, ‘Gay Slut Shaming’ and ‘STD School’, and invites readers of all races, genders and affiliations to submit their most personal sex, relationship and professional questions to – subject line ‘Ask Andre’. Read Andre Shakti’s ‘Ask Andre’ articles at Find out more about Slixa at and    ABOUT SLIXA: Slixa is a trailblazing Escort and Private Entertainer directory launched in 2012 with a laser focus on industry advocacy. A small team of we-can-change-the-world ambitious thinkers aimed to build a modern, elegant website that treats advertisers with respect, making the visitor experience rich with gorgeous eye candy and ease of use. With page views in the millions, Slixa has rapidly risen to be the industry standard and continues to expand in countries worldwide serving private entertainers and clients alike. Slixa’s fresh approach to the standard adult directory, including a User Profile page with ample room for photos, entertainer bio and contact information, is a welcome change from the endless stream of adult papers and directories clogged with fake girls and fake content. Slixa’s blogs News, Late Night and Under Cover include regularly updated Q&As, interviews and informative articles that entertain as well as enlighten. Slixa is geared towards the type of client that is affluent, mature, generous, professional and is willing to pay for the exact experience they are seeking with a particular type of woman, with loyal advertisers who serve as Slixa brand evangelists spreading the word to fellow colleagues and their faithful clients.

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