Sofie Marie Stops By ‘Drinking Dirty In Jersey’ This Friday

Sofie Marie will be the latest guest on Friday’s Drinking Dirty In Jersey, one of the fastest growing internet radio shows around. Tune in Friday night at 10:45pm EST/7:45pm PT to see what Sofie has in store for her hosts. Things are bound to get interesting, as Drinking Dirty In Jersey is NJ’s only live and uncensored show. Sofie’s fans can catch the show via their live Facebookbroadcast.

If you’ve seen Sofie’s scene in the recent release of “Snatch Chat” from Wicked Pictures, it’s obvious that Sofie enjoyed every minute. Now, find out her “Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring In ‘Snatch Chat'” on From working with the female director and her young co-star, to making friends with the makeup artist, Sofie lists what made this scene extra special for her.

Sofie’s fans have been following her series, “Cuckold By Phone”, on her official website, This week Sofie released the third episode, “Cuckold By Phone 3 feat. Michael Vegas.” Sofie met the young and sexy Michael Vegas online, and they immediately hit it off. When Sofie goes to meet Michael for a hook up, she makes sure to bring her phone, as she plans on filming every minute for her husband. Sofie and Michael get right down to business, in a sweaty and sexy romp. Sofie makes sure to get every minute of the creampie so her husband can see what she does when he’s not around.

Additionally, Sofie Marie’s Ibiza Vacation 2016 was named one of Hot Movie’s “6 Sexy Summer Vacation movies.”


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