Presents Supernatural Thriller, Mirror Game has announced the debut of a supernatural thriller, Mirror Game, directed by Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree).Throughout her filmmaking career, Rowntree has never demurred when it comes to exploring the complexities of human emotion, or delving into some darker subjects, such as grief, or even hot-button political issues like climate change. Mirror Game though is a stark departure from her previous work.


“Our member requests are heavily influenced by mainstream media, and for the last few years we have been receiving so many requests for post-apocalyptic and supernatural or occult themed thrillers,” said Rowntree, “so I knew I wanted to go there, but I didn’t want to end up with just a one-dimensional horror story. Sssh films always feature a strong female protagonist, but with Mirror Game, we explore the unraveling of the psyche–and the force that takes over when all control is lost.”


Screenwriter Sarah Valmont (@ValmontSarah) said: “The experiences of ecstasy and terror are literally mirror opposites of each other, so the process of creating a character-driven narrative with a supernatural edge was equal parts intuition and research.”


Rowntree explained, “Without giving away too many spoilers, when we meet Giselle, played by June Ann (@junextraextra), and Michael Korba, played by Rob Gelding, a couple embarking on a cross-country move, there’s this ominous sense that they are not the first victims of “the game”– nor will they be last.”


A former archaeologist and historian herself, Valmont added: “it’s no coincidence that in Mirror Game we are dealing with both a dangerous artifact, and an intergenerational drama.”


For her part, lead actress June Ann embraced being immersed into the story. “I loved the experience of being challenged with a character that shifts in emotional response constantly throughout the script,” said June. “Giselle is complex and has subconsciously become submissive to life over time and it takes a supernatural source for her to fully realize her own hopes and dreams and passions again. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to some aspect of Giselle’s internal struggle.”

Mirror Game is the sort of dark fantasy that definitely lingers, thanks to the elements of tone, color, music (which was originally scored), and story that all synergistically work together,” Rowntree said. “Above all, we hope fans will be thrilled–and aroused, of course!”

Watch the (NSFW) trailer for Mirror Game here.


Released on September 29, 2020, Mirror Game was shot between November 2019 and January 2020, and features June Ann and Rob Gadling, and also co-stars Cat Belmont (@CatBelmont95); directed by Angie Rowntree, and written by Sarah Valmont.


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