’s Angie Rowntree Joins “Women of Sex Tech”

Sex Positive platform includes Rowntree in its Arts & Entertainment division.
December 11, 2017 (Cyberspace) —’s award-winning director, producer, and founder Angie Rowntree has been added to Women of Sex Tech’s Arts & Entertainment Founders list.
Women of Sex Tech is a community of “sex-positive women changing the sex tech industry” from Arts & Entertainment, Education, and Business & Tech. The group includes creators, artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, educators, innovators, and engineers, all with a collective mission to change the way the world views human sexuality and foster women’s entrepreneurship.
Rowntree, who has led Sssh at the cutting edge of erotic film and technology since 1999, enthused, “It’s an honor to be named among so many brilliant women leaders and innovators.”


“I’m thrilled to see women organizing and being recognized in what are often predominantly male arenas,” she added.
In addition to shaping and enacting the vision, Rowntree is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and produces sex positive educational and community events. Rowntree will be speaking at SXSW’s “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” event in March 2018.


Contact and Angie Rowntree at and via Twitter at @SsshforWomen.

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