Still Stuck on Someone? FEARLESS Examines the Reasoning behind Low Self-Esteem

Brian Begin, creator of men’s success community FEARLESS, has just released a new blog post on its empowering website about a common problem people face – the inability to move on from a relationship.
In the article, ‘Start to Really Get over Someone by Asking Yourself this Question’, Begin encourages men to ask themselves what the person they’re fixated on offers that they don’t believe they can give themselves.
“A while back I discovered – both in work with clients and in my own life – that asking this question really cuts to the core of why you’re having trouble truly letting someone go,” says Begin. “Once you have those answers, you know what beliefs you need to work on, and I link to meditative processes for that in the post as well.”
Begin further explains that men need to be brutally honest about their beliefs and look pragmatically at their reasoning. If someone gave them love and happiness, can they not fulfill that love, self-esteem and validation themselves? Do they believe they can no longer find the same quality of person or relationship again?
Begin’s FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz further adds that “Getting really honest with yourself about what you think someone gave you that you can’t give yourself is really powerful… it really brings your subconscious limiting beliefs to the surface, and that’s all they really are… beliefs.
“Having people close to you is a beautiful part of life, but you can be happy without them, no matter who they are, and you can learn to let people go and move forward with your life faster by going through the things Brian suggests in the post.”
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