Stripchat Models Reveal How Working as Cam Girls Affect Their Lives in the Real World

 Stripchat is asking its top models what it’s like working as cam girls and how the job affects their everyday lifestyles in the ‘real world’.
The premier adult cam community offers its performers a worldwide platform to promote themselves and their talents on the striptease site, but what happens when the webcam is turned off?
“This job – like any job – has its ups and downs, and I started working for Stripchat after a year at another cam site that I didn’t really enjoy,” said a Stripchat model who hails from Colorado. “I’m generally uncomfortable initiating conversation and talking to people, but in the months I’ve been here I’ve really opened up and feel more at ease chatting up my clients. I’ve noticed that I’m able to transfer those new skills to be able to have relaxed conversations in my daily life.”
Another Stripchat performer from Northern California agrees: “I’ve always been shy… it just takes me a while to open up to people. When I started on camera with Stripchat I was worried I’d be terrible at it, but my customers have had a positive effect on me. They pay attention to me, they listen. I’ve been able to work through my introverted personality and feel better these days about speaking up, speaking my mind.”
“It’s an adjustment to stand in front of a camera and talk to strangers, I won’t lie that it was tough for me at first,” said a performer from Ohio. “I’m not shy or afraid of talking to people, but I’ve struggled with a bit of low self-esteem and you get a lot of flattery from men working at Stripchat.
“I know not to take it too seriously because at the end of the day, it’s a job. But having people tell you wonderful things during your sessions, it’s supportive. It has for sure helped my esteem issues in my daily life. You’re getting confirmations every day that you matter… you count. I appreciate that!”
A Stripchat performer from North Carolina added, “I’m very outgoing and have good relationships with men. This job is not for everyone, and people need to decide for themselves whether they can do it. I don’t feel like it has hurt or helped me psychologically, but it has made it easier for me to deal with different types of personalities and not to take anything personally, good or bad.”
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