The artist formerly known as Tarantino XXX has now reinvented and revealed himself by his real life persona “Adam Christopher” and announced his new indie porn production company “Creation Of Adam”.  The 6 year director/producer/performer who has been involved with some adult mainstream companies in the past as a PA/cameraman for other directors, performed in scenes as male talent alongside mainstream talent.  Adam was mostly known working in the indie porn scene with his productions under the name “Tarantino XXX” along with his original company name TarantinoXXX.com.
“I’ve been involved in the adult film business for a number of years now and it’s time to reinvent yourself.  When I got into it I was all about the parodies and big budget stuff, I wanted to be involved with creating that type of adult stuff and now those genres our dying out, budgets being cut, crews getting smaller, and very limited work going around for both in front of and behind the camera the competition I felt I need to reasses some things going forward with my career” said Adam.
In light of the industry shapeshift Adam changed and created this new company as a more personal focus for his career going forward as an adult producer and director.
“My goal getting into porn from day one was to become a producer and director working for mainstream companies, that’s been my dream and for 6 years I tried with one niche by putting together features and parodies on a indie budget and with the change in porn from those two genres which are a dying breed to simple niches like Taboo which is big in porn right now”.
But before Adam shifts gears from parody/features to simple gonzo/niches, his Creation Of Adam will be releasing two parody feature titles back to back.
“I’m launching Creation Of Adam going back to my porn roots and releasing two parodies back to back specifically for upcoming awards season as kinda like one big last hurrah”.
The 2 parody films that Creation Of Adam will release at the end of September are both based on two hit television miniseries on Netflix, The Defenders and Stranger Things.  As of right now Adam revealed he does not have any mainstream distribution for the parody Creation Of Adam films but will release them exclusively first on VOD platforms.

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