The Daily Beast Speaks with Alana Luv, Raven Hart & Ginger Banks About IG Hacking


Aurora Snow, reporter of The Daily Beast recently spoke with adult performers Alana Luv, Raven Hart and Ginger Banks on the perils of Instagram hackers in the article, Porn Stars’ Instagram Accounts Targeted By Hackers: ‘I Was Locked Out.’


For many sex workers, Instagram has become a crucial component to generating income, writes Snow. When an account is deleted or locked it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s financially impactful. Alana Luv, the AVN 2017 Nominee for Hottest MILF, had been hacked and lost access to her Instagram account not once, but twice. Luv says the person who snatched her account made changes to her name and settings, among other things. The second time was worse.

“I couldn’t get into my account for a month. I was locked out and this is my business. This is how I interact with my fans, share what’s happening, and post pictures. Social media is everything right now,” says Luv. “I tried contacting Instagram and they were not responsive at all.” Luv says she asked a friend of hers, who is also a lawyer, to assist in the correspondence and it was only after that Instagram responded. “Thankfully my friend got involved, if I didn’t get my friend involved, how much longer would I have had to wait for them?” asks Luv.


Adult actress Raven Hart faced similar issues when a hacker took control of her Instagram account. Hart says after multiple attempts to contact Instagram with no response or support from the social media giant she gave up and started a new account, building up her followers all over again. Since her faith in the platform has been shaken, Hart now takes additional precautions in how she accesses and posts on the account. “I really cannot trust their site anymore. I’d heard things about them and now I’ve seen it,” says Hart. “I’m so careful too. I make sure everything I post is safe for Instagram. I don’t even place stickers over my pussy or things like that the way other girls do.”


Though she hasn’t been hacked, adult performer Ginger Banks has also had her social media accounts deleted and/or deactivated due to alleged content violations. As a successful web cam model, Banks has spent years learning how to best market herself online to fans, yet each time she’s forced to rebuild her account the task becomes more laborious. “I’m on my fifth Instagram account right now,” says Banks. “It kind of sucks because I feel like as sex workers we have to follow a different set of rules on social media. If you’re Kim Kardashian, or a regular mainstream model, you can show your bare ass on Instagram but if you’re a sex worker you can’t get away with that.”


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