The Fearless Man Live Los Angeles Summer Workshop Set for July 8-9

 Dave Stultz and Brian Begin, elite personal success coaches and founders of, announce that their latest personal success workshop The Fearless Man Live, will be held in in Los Angeles July 8-9, 2017.
The personal development coaches will focus on the five common challenges men face – stepping into tension, controlling emotions, ‘Nice Guy’ syndrome, earning women’s trust and sub-communication – in order to root out hidden issues and work to overcome them.
“After a successful five weeks in Europe, we are back in Los Angeles for a new live event, showing our clients how to transform themselves into the kind of man women want to be around,” says Begin. “The Live event is specifically for men who want to develop attraction as well as improve their personal relationships with women.”
The weekend seminar – which starts Saturday (8) at 10:00am and concludes Sunday (9) at 6:00pm, will also delve into men’s issues with self-confidence, approach anxiety, mindset shifting, body language and the power of masculinity and boldness for long-term personal success and happiness.
With the help of Begin’s ‘presence work’, as well, as what Brian calls “a women’s panel where women discuss what your body language says about you to others” providing immediate feedback, and simple exercises that “help build men into well-grounded human beings.” provides a supportive online community, the Fearless Brotherhood, as well as informative blogs, videos and theFearless with Women ebook – in the event Begin and Stultz’s personalworkshops aren’t locally available.
“We just want men to live their best lives, and our personal coaching has helped so many men so far,” said Begin. ‘The Fearless Man Live’ brings the basics together in one weekend that can change your life.”
Stultz and Begin launched in 2013 as an educational tool to strengthen men’s personal power within themselves using video feedback, deep connection work, presence and body consciousness building, core belief, thought, philosophy restructuring and real-world exercises to build confidence in students that builds long-term successful behavior.
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