The Fearless Man Live Two-Day Success Workshop Debuts in NYC April 7-8

Dave Stultz and Brian Begin, personal development leaders and founders of, are bringing The Fearless Man Live – a powerful weekend seminar for men – to New York City April 7-8.
The two-day retreat, a first for the FEARLESS hosts in the Big Apple, will focus on the vital qualities that make men attractive to women, such as stepping into masculinity and their relationship with fear and tension, while teaching them to create deeper emotional connections, confidently approach and start conversations with women and express sexual intent with self-assurance not based on personal appearance, a job or money.
“I love this event because we can pack in a ton of value at a low cost that makes it accessible to anyone who’s at all serious about their development as a man,” said Begin of The Fearless Man Live event. “Helping men is one of my life’s callings, and these two days really let us dive into masculinity, building genuine confidence and naturally attracting beautiful women into your life.”
Begin and Stultz will also include light real-world coaching: “We have some of our instructors take guys out on Saturday night to put the work into practice right away and get expert feedback and guidance,” said Stultz.
“This is such a powerful event because a lot of men these days don’t grow up with strong, healthy masculine role models. The Fearless Man Live gets guys together with other guys for all important male-bonding and education in masculinity from an authentic place. And that’s all included in the cost of the ticket. You won’t find many – if any – seminars that include real-world coaching for that price.”
“People have been asking us to do a seminar in New York for a long time,” added Begin, “so I’m excited for us to finally be able to bring this event to the East Coast.”
Tickets for The Fearless Man Live are $297 for the two-day event, and prospective students can register at
For more information, visit

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