Tokyo Kuntpunch Welcomes Comedian/Adult Actress Sally Mullins

Comedian Tokyo Kuntpunch will be welcoming comedian/adult actress Sally Mullins aka Jamie Foster on the #KuntPunchDrunk podcast live on YouTube on Wednesday, June 17 at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

Mullins who is known for her appearances on Comedy Central’s Lights Out with David Spade and hosting the “Deez Nuts” comedy show at the Comedy Store, has just come out with a special on Amazon called “Sleazy Does It” —- and she will go toe to toe with Tokyo on being sexy and single in the comedy scene.

“Sally is someone you can count on to warm up a crowd during a civil war,” says Tokyo. “I’m just praying she can warm up my black, little heart”

Tokyo also known as the rapper Hung Yung Terrarist, premiered Kuntpunch Drunk in April as an avenue for fans to explore the inner workings of her life after being a member of the Buddhafield, turning down a music contract that later went to Amy Winehouse and working as a hoping-to-get-fired sex worker.

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