Whitney Wright is a Stranger in a Strange Land in Pure Taboo’s Future Darkly: The White Room

Pure Taboo is slipping into the Twilight Zone with its latest scene, Future Darkly: The White Room, a sci-fi trip into the erotic abyss featuring an all-star cast, available July 3 at PureTaboo.com.
Vincent, a nerdy school bus driver (Michael Vegas) has created a secret fantasy life with the help of a very special VR headset that transports his unassuming passengers into his deviant virtual world by using their DNA. After a particularly enticing download, one of the students (Whitney Wright) realizes that she’s trapped in a blank room from which she cannot escape.
“Where are we? Hello? Someone help!” but Whitney’s screams go unheard. A fellow student (Alison Rey) stifles her pleas. “He’s going to be here any minute and you do not want to get caught not being happy!”
Vincent sees his new charge in the throes of anger as she puts the pieces together: “I’ve heard of perverts modding this game… that’s why they discontinued it last year, because it was way too easy to make your own digital slaves!”
Directed by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead and co-starring Carolina Sweets, Gracie May Green and Nina North, Future Darkly: The White Room stimulates the senses and cleverly warns of the pitfalls of future technology in the wrong hands.
“We created the concept of Future Darkly to show viewers the scary side of emerging technology and where our prurient desires might lead,” says Mills, who wrote the Future Darkly scene. “It’s a reminder that we need to tread carefully into this brave new world.”
The trailer and full scene are available at puretaboo.com/Future-Darkly-The-White-Room. The first installment of the Future Darkly series, ARTIFAMILY, is out now at puretaboo.com/Future-Darkly-Artifamily.  Go to PureTaboo.com’s official cast page to find out more about The White Room’s stars Whitney Wright, Alison Rey, Carolina Sweets, Gracie May Green, Nina North andMichael Vegas.
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