YouPorn Launches Bug Bounty Program with Payouts as High as $25,000

YouPorn, the world’s #1 destination for unlimited free HD porn, announces the launch of its public bug bounty program through top bug bounty provider HackerOne, to boost the safety and security of its online visitors.
Customer privacy and online security are top priorities for YouPorn, and a system of security researchers further enables the company to identify any vulnerabilities in its sophisticated online system. With bounties set anywhere from $50 to $25,000 (depending on the vulnerability of the report), the public launch of YouPorn’s Bug Bounty Program allows its tech-savvy fans to earn some extra cash while helping the brand further protect its customers.
“We encourage researchers to reach out and let us know if they find any potential issues, and we will be happy to work to resolve the issue quickly. We guarantee that they are to be fairly rewarded for their time and effort,” said Brad Burns, VP YouPorn.
Researchers are eligible to qualify for a reward if they are the first to responsibly disclose an unknown issue through the site’s HackerOne page; YouPorn’s security team has 30 days to respond to the report, and up to 90 days to implement a fix base on the severity of the report.
“We are, of course, already equipped with an excellent developer and security staff,” added Burns, who believes the program helps promote a healthy collaboration within the cybersecurity community, “but vulnerabilities and breaches are ongoing, so it is important to continuously stay as many steps ahead of potential online threats as possible.”
Working with HackerOne gives YouPorn a dedicated platform for receiving security reports separate from regular customer support.  To report on security risks on YouPorn please visit our HackerOne page here.
For website account access issues, visual layout or functionality bugs, customers are urged to contact YouPorn Customer Support.
For more information about YouPorn’s Bug Bounty program visit

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