Addyson James Receives Her BA in Business Management

What is newsworthy in the world of adult films these days? Is it a story about an agent, performer, or production company doing something they are not supposed to? Of course, it is! This is the digital age of entertainment. Why should the porn world be spared the same grief that the outside civilian world faces? What separates us from the rest of society is that we are a business built on love, intimacy, and joy. Why do you think fans and industry members use it as an escape from the day-to-day tragedies of communities across the globe? Porn is more than that, though, as is our news, especially in the digital age. Addyson James’ production, booking, and management team are proud to announce that she has done something worth writing news columns about. On Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, Addyson James graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from one of the finest places of higher learning in the Southwest part of this country. Fellow MILF starlet Bella Lexi was there to cheer her porn sister on.

“What an honor to be in Arizona for Addyson’s graduation today. As an adult learner myself, I can embrace the hard work and dedication required to get a bachelor’s degree. More so than anything, the pride you feel is immeasurable, and to be there to celebrate that moment and see my girl’s big smile, I feel so blessed. This industry can be judged by others from the outside, however, many of us are college graduates and smart businesswomen working hard to make our mark and celebrate women and sexuality.” –Bella Lexi.

On behalf of Team Addyson James, we can not say how proud we are of her. A first-year starlet who has not only signed with a big agency and brought in some massive media brands to create an image that fans will always remember, but she has also graduated from college, showing the world that this industry’s ladies are far more than just pretty faces – they are fearless souls. They are also the brightest of minds and most keen of intelligence. This all boils down to adding something that will aid in the growth of her business and bolster her ability to continue to make her brand one of the best that the industry has seen. It shows that the modern pornstar will not be seen in only one light. They can not be. They are multi-faceted, multi-talented students of our schools of higher learning, and if that is not something that is newsworthy in the porn world, or any world for that matter, I do not know what is. A journey that began on the USS Nimitz and then made its way to medical facilities across the country is finally complete. Congratulations Addyson James. You make us all proud!

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