Adult Entertainment Guide Slixa Posts Open Letter to Cardi B has posted a powerful plea on behalf of U.S. sex workers to Cardi B, asking that the influential rap superstar use her prominent media platform to discuss and advocate for full decriminalization of sex work on the heels of last year’s damaging – and flagrantly-misrepresented FOSTA-SESTA ‘sex-trafficking law’ going into effect.
The adult services provider guide gives credit to writer, graduate student and activist Adrie Rose’s original article, ‘Dear Cardi B’ on her site’, publishing the article in full on the blog.
“This is a thank you for your candidness, your brashness, your boldness, and your honesty. This is a thank you for your unapologetic willingness to speak about your past as a survivor of domestic abuse, your history as a sex worker, and your pride in who your experiences have helped you become,” writes Rose.
“This is a thank you for being an unforgettable, immutable reminder that an activist, a politically inclined person, a community organizer, and a mother doesn’t have to be demure or self-effacing. For all of these things, thank you. But this is also a request. This is a request that you make use of your social capital and platform to advocate on behalf of those that are constantly spoken over and silenced in conversations concerning their own wellbeing.
“On 13 August 2019, you released an Instagram TV video of yourself sitting with Senator Bernie Sanders, a two-time presidential candidate with broad appeal across demographic lines… you and Senator Sanders discussed stagnating wages, pay disparity, healthcare struggles, and labour unions. All of these topics resonate with voters regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic class, and sexuality and are proving to be key issues for the upcoming 2020 election.”
Rose adds that “one topic in particular was missing — the full decriminalization (decrim) of sex work and continued disenfranchisement of sex workers,” noting the SESTA/FOSTA package that went into law last year has served more as an adversary than ally to legitimate service providers.
“Despite all of these undeniably negative consequences, not one presidential candidate has come forth to acknowledge the unequivocal policy failure that is SESTA/FOSTA, nor have they apologised for the irreparable harm visited on the communities of sex workers across the country,” writes Rose.
“Even across the world as sex workers in countries where it is legalized have expressed increased difficulty with traveling to and from the United States. Not one candidate has included full decriminalization or harm reduction for sex workers in their platform.”
Rose has a specific plea she would like to get across to Cardi B: “With your film Hustlers being released on 13 September 2019, a film that features many sex workers from across the country, we’re asking you to use your platform and increased visibility to advocate for us as you continue to capitalize on us. Use your newfound political capital to seek answers and respect for us.”
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