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Alexis Fawx grew up in a small Pennsylvania town and as she grew older, she often visited the dance clubs of Washington DC, Baltimore, MD and NYC. In 2010 around the age of 35, she began working in Adult  films under contract with BangBros.She has with worked for numerous other companies including, Zero Tolerance,, Pulse Distribution, Dogfart Network, Elegant Angel, Digital Sin and Naughty America. With a career spanning over a decade, she has showcased her skills in over 500 movies, establishing herself as one of the industry’s most prolific and sought-after actresses.

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Interview: Sherman Way

Editor: Ralph Greco Jr.

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Alexis Fawx

SW: When do you sleep? You seem to have like one hundred things going on.

AF: Everybody asks me that. And crazy enough, I actually get really good sleep. So, I think that helps out a lot because those early morning hours can really set the rest of your day. So, by like 10 o’clock, I’ve already gotten in, sometimes you know, a few hours of work already and set my kind of day off right, go to the gym, get everything started.

SW: You’ve maintained a level of popularity that just seems to get bigger instead of shrinking. Do you attribute that to anything specifically?

AF: I think,  what it is, is, I’m relatable and I’m adaptable and I put myself out there and people seem to like that. I’m willing to try new things and I’m super open and super accepting to everyone. And I’m very authentic and genuine. And I think that just comes across. And people seem to enjoy that. I know that I enjoy when people are very authentic and themselves. And like, you know, when they recognize me out, I’m not in full face makeup because that’s not how I live my life. A lot of times at the airport when I’m just trying to get through,  I always like early morning flights. So, I do that to myself. But I get recognized there a lot.  I just have a very genuine approach to everything I do. And I think people are attracted that and people like it.


SW: We’re in a business that seems to thrive on 18, 21-yea- olds. MILFs seem to be more popular than ever before. Why do you think that is?

AF: Well, actually, someone is always clicking that button for me, you know, it’s definitely become a very big niche to be in. And it does not slow down for me, whether it’s on my OnlyFans or in my mainstream pornography that I shoot. I think every day I have a stepson to take care of. It is what it is, you know, someone’s fetish. I think it’s just an older woman making a younger man feel nurtured and taken care of. And I’m happy to do it. I’ve made one hell of a career out of it. And you know, it’s not only enjoyable for me, but it’s simple and easy and apparently I’m really good at it.

SW: So your demographic, they tend to be eighteen to twenty one, but do they also tend to very age wise?

AF: I have to be honest, my demographic is all over the place. I have a really good mix. I don’t just do the MILF stuff. Depending on the fan, the client, the person watching me, there’s things that they want . There’s people that want the stepmom. There’s people that just want Alexis Faux. There’s people that, want to create this whole other fantasy, or they have a fetish of a foot, armpit, you know?  Maybe they just really love boobs. Or maybe they want to talk about how they’ve been going all day and milking. So, I’m really open to all of that.  People always ask me, ‘What’s your favorite fetish?’ I don’t have a favorite fetish. I think what my favorite thing is to do is really provide this outlet and this place for pleasure. You know, I’m happy to do that. It’s exciting to see that this person is getting off because of whether, what I’m saying or what I’m doing.  I don’t know, it’s really kind of a beautiful thing, and I enjoy it. If I was going to say I have a fetish of anything, it’s probably that. It really allows me to kind of get into whatever that person’s into. So, if you’re into feet, I’ll be into feet with you. You know what I mean? Like, it’s all there. If you’re into cooking, we will get into cooking. And we’ll talk about all of those things. I’ve had fans for years that if you get to know them and I’ve really gotten to know their sexual ins and outs. It’s pretty exciting.

SW: We just touched on it before. You said you had an amazing career. Was there a point in your career where you felt you’d established the brand? And, is there any specific part of this whole thing that amazes you like that it either took off to the point it did or that it took off at all?

AF: When I first started, gosh, in 2010, in July of 2010, sitting in the Bang Bro’s office and you know, we just got done with doing Dancing Bear. And all of a sudden, they’re booking at me for my very first boy-girl the next day. And I’m like, oh my God, is this really happening? Okay, I got to get a name.  I don’t think it really, really, truly hit like I was just working and working and working and working and building and building and deciding where I wanted my brand to go and how I wanted things to go. I didn’t think it would be for a really, really long time, but I was working and people were starting to ask more of my opinions. You know, having your colleagues recognize you is a big thing. And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, okay, you know, people actually know who I am!’ And then to be able to create the life I have is a testament of my career and how excited and how happy I really am.

To this day, I still look around, you know… I bought my first home and I’m looking around. I’m like, oh my God, I did this. This is crazy, you know, with this career. And who would have thought with me answering a Craigslist for Dancing Bear I would still be at the top of my game in a lot of ways or in all of the ways, still top of my game, thirteen plus years later. So, I feel very blessed and super, super fucking grateful for everything and all my choices and everything I’ve done. I can only grow and continue to get better from here.

SW: When you started, before you got in the actual adult business, had you watched adult material?

AF: Oh, yeah. I’ve watched a lot of adult material before.

SW: But when you saw the material, did it all ever cross your mind that, I could do that?

AF: I didn’t know that was even an option.  I looked at these women and men in the porn I was watching,  like Amber and Ginger Lynn, and I just looked at them as superstars, and I was just a girl,  from Pennsylvania. I didn’t think I could do that. I really did not. So, when I saw that Craigslist ad to be an extra at one of these real shoots, I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I’ve seen that one. I totally want to go.’ And just watch because, of course, I do like to watch, right? And then all of a sudden, I find myself actually being in it.  I say “Holy shit, I actually did it. I did it!” So it’s pretty amazing.

SW: You go to do the first scene, and for sake of discussion, we’ll call the actor Johnny. What’s that like when Johnny walks over and says, “Hi, I’m Johnny. I’ll be “working” with you today.” Did that scare you, turn you on?

AF: When it first happened, like when you walk in and basically are going to have sex with a stranger. First of all,  my very first thing was a blow job. So, and the guy was wearing a Dancing Bear head. So, for some reason, that didn’t bother me at all. I was just like, ‘Oh, this is wild.’ Plus, I’ve seen Dancing Bear stuff, I knew the whole premise behind it. But then the very next day when I did do my first boy-girl and I was going to actually have sex, I think it’s very exciting. I don’t know how this is going to sound. This is going to probably blow up my DMs, but I like stranger sex {sex with a stranger} in a sense. I like knowing that I’m not going to have to talk to you or may not or maybe we will. You know, like I kind of think  the unknown is hot.  Oh, we’re going to figure out each other and I’m going to figure out what gets you off. Like how do you like your dick sucked or how do I like my pussy eaten?

I enjoy that whole exploration.  I guess that whole part did turn me on. He was a good-looking guy. He had a massive thick cock. I remember that. And I said to myself, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I’ve ever had a dick that thick before.’  And I squirted for the very first time in that scene. I was like, oh my God, I’ve seen  other girls do it. Now I’m doing it.  I don’t even know what happened.  It was all surreal. It was wild. I had a good time, though. I did really well.

SW: From watching scenes before, what was the reality like when you did that scene? Was it what you expected from when you watched porn?

AF: Well, no. You learn all the little tricks of, like lube just magically appears. I tell a story about, the first time I saw Amber and Ginger Lynn. I saw some movie with them in it, and they had  anal beads, and they were having so much fun.  I remember the first time I bought anal beads, and I had no idea about lube and how much lube you would need for these things and all this other stuff. Because, of course, in porn, you don’t see all the prep, you don’t see that part. You know, that’s BTS and maybe now more people have seen it,  because of BTS being so popular. But, I didn’t know what went on before the scene, there really wasn’t that on the VHS tapes  back in the day. And that was the worst experience having dry anal beads up your butt. I’ll just tell you that!  Now, I learned, ‘Oh, okay, the lube is underneath the pillow and he grabs it,’ and this happens and this is how you prepare for that and this. And now you can squeeze lube up your booty so that,  you’ll have a little extra help in that area. So now I know all the tricks.

SW: You do your first scene, it goes well. Do you immediately start shooting a lot? Did you take some time and wait to decide whether you want to keep doing that or this.

AF: No, I decided to go full out. I was like, OK, this is what we’re doing. I mean, it was like, this is great. I’m a horny individual. I love sex. I love the freedom of it. And I was getting paid to do it.  I was in a safe environment and people were tested. I was like, ‘Fuck, sign me up!’ I was already paying my own bills and I was already an adult, you know? I was just fed up with corporate life because I felt like that was just so tedious. Plus I didn’t want to have to ask anymore for, time off, plead my case like “Hey, you know oh, hey, I’m sick.” I suddenly didn’t have to call somebody and tell them I’m sick.. I don’t want to have to ask permission for those dates off. I want to be able to go when I feel like going or when it’s the best time for me to go.  Also, not being able to reach beyond the ceiling with my salary, you know all that’s very stressful. Bless those that are OK with it or are good with it. We need you. But for me, it wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. I felt very stifled. So, to be able to haul off and quit that and then figure out something that I could have so much fun with and then have also the autonomy over my own time, that gave me stability in the money I was making.

It was a no-brainer for me.

I’m working for my own dreams, my own things that I want to do, my own passions. I’m trying new things out. I’m doing this. I’m doing that. I’m having the best time at living life. And I think that’s what we’re here to do, right? So that’s what I did for myself.


SW: And when you started, did you start doing adult material for the money or for the attention? I did it really for the attention.

AF: I think at the beginning, I did it for the money to give me stability so I could create the type of life that I live now and that I will continue to live you know for my future self.

I’m not much of an attention-seeking person or I’m quite the introvert, actually. It’s just certain things bring out that extroverted side of me. But you know the attention part obviously is great because that’s what you know gets you the fan base and so on and so forth.

SW: If you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and you’re doing a great job of it, that’s going to gain attention. That’s just part of the byproduct of doing your job effectively and well and people recognizing how much you’re really having fun on set, right?

AF: At first it was, I wouldn’t even really say it’s just for the money.  I would say this again, it’s about having the autonomy over my own time is why I’m in it. That’s why people are Uber drivers. They can schedule themselves whenever the fuck they want to work.So it’s not really so much a money factor. It’s really about just having that autonomy. And sure, making the money gave me better stability and able to make other opportunities for me happen, like creating a coffee company, doing beer collabs with local brewers here, having a comedy show, having a podcast. There’s so many things. I’m getting into wrestling, doing this, doing that, and still shooting and still doing my own stuff.

SW: From having a corporate background, did that affect your approach to getting in the adult business? Did you come in more goal oriented and career oriented or was it fun and?

AF: Well, I think the military distilled that in me the work ethic and setting goals and stuff. Then I was able to apply that to college. I was able to apply that to my corporate life. I was also obviously able to apply that. I applied it to everything. I mean, why not? You know, no matter what you’re getting yourself into, you should be, you know, you should be setting goals within that, you know? I want to make these financial goals. I want to be able to buy a house. I want to pay off my student loans. Check mark, check mark.

I want to be a positive person in my community. I want to give back to my community.  I want to do all, you know, you want to donate your time, donate your efforts.  All those things are really super important to me, so.

SW: And when you get in, do you understand what the whole branding process in or is that a learning thing as you go along?

AF: Well, I was a I was a patent and trademark paralegal into copyrights. So that’s about branding, right? When you’re branding, you go and you get your trademarks. And if you’re inventing something, you get your patents.  If you’re writing something, you get your copyrights, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So I just kind of took a little bit of what I learned from these people I fortunately got to work with and that were developing their own brands and apply that to my own self.  I also follow a lot of businesses, podcasts or business  and financial people of all sorts to inspire me and have my thinking running in that way so that I can always be expanding and trying new things and having a further reach other than just the pornography people. I want the coffee drinkers. I’m focusing now my YouTube channel to be a little bit more educational so that, hey, maybe the women can come there and figure out, ‘Oh, I can use lubes for this or I might like this toy for self-pleasure’ and not be afraid to go to it or shameful of it or whatever and feel comfortable,  learning something and no one else needs to know about it, I guess.

I think having a broader reach definitely moves things forward.

SW: Tell me about your podcast, “Highest Fawx,” is that the right way to say it?

AF: Highest Fawxx Show is a show that my best friend, my business partner and I host together.  It started out originally as a comedy show that we were hosting and producing in LA.  Then the pandemic hit, and we were like, “Okay, so now what are we going to do?”  We decided to turn it into a podcast where I would talk about my personal experiences and things in the industry and my life and stuff. And then we would also have people from the industry, or comics or people I do business with, just an array of people. We were just at XBIZ over the summer and we got to talk to a bunch of different creators there and have them on.

It’s just a really nice casual conversation. It’s enjoyable. It’s fun.

SW: Is it available on YouTube, Apple?

AF: Yeah, it’s actually on all your streaming channels. It is available. Spotify, Apple, and we do have our Patreon. And we have some clips up on Youtube as well.

SW: So what, for you, makes a good interview? Is it informative? Is it entertaining?

AF: I would say it’s something that has a combination of both. I think you want to, inform your audience of who this person is,  maybe where they are and where they’re going forward, et cetera, et cetera. Also, you know, hopefully that guest is,  a talkative one where they can tell stories along the way, which will make those points of interest of information entertaining as well.

So you’re not only just getting information, but you’re also bringing may be a past story that’s funny, a situation that came up that could be, that may lead to more questions. You know, all kinds of stuff. I really, you know, it’s nice. It’s kind of how you look at it.

SW: Your platforms, I mean, there’s so many of them at this point. You have OnlyFans, Loyalfans, etc. How do you know which ones to be on, to work, etc?

AF: I do have my OnlyFans. I have my subscription OnlyFans. I run that under It’ll just take you right to my subscription OF. I do have a Fansley. Fansley is more for my super fetishy fans that really like hardcore fetish. And I do have a loyal fan. It’s kind of there as a placement. There are just so many sites and you know we get inundated a lot by a bunch of different ones.

It’s just about finding the right platform that works for your fan base,  I do have a wide fan base. So, you have to think, what are the needs of each person?  I try to figure out what will be best for that person.

SW: For a successful platform and maybe even a successful brand, do you think people come to your OnlyFans for your personality or more to watch you get boned?

AF: I have both. Lately I have started to do two-hour live show. I do it at least once a week, if not more.  One, maybe more sexual,where I’ll invite someone on and we’ll get it on. And then tomorrow, I’m actually doing a live show where I’m doing topless cooking. I think I’m going to do stuffed peppers and probably a fun little dessert.  I’ll do a top list and I’ll have fun. And they get to ask me questions. We get to cook together and eat together. We get to try it. Not everything I cook is great. Everything I cook comes out well. But it’s like that experience of, she’s a real human being and they really get into it. And again, that’s you know me being I’m just very authentic with my fans.

So, they get to see me at home having fun with them and wearing a cute little apron. And you know, that’s also enticing to the nurturing side of what they want. They want to be nurturing. They’re having fun with it. They get to see a new recipe.


They get to see me in my own element. You can bring it along to that whole stepmom thing, the whole MILF aspect, the older woman taking care the younger man, all those things come into play when you get to just be yourself at your house.

I have a wonderful kitchen, I take advantage of that. And I love to cook. So, cooking for me is, super fun.  I get to share that with my fans.   I think that really kind of sets a lot of my OnlyFans apart from a lot of other things.  They get a lot of the real me.

SW: When you shoot content, do you shoot stuff you want to shoot or stuff you think will sell?

AF: I do both. Obviously, I’m going to shoot things that are getting requested. So, if they just want, you know, blow jobs, hand jobs, or they want, you know, the stepmom theme, etc,  if they’re requesting it, it’s going to sell and I know what my high-ticket items are. I try to keep track of that so that I focus on what is going to sell. And then, I try to intermingle what I enjoy in there. Hence,  a lot of the live shows are really strictly me having fun. Whether I’m having sex with someone, or it’s a solo, or it’s me cooking, having coffee talk.  I wrap my coffee business in it where I’m having coffee with my fans or smoke a doobie.

SW: Do you do custom work?

AF: I do do customs.  I do a lot of cock ratings probably more than customs, but I do do customs. I always ask them to keep the customs pretty basic and simple, and I’ll take care of the rest.  I just kind of need to know a name and  what are we doing here? What are your favorites?  I try to get all that information out of them. Then just let me be the creator that I am, and I’ll just create it.  .

SW: What’s the craziest request you got for a custom?

AF: Well, I think it’s  always crazy when I get  this custom request that  they’ll send me the request first before, you know, I agree to do it because I want to make sure it’s something that’s within my realm, right? And it’ll be like some long-winded script with  a car chase.  I don’t know, just like ridiculous things that like,  this is like a full production. This is not a custom or I’m going to do it in my house. You’re requesting something that’s requiring a hell of a lot more, you know which is fine. If you want to pay for full production on a whole movie that you want to produce, okay. But that’s not going to be what  a normal custom price is going to be.

SW: Your cock ratings. Is that done by length? Is it done by girth?

AF: I can only speak for the way I do my cock ratings.  I have my guys send in a soft pick, a hard pick, three points of view that shows their scrotum and their dick because I want to do a balls-to-cock ratio. I’ve seen a lot of big dicks with really small balls and I’ve seen really big balls with really small dicks. I ask for a soft pick and a hard pick because I want to know if you’re a grower or a show-er. I also ask for a 10-second jerk-off clip. That could be any type of clip. It could be you know at the end when you’re coming, etc.

Get creative with it. Don’t be boring. Asking for all that material gives me something to talk about. I can talk about whether you’re manscaping, your dick to balls ratio, if you’re a grower, shower, your jerk-off method, if you have a big come load, running come load.  I can really get into detail. I charge for it. My ratings are not inexpensive, but you’re going to get your money’s worth. And the more material, fuck, I’ll talk a shitload about your dick.

When guys send in one picture, I’ll say, “Do you realize after thirteen years, all your dicks look exactly the same? Come on, dude. Give me something to talk about.” So that’s how I do it. So I base it on all of that. You know, I also look at your room. Is your room clean? Are you manscaped? Are you completely shaved? Some people try to get slick and send in pictures that are like, it’ll be like a different dick in each one. I’m like, dude, It’s not even your dick.

SW: And how much different are you than the Alexis character? Assuming there is a character.

AF: I don’t know anymore. I’m Alexis a lot in my life.  I think  I eat, breathe, and live, Alexis, to be honest. Never really thought about it.

SW: Do you think that’s a necessity to be successful for the brand to eat, drink, and sleep it?

AF:I think to some part, yeah. I saw my balance and everything like that, but I think to some part,  especially with all the platforms that we’re all on, I think to some degree, yes.

SW: Tell me about your shop. Is that what you’re selling your shirts and stuff in there?

AF: I have my coffee cups on there, some shirts, my calendar , things of that nature. has all my used clothing on it. That’s more of an auction.

SW: You mentioned you got involved in coffee and beer.  How did that come up and how did all that?

AF: Well, I have a coffee business, a coffee bean dealer. I changed the name now, its H-A-F. Coffee.  There’s a local brewer, and he does a golden ale with coffee. And so, we did a beer called “Cheers to Breakfast”. It’s a golden ale with my coffee in it.

SW:  Is that available just locally? Is that available online?

AF:  It’s a local brewer, so it’s only available here in Las Vegas.

SW: You’re in were in the air Force for three years right? .

AF: Yes

SW: Was that something you wanted to do growing up? Did that just happen in your life?

AF No, again, I don’t really go through life planning years in advance. I grew up in a small town and I wanted to get out . So, I joined the Air Force and I was already living on my own and had my own apartment when I joined.

SW: Was there any special thing that you were doing in the Air Force?

AF: I loaded KC 135, I was an air refuel-er, worked with air refuel-ers and stuff like that. I was a loadmaster.

SW: So, what’s coming up for you?

AF: I’m just trying to harness all the abundance I have coming in. I have a lot of offers coming in with a lot of different things and just trying to organize it all so that I can properly take advantage of each of those things in a systematic way. It’s crazy how you go through life.  You just always ask for abundance and then it happens. And it’s like, ‘Holy shit, it’s overflowing.’ But putting everything into perspective for 2024, I’ll be setting up the business side of what I do, considering things like, how do I want to advertise my coffee. How do I want to put that out there next year. How do I revamp my podcast for next year, where I want to take that and how I want to do that. Maybe I’ll even take that on the road and do more conventions. I really had a lot of fun with that.

SW: What are your social media platforms?


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SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

AF: thank you so much for supporting me all these years.  I’ll have a lot of new things coming up for us in the sites. Make sure that you’re following me on, and let’s have some fun.

Thank you Alexis, Special thanks to the Star Factory for their help putting this together.



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