Alexis James Rides High In Her YesGirlz Debut

Porn stars can’t be supermodels? Can they? We believe you will think otherwise after watching the latest starring role with Alexis James. Alexis is a woman who loves sex, and we are not just talking about recent times in front of the camera. Since she wore a suit to the office and dealt with hundreds of millions of dollars in deals daily in the financial sector, she still presented herself with a pristine look that can only be compared to that of Kylie Ireland or Cindy Crawford herself. The one difference, this beauty loves to fuck, and we are talking about getting as nasty as can be. This brings us to YesGirlz, their epic production value, wardrobe selection, glam skills, and how they aim to bring out the slut in every porn star hottie they encounter. Now, with their latest XXX release Alexis James Rides High, the future Queen of Anal looks to show their fans they know nothing about getting nasty!

“What does a girl want most? It is to be made to look like royalty, a queen, or a princess when shooting any scene. No matter what genre or what line of entertainment it is. A woman wants to be made to look the best, and when she does, it makes us feel invincible. Me, I aim to fuck the world, and I do mean that literally. YesGirlz made me feel like a queen. It compelled me to put even more effort into my filthy, cock-sucking efforts. As a model, it made me feel that much more beautiful when I have my pussy spread wide open, fingered, fucked, and fornicated upon. That is what made this scene such a slippery good time. Talk about unforgettable.” –Alexis James.


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Do you think that you know what sexy is? Alexis James highly fucking doubts it. Alexis James Rides High is a scene where Alexis and YesGirlz want you to throw caution to the wind. Cum as you are because Alexis is going to cum for you no matter what it takes for you to get off. This is why she has the title of “Supermodel Pornstar,” and she takes that title very seriously. This Best New Starlet hopeful wants you to look, drool, and fiend over her. She loves the attention, but even more so, she loves getting nasty like few porn stars ever have. In this scene, you will get squirting, sloppy dick sucking, pussy stretching, and so much more. All with Alexis James’ supermodel smile and beauty to pump the fantasy to another level. Just watch what she can do with her spit. That alone will win you over. Trust us!


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“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.” Thomas Jefferson

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