Amberly Rothfield Addresses OnlyFans Concerns with Rolling Stone

Amberly Rothfield continues to be a voice for sex workers rights and issues, and has been sharing her advice and thoughts prior to the current pandemic. But, with an increase of sex workers turning to OnlyFans and the potential issues facing them, Rolling Stone reached out to Amberly to garner perspective.

In EJ Dickson’s latest piece, “Sex Workers Built OnlyFans. Now They Say They’re Getting Kicked Off”, Amberly tackles the growing number of ‘civilians’ who are turning to OnlyFans in this economic crisis, and its effect on sex workers. With a number of sex workers stating their accounts are being deleted, Amberly shares her thoughts on why OnlyFans remains an important income stream. This once adult-friendly platform is slowly becoming resistant to sex workers, a fact that doesn’t surprise Amberly.

“I’ve seen it happen many times. When a platform’s main audience changes, the way that platform operates will also change to more suit the new audience.” she said.

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