Amberly Rothfield Releases New Guide For Models

Amberly Rothfield has been hard at work, creating more tools to help the industry. Spurred by Visa and Mastercard, she has looked towards preparing models for the possible side effects of their recent decision to end transactions with Pornhub. Her newest guide is designed to help models prepare themselves if something unexpected happens.


This guide, which contains over 5,000 words, is written as a blog post and is available for free on It covers a wide range of topics, including starting a website, collaborations with other models, keeping a backup copy of all content, using a diverse group of platforms, and many more tried and true methods.


While she does admit that the news about Visa and Mastercard initiated it, Amberly noted that her guide extends beyond that. “I started working on this guide after Visa and Mastercard’s decisions. But everything in this guide can help models set themselves up for success if anything goes wrong, from a website disappearing to having your profile deleted’ she clarified.


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