Ameena Green-The Teacher’s Pet that will get you wet-exclusive interview

How many times have you seen someone who is really pretty, wearing sexy clothes, {intentional or otherwise}, in class, she’s clearly the teacher’s pet, in the hallways, she walks down the hall almost in slow motion, you’re checking her out. You want to say something to impress her, but are almost, afraid too. You mind is filled with Naughty thoughts, what you’d like to see her do, have done to you, etc. She is somewhat dark, mysterious, and everyone has a different impression of her, now imagine she knows this about you. And she wishes you would have said something to her, {sexy if you are a stunning lady please}.



Fast forward a few years, who’s that Hot babe blowing up on Social Media? Wait, is that? Yes, it’s Ameena Green, and yes, she is doing those naughty things you dared to dream about, not just for you for though, luckily for all of us.

The Chicago native has quietly built an impressive resume in the Adult Industry, not by starting her career doing circus acts, but taking her time, having fun, exploring her sexuality, and we’re all invited on the journey with her. Enjoy the ride.



A BTS outtake from the interview

Magazine Version:

Hi, I’m Ameena Green, and you can find me on Instagram at theameenagreen. You can also find me on Twitter at @pussycopia that’s PUSSYCOPIA and you can find me on OnlyFans at

AG: I’m from the Chicago area. I moved around all over the.
SW Did you go to a public school or private school.
AG: Both. There were some parts of my elementary life where I was in private school, but mostly public. SW: In grade school, did you have a favorite subject?
AG: Oh, yes. I loved anything that had to do with reading and writing. I’m still a big nerd.
SW: I know you were young at that point. Did you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life?
AE: Oh my God, it’s funny because I actually just was looking through a little, “what do I want to be when I grow up” that I made when I was in kindergarten? I said, I want it to be a Powerpuff girl. To be honest, I bounced around wanting to be so many different things. I still feel like that to a certain degree.
SW; In high school, you were a popular girl?
AG: I was controversial because even then I was very vocal about my sexuality and because of that, I wasn’t necessarily popular. It was like, {her perception from other people} “oh, that girl’s hot, but she’s not a part of the popular people and does not give a fuck about anything. So we’re like scared of her, but we like her, but we don’t want to talk to her.”
SW: Were you bullied in school growing up?
AG: I think people tried. In undergrad, I felt more social pressure and bullying than I did in elementary or high school.

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SW: Were you Popular with the boys?
AG: More than I wanted to be, I wish I were a little more popular with the girls.
SW: Did the girls get mad with you because you were hot and the guys were giving you more attention than maybe some of their girlfriends?
AG: Maybe, like minimal stuff in elementary school. I think that’s the only time I can recall being a boyfriend stealer when I was just talking to a classmate. But honestly no, I think I’ve always been surrounded by a lot of secure women. So they never really had [that] view for me. I always try to have like, you know, good energy. I never tried to compete with anyone on that level.
SW: Did your favorite subjects change in high school?
AG: I still really loved English. For some reason, I kind of liked gym. I learned how to walk on stilts and juggle in gym class. I’m still bad at juggling, but at least I can walk on stilts. So we had a wide range of a variety of weird things we did in gym, and for some reason I loved it.
SW: When you were walking on stilts, was it for attention?
AG: People watch them because of the Athleticism. So I learned how to walk on stilts and how to juggle. I’m trying to remember what else we did. I think there was an option to learn how to ride a unicycle but I just felt like I’d bust my ass, I’m not trying to have two front teeth missing, any of that. It was funny. I literally recall one day when I was learning how to walk on stilts and I was doing so good one of my classmates and friends knew I was kind of like a mini class clown. So they started throwing little juggling balls at me. I had to go through obstacles, walking on these stilts. I was like oh yeah, I dare you.

SW: You mentioned your sexuality and stuff at a young age. Did you see an adult magazine or something Adult related: How did you know what sexuality was?

AG: that’s actually a really good question! I think, it’s funny I didn’t really watch porn that much growing up. I watched more stuff like Hentai, which is like anime porn. I had always been fascinated by the idea of sex and my body, and just showing off my body; there was something about it that gave me a thrill. Maybe I just had tendencies of being a little bit of an exhibitionist, even from a young age.I think it really started towards the end of high school where I was just kind of like, I love taking aesthetic. Actually, I know where it started. Tumblr! Tumblr: it’s your fault! {Laughing} If anyone had a tumblr account growing up, they know what I mean. I think that was the first site that showed me scenes and little clips of sex, but also people just taking beautiful artsy pictures of themselves and their bodies and I just loved that and I wanted to emulate that.


SW: I’m going to age myself, but when you were dating people in school, did you take naughty pictures and send [them to] boyfriends?
AG: I think I would post more so relatively naughty pictures like on my SnapChat, stories and stuff like that. But to be honest, I was kind of, even from, like I said, a young age when guys wanted to hang out and I knew they wanted to do stuff, I would in my head think, “you’re not worth of my time.” There was no in between for me. I’m either like, “you don’t deserve my time” type of guys, or I become obsessive with certain guys. Like, I’m gonna give you all of it. I’m going to make sure you feel like you’re being spoiled. It would just depend on the guy, some, yes, some no.

SW: When did you learn did you had these amazing cock teasing skills?
AG: I think you just know. I definitely started to get interesting attention in high school and undergrad, because when I transitioned into undergrad you know, I would hear some people being like, some people were asking about your Instagram, your Instagram is interesting. On my old Instagram, I would, back when I could get away with it, post a little bit of the top of my booty showing, you know what I mean. I would say the most outlandish, wildest thing and do the most random outlandish things too. Like in high school, for example, this is what got a lot of people talking. I went to Spencer’s and I don’t know if you’ve seen that they have those like “big-dick” lollipops, like they’re pretty big and thick? So the person I was dating at the time, I was like, “do you think you’d be weird if we tried to put this inside me”? Now, forewarning, don’t do this! Food is not supposed to go inside of you, but I was young and dumb. I did it, and I just felt so freaky. I was like, this is so crazy. I like to experiment, I’d say, and I was very excited for that experimenting part of my life.
SW: Do you remember the spiral sticks, like the candy?
AG: Yeah, they go like, and they’re skinny and they’re like really long. I knew there was food play. I just knew you had to be smart about it. For me, I just stuck that in and I was like: oh my God,” actually my ex stuck it in. But yeah, I mean, he ate me out afterwards. He said I tasted like candy. That was pretty cool, it’s really cool when you see food play I was young, my body kind of adjusted quickly. I knew if I did that now, I’d like pee blue the next day. It was really weird.
SW: You mentioned in a picture, you posted showed part of your butt.
AG: Yeah, yeah.
SW: Was that a rebellion thing or is that like I’m going to cock tease them and only show them that much?
AG: I think it was kind of a rebellious thing. I definitely felt like a Billy Badass back in the day, which is so funny, if you ask anyone outside the industry, about me growing up, everyone always called me a freak. They felt like I was a sexual deviant. Then when I joined the sex work community, I felt like damn, I feel like I’m vanilla compared to what I’m seeing. It’s really funny in that aspect because I was always rebellious, I’ve always been the only one who was open about my sexuality, who was freaky. And now that I’m surrounded by so many people who also do that, I’m like, wow! I found people like me.
SW: Were you doing this more for the attention? The fame, the money ?
AG: When I was posting that shit, people were like, “Are you posting that stuff for free? You better monetize it”. So I think in my mind, I was curating an artsy rebellious kind of vibe. I think it was my own Instagram and I looked at as my own kind of album and loved what I was posting. I think {at that time} it was more for the aesthetic purposes. I just really loved and I enjoyed looking through my Instagram and stuff. Since I’ve gotten older, it’s been amazing to find out that I can monetize it as well. People would love to pay me to do X, Y, and Z, see me do X, Y, and Z, all that. So I was like, wow, I appreciate the support. I’ve also noticed this, I think from a young age – I’m sure many women do, – but it’s like, you walk around and you’re already like sexualized, even like flight attendants, wherever you work, you have to dress a certain way. You have to make sure you’re smiling and stuff. We just get paid for it. We’re not doing it for free. We’re getting paid for it.
SW: Did you go to your prom?
AG: Yes.

SW: What was that like?
AG: A lot of the girls were giving me dirty looks. I mean, let me give you a little bit of background. This suburb is very like; you want to conform in that suburb. I’m not a conformist, I’m going to do whatever I want. A lot of the girls ended up getting long dresses because I think that’s just the tradition to get a long dress, but I found that a lot of these long dresses didn’t look flattering on me at the time. So I chose more of a shorter dress. I felt very confident in my outfit, but there were a lot of girls who were like side eye, side, eye, side eye. Obviously, you know, the girls that I came [with] were like, you look fire, you look amazing. I loved my outfit. And honestly, if I had chosen a dress that was long, just for the sake of fitting in, and it didn’t look good on me, I would have regretted it. I would have looked back like, damn, I could have really popped out at prom, but it was chill. I mean, it wasn’t like the best time of my life, but it was a good time, you know? I was happy I popped out and looked good. You’re walking through the prom. You are obviously showing off your legs and probably be proud of your booty. All the eyeballs are on you.
SW: Was that turning you on?
AG: I guess not at the time. I mean, if I was around somebody that I was attracted to, I’d be like, yeah. I look good, don’t I? But I think I just, did that as a way of flexing. I was like, I look good. I know I look good.
SW: And when a guy was lucky enough to gather your attention, were you the hit and run type of girl where you did your thing with them, probably killed them sexually, and kicked them out.
AG: I actually didn’t have a lot of sex in high school. I had a big hoe phase in undergrad, a lot of guys in high school wanted me but didn’t say it while I was in high school. They waited literally till I graduated, that’s when everyone started hitting me up. I remember this one guy. I had so many classes with him. He hits me up two days after we graduate and was like, “You’re so cute. I’m surprised we’ve never hung out.” I was shocked, then told him, “I literally have seen you so many times and you never asked.” I think because everybody was so caught up in popularity and sticking to their own clicks, they didn’t want to risk reaching out to like, oh, the open sexuality girl who is so controversial, you know?
SW: You mentioned you wanted more sexual tension from girls?
AG:Oh yeah.
SW: When did you first notice girls were cute?
AG: Well, I felt like it should have been a big indication when a majority of the people I followed on Instagram were really hot girls. That should have been my first kind of “hello”. I didn’t really realize that I was like bi/pan sexual until undergrad. In a sick, twisted way I realized I was like in love with one of my best friends.
By then it was too I was like, mmm, there are so many people back in undergrad, I wish I could have just hooked up with. So, yeah. I don’t know.
SW: For people who don’t know what is Bi/Pan sexual means
AG: Yes of course. I group them personally in the same category; I’m attracted to all genders. I literally realized this about myself at that point. I’m a very big personality person.There’s some people I might look at and be like, you’re really cute, but who are you? And once I learn more about them and their energy, I’m attracted to them, and kind of feel like, that could be anyone, whether you’re a cis man, someone who, you know, just stays with the gender that they’re assigned to at birth. Whether you’re a cis man, a cis woman, you’re a trans woman, trans man, I’m with it all, you know? I’m down with it all.
SW: Women, do you have a look? Everybody has a look.
AG: I don’t know if I have a look, but it’s a personality type. I think I love feisty women. I’m starting to realize that, especially sweet feisty women. They’re the type once you get to know them, they’re super sweet. But if you’re walking around, you see they got some spice to them, they’re gonna be feisty. And I think that’s because I’m not feisty myself. I’m just kinda like, oh, I love that.

SW: So you’re submissive?
AG: Yes, I’m very submissive. I think I have a dominating personality, but when we get into the bedroom, it’s a whole different story.
SW: When you finish high school. Do you go to college? Do you get a job?
AG: I went to college, I expected it to be the best four years of my life. It wasn’t. I didn’t really like it. But I did really well academically. I got my teaching license. I was supposed to teach. And then I was like, you know what? I want a job where I can kind of dictate my own time.I love free time. Time is also money to me. I think I noticed this when I started dancing. I like danced at a club when I was 19. I think the mixture of all aspects of sex work, I realized I can do things on my own time. I can play on my strengths and that’s beautiful. Ever since specifically joining the industry, I’ve been like, wow, I can create magic with other people who are just as ambitious as me, who are just as creative as me, who want to see the same things that I want to see.
SW: When you danced, were you stripping?
AG: Not anymore, I used to.
SW: At that point, did you do full nude? Did you do lap dances?
AG: Yes, I did full nude and lap dances. The clubs I worked at, one was in Peoria in Illinois, the other one was in Davenport, Iowa. And both of them, you had to be full nude by the end of the second song. If was really great. And when I say this, it’s not even about the pole, the moves that you can do on the pole. It’s not about the floor work that you can do. It’s how you talk to people and [with that], I think I did a really great job. When I was on stage, I made eye contact with people. I smiled at them. I made them feel like they were their best sexy self. And what ends up happening in the club too is a lot of people come to decompress. And I was there to be like, yes. “Tell me all your problems. Let me know how your day has been.”
SW: Would you do full contact lap dances?
AG: I would do lap dances and some of them were clothed and then if they wanted a VIP, that would be unclothed. So I would do fully nude lap dances.
SW: Did you have a preference to which type of dance.
AG: Yes, I preferred fully nude lap dances in the VIP because those were a lot more money..
SW: Did the VIP dances have happy endings? or were you grinding on the guy’s crotch until the song ended and hitting him for another song?
AG: That’s the funny thing, I think I was really good at getting guys to extend their time longer, but they also knew my limits. I don’t judge anyone who does anymore, but I am a very paranoid person. I’m still learning how to assert boundaries. So at that age too, I was like, I didn’t. So I decided I’m gonna stick to just doing fully nude, I’ll rub up on you, I’ll make you feel good, you know, but that’s it.

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SW: At that point, were you modeling or anything?
AG: No, but I had friends that were photographers that always wanted me to do shoots. I think that was something that I really wanted to do when I was younger to a certain extent. What happened is that my older sister, she’s also gorgeous. My parents put her through a lot of modeling stuff. So by the time they got around to me, they were like: oh yeah, we don’t know if you’ll really stick with it. She didn’t stick with it, all that kind of stuff. So I was like, damn it, I missed my chance. But I think that they also worried because you do have to have thick skin, especially at a young age. To be able to handle criticisms, I feel like I would have been able to. I definitely feel like now I’m able to, but it was a valid concern they had, you know?
SW: Did the stripping and stuff kind of knock you out of lack of interest for school?
AG: I did it ’cause I like to spend money on food and random things. I don’t know. I think I just loved how fast the money was. Honestly, that’s why I think I love the industry because it reminds me of school, l when I’m doing customs in my head, it’s kind of like, okay, I have my homework assignment and I need to get it done by a certain time. I don’t know. That structure of school, I like taking classes, I just didn’t like the people I went to school with. So it’s always been like that.

SW: Ok, you’re dancing, you’re in school, how do you make the transition into this wonderful business?
AG: I think it was around 2021, I moved out to Virginia for a year. I was going to work at the library at this university, but they were taking forever to get back to me. I was going to do that and dance on the side. But then the fucking manager was never there when I went to the strip club. So I started to take OnlyFans – which I already had – a lot more seriously. And I started to build up my followers in a very short amount of time on my old Instagram. It was barely a year old and it got taken away, not my Instagram, my old Twitter. My Twitter started growing really fast. And that’s when I had been recruited by my agency. They reached out to me. They said, you know, your work is amazing. Would you ever consider joining the adult film industry? And it was really crazy, because a month ago, I was watching an interview with Tiana Trump, and I was like, “damn, how do people even get into porn?” And lo and behold, you know, I was asked, “would you do porn?” I was like, “fuck yeah.” So, hey, y’all should be thanking that library that didn’t hire me because, who knows? I might have not been taking OF as seriously and, you know, putting in the effort going in, growing my Twitter, all that.

SW: But you had OnlyFans before with that, correct?
AG: Yes, started it in 2020. And I had it basically, my senior year of undergrad. I was doing that while I was in school. I mean, I say I wasn’t taking it as seriously, but to be honest, I was posting a lot. Like I did put a lot of effort into it. I think it’s just different now because what I see it as effort is like, oh, I’m like renting places now. I’m collabing with people. I’ve turned it into a full on business. I’ve gotten my LLC, so it’s just aspects like that where I consider it more so full time as opposed to part time.
SW: Let’s discuss your Onlyfans.
AE: Sure, my OnlyFans is and Ameena is A, M, E, E, NA, and then green GREEN.
SW: For you, to be successful on OnlyFans. Is it about personality or is it about people watching you get boned or just doing sexual things?
AG: I honestly think it’s a mixture. I think it’s important to understand the business aspect of it in a sense to where you want to be consistent, but not only consistent you want to have great consistent content. You want to be able to find a way in which you know how to navigate your own OnlyFans. Like everyone has their OnlyFans set up in a different way. But as long as you know the way you want to set it up and you’re consistent with it, that’s going to help. You also want sexy material. You want to know what your fans want, too. I’d say that’s the biggest thing. Honestly, a lot of them want to get to know you and feel personal. I think that’s one of the biggest compliments that I’ve gotten repeatedly over and over and over again is how they love that it’s me you know, talking to them. And that they love how authentic I am, how humble I am, how we can just have a cool conversations. Not all the conversations I have on OnlyFans are sexual. So now we might be talking about marvel movies and just like, I don’t know, nerding out about anime and stuff. They’re like, here’s this pretty – you know – woman that I watch and I already find her gorgeous, but damn, she’s also interested in the same things that I’m interested in. I think that’s like the cool part. And obviously it’s no shame to anyone who has their account run by a management, because I can understand it. It can be a lot to run your account by yourself. I’m learning that, especially as it’s been growing. So it’s just about finding a middle ground, like how can you still have access to your fans and feel like you can still talk to them while also doing the business side of what you need in order to get done and to make it manageable?

SW: Do you think you have an obligation to tell your fans that, hey, somebody’s helping me with this?
AG: I would say I personally feel like if a fan thinks they’re having a deep conversation if they’re sharing parts themselves, that it would be fair to just let the fans know. Also for you as a creator, so it doesn’t seem like you’re over here tricking or you know misguiding your fans. Some people just want their content and they’re good. They’re not trying to have a conversation.
So it’s really just reading your fans and knowing which ones are going to want that intimate kind of conversation and which ones are just, you know, “I’m just down to get a custom.

SW: What was the craziest request you got for a custom.

AG: To be honest, I haven’t had anything too crazy. Everything’s been relatively doable for me. I think it’s just interesting, some of the role playing like, there’s been a couple of people who want me to do like step sister kind of vibes you know. I think that’s like pretty normal though. There’s been like a couple of people who really wanted me to do stuff outside.
And back when I lived in bumblefuck nowhere, I was able to do that, but it was crazy to be like outside pissing or to do TikTok dances, naked, outside. I’m like, there’s so many levels to this. I thought that was interesting for sure.

SW: But pissing and stuff is cool?

AG: Yeah. I just have to be a little bit careful now because of their regulations, they’ve added a lot more stuff over the past couple of years to OnlyFans like what’s allowed, what’s not allowed. Actually, I was surprised recently because you know I take breaks from customs when I’m on my period, but there are some people who actually wanted to see me while I was on my period. I said, okay. But OnlyFans, like I said, even that stuff, they’re very like, no. No.
SW: When you’re not doing silly interviews and stuff like this, and you have time off, what do you like to do?
AG: I’m a very big homebody. Honestly, since I’ve come out to LA, I’ve been trying to step outside my comfort zone, going hiking, to self care events. I’m all about face masks and like, I love board games. I’m very old school. I like stuff like that like where you’re building meaningful connections through ways like that. I like to read, listen to music and bike. And I love to watch anime when I’m inside. I also like to cook, but I haven’t been cooking as much since I come out here.
SW: When they asked you to get into adult films. Do you go in and immediately do boy girl scenes? Girl/ girl scenes? Do you talk to an agent? How does that actual transition go from?
AG: My agent let me know as much information as possible about my first scene. There was a lot of things that I didn’t know. I didn’t know that there were specific places for us to get testing. I also didn’t know I’d have to spend so much money on testing. In my mind, I thought testing is free because I’ve always gotten tested in the past for free or my insurance covers it. So that definitely took me by surprise. I’m very fortunate to honestly have joined the industry when I did because I had money saved up and one of the things that a lot of people I feel don’t know about the industry is when you join, you have to spend money to make money. So I’m investing in myself. So that kind of blew my mind, I had to make sure my hair is good, make sure I have outfits, all that kind of stuff. So the first scene that I had was actually with net video girls, and I think that’s the perfect first scene to have because they work with a lot of new girls. And they spoiled me, they made sure that I had my first douche. They showed me what the process looks like, everyone was really nice and cool. It kind of set up for how other scenes were going to be.

SW: You go to shoot this. For sake of discussion, we’ll call the actor “Johnny”. Is it a turn on for you? “Hi, I’m Johnny, I’ll be “working” with you today.” Is having sex with somebody you’ve never met turn you on?

AG: There’s only been a couple instances where I’ve been on set or I’ve felt super like horny. Most of the time, I’m very professional, my mind is, how can I look really fucking great on your dick for the camera? That’s what’s going through my mind. And when I’m in a work mode kind of headspace, it’s harder for me to be horny ’cause I’m not just sitting there like, it’s just different from regular sex. We’re putting on a performance. I’m not over here like hunched back. You know, I’m making sure I have my back arched and everything like that. Obviously, there’s been times where I’ve been on certain performers and it just feels so good. And I’m like, I don’t wanna get off, but obviously we gotta do what we gotta do. Honestly, there was this one scene, it was really funny where something kept happening with a camera where we had to redo a part where I was riding on my co talent and I was like, thank God, ’cause your dick feels really good. I’ll keep doing this. I don’t mind. I’ll keep popping back on. Let’s hope we keep messing up because I’m having a really good time. I don’t know why, your dick is just hitting all the right places. Super great, but, besides like those kind of like couple of moments, I like to be in the head space that I’m at work. Obviously there’s an element of like, I want to feel good too so you can see that.
SW: Without kissing your butt. That’s an extremely intelligent thing to know when you get into this business. How did you learn it? How do you learn that mindset that early?
AG: One of the things, honestly, that I love about the process is that you have a whole crew there and we’re all putting in a lot of work to make sure that this all turns out amazing. So I think one of the first things I noticed off the bat is that, I’m a team player here. Like everyone has their own kind of role and I want to make sure that I’m doing my job because everyone else is working just as hard. I give a lot of my love to crew because I know they work long days, a lot of long hours. So I want to make sure that I’m delivering and I’m doing as much as I can to make sure what the director and the company and vision is coming to life. That’s kind of my mindset that I have going into it. I don’t really know where it came from. I just think I have, for most of my life, worked with a lot of team projects and stuff like that.
SW: You do your first scene. It goes well. Do you take some time off or immediately decide this is what I want to do?
AG: Oh yeah, I love it, what’s amazing is that this first year that I’ve been in the industry flew by. I think that says a lot about me enjoying it because it would have felt like a long year if I didn’t enjoy it. I can’t believe that I’m already approaching into year two. I’m excited for it because the only thing that can happen is I can only continue going up if I put a lot of – you know – if I continue to put work into it and I continue to do what I need to do. I’m honestly having a very open mind. I’m listening to what everyone’s saying and taking in advice and also looking at the people that I look up to and saying, what are they doing in their career and how can I, you know, take a little bit of what they’re doing and incorporate it into what I’m doing. So I can also be successful.

SW: Prior to getting into the business, did you have any preconceived notions about the adult entertainment industry?
AG: I honestly didn’t know anything about the adult entertainment industry at all until I joined. I mean, it makes sense, obviously, that there’s a crew there. But when I’ve seen videos, that’s not my first thought. I’m not thinking there’s a whole team right here. You know, they have to like stop, make sure you’re getting this position. I didn’t know what a “pop” was. I didn’t know how often you had to get tested. There’s just so many things that I didn’t know. I didn’t know sometimes you’d have to fluff. that’s all everyone’s comfortability. It’s up to more so what you’re comfortable with. And if you want to do that, but that was interesting. I didn’t know how hard it could be for male talent to have to come on command like that. That’s just crazy to me. I never knew that. So it was a lot of things I definitely learned. I went in knowing nothing, to be honest. Yeah. And fluffing and stuff because of Viagra and people shooting their penises and everything.
SW: How weird awkward, uncomfortable strange was it for you. When you’re ready to go and sometimes he’s not, everybody’s standing around and staring at the dude like, dude, let’s go.
AG: Yeah, I try not to, cause I know it’s a mental thing, so I try not to push them, but at the same time, I’d never known until more or less the end of this year that people have to shoot their dicks. I was like,doesn’t that hurt? It blew my mind.

SW: Yeah. How much different are you than the person we see on camera? How much of this is an act?
AG: I’d say, oh God, when I’m on podcast, I’m very authentic. That’s why I’ve actually been very picky as to what podcasts I’ll go on. I’m very happy to be here, by the way. But there’s been podcasts that are very popular on the street that I just know I can’t be on. I’m going to chuck something at the person you know. I’m going to have a temper. I think that I’m very authentic, but I don’t have a problem being myself. I think that’s how I connect to people. I can’t connect to people if I’m not being vulnerable. I wear everything on my sleeve, so yeah.
SW: Do you have any celebrity crushes?
AG: I’d say right now it’s Megan Thee Stallion. But maybe that’s about it. I live under a rock when it comes to celebrities. My friends update me on celebrity things because I kind of just don’t know what’s always in and what’s going on in celebrity kind of culture. Oh, and right now is Zendaya. I will say that. Shout out to Zendaya. And her stylist law. I don’t know why. It’s kind of random, but yeah.

SW: If you could shoot a celebrity sex tape with Zendaya, what would you do to her?
AG: Oh my God, you’re making me blush, even just as a thought of that. I would definitely give her the best head of her life for hours. I’m talking about allowing the sun to go down and the sun to come up and I’m still making her come. Zendaya, I swear to God, if I could give you all the orgasms, I literally would. I would work like my life depends on it.
SW: Strap ons or no strap ons?
AG: Depends on what she’d want, whatever she’s down for. If she’d want to strap me, that’d be beautiful. I would love it.
SW: You’d be totally down with it?
AG: I’m sorry. I would probably be a little bit more sub, I’m also relatively a switch. I think if someone has a naturally submissive personality, my DOM comes out a little bit more. But everyone I’m around usually just happens to have like a more dominating kind of vibe to them.
SW: Do you have an agent if people want to book you?
AG: Yes. I’m with Hussy Models and Riley’s my agent. So yeah, hit him up whenever you want to see me.
SW: Social media.

AG: My Instagram is theameenagreen. And my Twitter is pussycopia. That’s PU, SSY, COPIA. Yeah, I think those are like my main two that I am frequently on.


SW: Do you find you have a different fan base and one or the other?
AG: I have a larger following on Twitter ,go figure, people, can see me naked and stuff. I’d say there’s been a lot of people from Twitter have gone to my Instagram because they get to see more of my personality. I’m still learning how can I show my personality more on Twitter because I’m definitely the type of person where I’ll go on Instagram, I’ll talk and rant a lot. People get a better sense of my personality that way. It’s a little bit more difficult for me to do that on Twitter. I’m just now learning how to tweet and all that.
SW: You seem surprised that you’re becoming more well-known.
SW: Is that because of social media? Is that because of the work you’re putting in, in adult? Is it a combination?
AG: I definitely assume it’s porn. In the past, I’ve had people who were celebrities or are on their way to becoming base celebrities reach out to me. I think I definitely have a look that people are intrigued with. That has gotten me very far. So I feel very – I feel very honored to just be recognized, outside the industry, but I also hope to continue being recognized within the industry. I definitely want my coworkers to see me as the same stature and to give me the same respect and grace and love and support as well.

SW: Do you remember the first time you did something sexually? You touched yourself, etc.
AG: Oh, yeah. I touched myself.
SW: Did you know what that was when you were doing it? Did it just feel good?
AG: It felt good, but I did think I was the only one in the world who was doing that. I thought it was my biggest secret ever, I was doing it for years all the way up until middle school and then I was talking to a friend of mine and she was like, I’m gonna tell you my biggest secret ever and I was like, okay, I’ll tell you mine too.
And it was just both of us had touched ourselves. I mean, that was fun because she was the first friend I ever watched porn with and then we also touched ourselves together like while watching porn, so that was hilarious. I’d say in middle school, high school and undergrad, I would be late to things because I was masturbating. I felt honestly, this is why I was so sorry for anyone in undergrad, but I’d be 20 minutes late ’cause I was like, I just gotta bust this nut real fast. And then I just go right to class. So if I was trading pencils with you, I’m sorry, there might have been couchie juice on my hands. I’m so sorry.
SW: Back then, was it a touch? A scent or was it a dude? What was it that got your mind going and got you going there?
AG: Oh, my God. I think I was just a super horny person. I think there were a lot of things that got me off. Honestly, I think alot of people are surprised because what would get me off is my imagination. I would imagine scenarios, you know, with people, whether it be one person or a group of people. I had fantasies and I would think about those fantasies and just kind of get in the zone.
SW: Any fantasies about teachers?
AG: Oh, yeah. I would honestly have fantasies that because the club I worked at was maybe, like an hour away from my school, I would be like, what would happen if one of my professors walked in. I had a lot of professor fantasies. Sometimes I still do. Maybe they’ll see my stuff. I don’t know. Hello.

SW: Were you ever a teacher’s pet or anything or did they ever try and suggest anything to get a better grade?
AG: I was definitely a teacher’s pet. I think I’ve always loved being the favorite to adult figures I look up to in my life. I don’t know what that is. I love being that. You know, no teacher obviously had, I don’t even want to say obviously, ’cause I know there’s incidents, but no teacher had ever like come on to me, but sometimes I did feel like there was sexual tension. I did notice that teachers would push me or do more things for me because they liked me. It’d just be little things, like, wow, you really gave me extra time, or you let me turn an assignment late. literally, I mean, this is a little different. I didn’t, this teacher, I didn’t have a sexual attraction to,but she was just really great. I remember she was literally telling me when I was asking her for help on a test like, hey, change your answer. So I don’t know. I guess I’ve always been a teacher’s pet.
SW: Between touching yourself the first time and when you went all the way. Was that a long time?
AG: I’d say it was, because like I said, I was very young when I touched myself. And then when I lost my virginity when I was 16, so I think that’s like an average age, I’d say maybe, I don’t know the average, but I wanted it to be with someone I trusted. I wasn’t ready to go into my whore phase until I had sex with somebody that I trusted and it was the person I was dating. at the time, and it was good.
SW: Was there peer pressure from your friends to go all the way or did you just reach the point with him? Was he trying to give you a line to get in your pants?
AG: No, luckily, he was a really great guy. He is a sweet, gentle giant. However, before him, I was practicing giving head to guys and stuff, in high school, they would pressure me and I’d be like, “nah”. For somebody who’s still working on my boundaries, I’d say honestly, my younger self snaps to her because she did that. She knew how to assert her boundaries. I’m like, “yeah, I’m down to suck your dick, but don’t try to put your fucking dick in me because I’m not ready for that”, you know? And I knew that in my head, I was very, very intentional. And that’s advice too, I would just give to any young girls like, “hey, that’s your body right there.” You know, “do it whenever you feel most comfortable. You have your whole life to have sex”.
SW: You mentioned you were practicing giving head. How does that come up? What does that come from? Where did the line form, sorry that’s 30 questions there.
AG: There was this guy that I was into. He’s very nerdy. And I found him attractive because I love oddballs. I couldn’t imagine him being horny, so I was like, “do you get horny”? Of course he gets horny. So I wanted to give him head and I wanted to practice like giving a blowjob. So what I did is I started asking people what are some tips that you’d say to give head.
Basically everyone just told me, just don’t bite it. So I gave head, I didn’t bite it. He liked it, obviously, ’cause he wanted to keep coming back and he wanted to get in my pants. I think high school was interesting because I think he was hoping I was like some super freak. He wanted me to do a split on his dick. I was like, hey, I couldn’t even do the splits then. I could do the splits now, so he probably feels very sad. I never got to do that on him. And I could do splits on the dick today. I literally do it to this any day now, which is funny. But back then, I wasn’t trying to do the most. I was like, I just want to feel like, what does this feel like?
SW: How long was it before you felt you had power over the dude? Because you had his penis in your mouth.
AG: I think once I got into my whore phase, I felt very confident. I just knew I was giving them some really good pussy. I mean, that’s the one thing that everyone says, it doesn’t matter how professional people {other performers} are. I feel like I’ve heard that on set, “you have really good pussy.” I don’t know what makes good pussy good pussy, to be honest, because I don’t have a dick, so I don’t know what it would feel like and what makes it good. I felt very proud when I would just be emptying a guy’s balls, there’s nothing really like that. So I felt very proud. Honestly, that’s maybe why I like the performance aspect in the adult industry because even though I was enjoying sex in the past, like, during my hookups, I also was like, how can I make it to where he’ll never forget me? And I would say literally “every person I’ve had sex with” – and it’s a long list – “If I were to give them another chance to have sex with me, they would do in a heartbeat.” Like, it’s interesting.

SW: At this point, you consider yourself good at giving BJ’s?
AG: I’d say I’m good at giving head, but I’m not a throat goat. I’m never going to proclaim myself to be a throat goat. I like to give attention to the tip and like stroke the shaft and play with the balls. I’m a multi-tasker when it comes to head, which is funny because I can’t multi-task doing anything else. I think that’s why I’m also good at eating pussy. but I’m not a throat goat.
I’m just gonna be honest, but that’s fine because I recently been seeing a lot of guys even saying like, I don’t like when people deep throat too much, you know, so it’s just “to each its own,” you know, figuring out what the person likes. And I’m good at that. I’m a giver. So whatever I learned that you like, I’m open to it. We’re gonna do it all.

SW: And for you, do BJ’s have to go into sex, or can somebody pop and you’re done and you’re good?
AG: I’m fine if BJ’s don’t lead into sex, however I would like to be reciprocated in the sense to where if you can touch me down there or even give me head, that would be amazing. One thing I don’t really feel like I experienced in my in my sexual history is somebody just coming over and giving me head and that’s it. I think I get that more so when I’ve been in relationships they give me head and then they don’t expect anything back which is really amazing. I’m greedy sometimes, I’m just like, put your dick in me so that’s also a problem with me as well. It’s weird because I like foreplay, but at the same time if I’m already horny, I’m just like “let’s go!”.
SW: Have you ever used your oral abilities to get something you wanted?
AG: No I haven’t, I wish I did. I wish I should honestly for certain things because, I’m very bratty. I grew up kind of spoiled so I like getting what I want. So I feel like I definitely should. I think the only time I’ve used it was like, let’s say I’ve gotten into an argument with a guy and we’re good now, or maybe the guy’s had a bad day; “lay back, let me cater to you”. I’m a caterer just in general with my friends and with everyone I love. So if I want to make sure you’re having a good-ass day I’m going to make sure you have a good-ass day.
SW: Do you find personally – I don’t know if you have a list – but do you find the sex sometimes ruins relationships?
AG: Not for me because I have sex with my Friends a lot. I think it brings us closer together. I think it just depends on how you facilitate it. I’m a great communicator. I’m not friends with anyone who’s a bad communicator because if you’re a bad communicator, sorry you’re already out. So I think that’s something I demand. I need people to be transparent. I need people to be mature. So when you have sex, I feel if we’re friends, it can be an amazing, beautiful experience as opposed to having sex with, like, a stranger. You don’t know how they’re going to treat you and everything like that after.
SW: After you went all the way the first time, Did you immediately become sexually active? Or do you take some time off before you did again?
SW: I’m curious, when did your “whore” phase come in to the picture, was it right after you had sex the first time, or did it develop over time?
AG: My “whore” phase was after a big breakup that I had. I was like, “all right.” Like, “there’s a lot of people on campus. I want to fuck. So I’m going to do that.” I think it was a mixture a lot of things. So yeah, I was fucking a lot. I remember I literally had three guys in one day. I fucked one guy in the morning, one guy in the afternoon, and then a little bit after that, I fucked another guy. So that’s why it’s funny because, when I first joined the industry, directors were like, your pussy is going to get real tired. You got to have a routine. What they didn’t was, I already had a routine. I was fucking like crazy. I’m sorry, nothing new to me. But they couldn’t fathom that because I don’t want to speak for everyone, but maybe not a lot of people who enter the industry are like that. It’s kind of hard for me to believe they’re not like that based on the personalities that I’ve come to know, but honestly, if anything, sex work, especially like more so performance is easier than my whore phase because everyone’s making sure that we’re all getting tested. We’re all on the same page. You break out your do’s and your don’ts. That’s just something that I didn’t do when I was younger, you know? Like, hey, by the way, what’s your dos and your don’ts? Now it’s normal. And I incorporate it into my personal life.

SW: From being in the sex industry, has your perception of sex changed?
AG: I think a little bit, my ideas of sex are always changing. Especially as I’m getting older, I used to think, I don’t know, I’m very open. I think my thoughts and ideas about sex change, but also it’s not just the act itself, but what happens before and after. And I think that it’s cool being around a lot of other sex workers because they bring up conversations that are important that also teach me what are some of the things that I really want and what’s important to me during sex, after sex, and before sex. I think that’s the only thing that changed for me is like my wants and my needs, because I used to just fuck people and they weren’t always the best people. And when you’re done with that experience it’s like “okay it was really great when I orgasm” but then post-nut, I’m kind of like, “damn, you know this person’s kind of shitty to me.” Now I only have sex with like really quality people and it’s really awesome.
SW: Have you had anal sex yet?
AG: No, I haven’t had anal sex before, actually the first thing that’s ever gone in my booty was the swabs. That was very interesting. I don’t know if I’ll do it on camera, I’ll leave myself open to it if I find I enjoy it because, I do like getting my ass eaten. I don’t know if I like anything penetrating it yet, so I’m leaving it open. But I also just know I have a weak booty hole so I’ll definitely need to train and be very careful.
SW: You as a woman, what is it that gets you going?
AG: Many things, there’s certain people that really do it for me, I think I love hearing people talk during sex. There’s something about them either saying my name or calling me baby girl or just calling me certain stuff that just make me feel really good. I love being submissive. I love my neck being kissed; I love my forehead being kissed; like all of a sudden my nipples being played with. It’s something I never really liked before. And I love when people play with my clit but lightly, there’s no one way to do it you know or anything like that, it feels really good. And these are conversations I’m having with people all the time when I have sex with them because it changes from person to person. There are some people I like when they do more stuff than another person, so it just depends yeah. I’d say sweet dirty talk I actually really love, when people are like: “this pussy feels so good”, “you like me like inside it, don’t you?” Just stuff like that. Like when it’s very sensual dirty talk, because the more like they’re talking and things are feeling good in conjunction it feels like I’m ascending to heaven.
SW: You mentioned it before, but what’s the correct way to go down on a woman, or for sake of discussion, you?
AG: I like soft, sensual licking on my clit. I don’t like to be fingered and I noticed something about myself, I will always come within 8 minutes of getting head. It’ll never be more than that, it could be shorter, but it will never go past 8 minutes. 8 minutes is like my mark where I don’t know what happens. I’ve learned my body well enough to know when I’m gonna come.
SW: For a guy or girl, anybody to have a chance in hell with you. For you, what is it Tall, short, that’s good?
AG: I guess it’s just your personality that plays a big part into it. I want to know too that you’re a great person, that you’re going to treat me with respect, you’re going to be transparent with me, be honest, but we got to share the same kind of values. I can’t have someone who’s kind of mean also having sex with me. I would just be thinking in my head,”I saw you be mean to that person the other day.” This bothers me. So I think once I kind of learn what your energy is like, that really helps me figure out what sort of experience we’re going to have together.
SW: Being in the sex business, does sex have to be a big part of your relationship?
AG: That’s the interesting thing about me. I would honestly say – like – “yes and no”. It can be a big part of the relationship, but I’ve learned I think growing older there are things that I find more intimate than sex. There are things that will get me to blush harder, and honestly maybe feel horny, that’s not necessarily sexual you know. It’s the things that people say; it’s the things they do. It’s the follow through, the sweet words. So I’d say, finding a dynamic that works for us is important, you know? There was a time during the pandemic where for some reason – I just didn’t want any penetration. It was not something I really wanted. The only kind of sex I was able and really wanting to have would be head, and I had a partner who was totally fine with that. So it’s finding people who kind of – you know, just listen to what you need and you listen to what they need, and all that kind of stuff.
SW: I’m guessing you’re dating civilians or something at this point but if you are they expecting Ameena type sex or just sex with you the person.
AG: That’s the amazing thing. Everyone that I’ve had sex with they’re expecting me the person, which is really nice. That just feels more intimate to them not to say that “Ameena”. Ameena is very much me so I don’t see Ameena as just some secret alias. For me personally, I understand why people would do it, I also have friends that know me by Ameena and she is very much my own self too. But in regards to like the performance that I put on in adult film, no, I like to leave that behind when I go and actually have intimate time with someone. I like to really just get into the groove of things as opposed to how do I look and all that kind of stuff.

SW: Good sex for you, Is it a good pounding? Is it that slow cuddly romantic stuff?
AG: It depends on the dick, to be honest. I’m not honestly really a fan of super rough sex, but I like my cheeks being slapped, you know, I like when there’s, definitely some hard pounding and stuff like that. But then again, it depends on the dick. If the dick is too big or maybe it’s curved a certain way, I’m not gonna like that. There’s something that a guy did recently that I never really liked before… I don’t know why. This can make me close to coming and it wasn’t even a stroke. What he did was he was making his dick like jump inside me. And when I squeeze at the same time, while he jumps, it’s hitting my G spot. It’s doing something special. I’m like, oh, I’m stuck, “don’t move. What the fuck is going on here? I don’t know.” So it’s really interesting how sometimes people’s dicks just mesh really well with my vagina, you know? It can just work. Some dicks might not mesh well with my vagina. They gotta do something different, a different position, you know? So yeah.
SW: And I hate to ask, but what is your favorite position?
AG: That depends on the dick too, but I’d say I do really like the spooning position, to be honest. I’m always more comfortable in that. I used to like doggy. I also love riding. I love riding now. I don’t know what it is. I love riding and spooning. Those are my top two. Yeah.
SW: And at this point, as far as your butt, spanking is okay, but no anal sex. No penetration.
AG: Yes, I’m open to everything right now except for anal penetration.
SW: Have you done bondage or BDSM? You just briefly touched on it, but have you done any of that stuff?
AG: I haven’t done it in any pro scenes. I’ve done some in my own content that I’ve created. Maybe light BDSM stuff, being tied up, being in handcuffs and all that kind of stuff. Actually, I did a whole “abuse me” scene. He didn’t abuse me, so I definitely can get with that. And it feels very hot to me. I do like a BDSM, but the person would need to completely take over control you know. I’ll tell them my do’s and don’ts, but other than that, you need to plan this stuff because I want to be completely surprised, you know?
SW: But is it a turn on for you giving up control in a sense?
AG: Yeah, I love that feeling of loss of control. There’s nothing I can do anymore. It just feels amazing and they’re just going to make sure I keep on feeling amazing and I’m giving myself to you completely. It’s a very great feeling.
SW: Do you like having sex in public?
AG: Yes, unfortunately, I saw a tweet the other day that was the only thing I don’t like about OnlyFans cultures. Y’all need to stop having sex at certain businesses. There has been times where I’ve had sex on a porch or maybe inside an apartment gym, maybe places I shouldn’t be having sex, but that adds to the thrill of it. I don’t like car sex that much though, even though that’s in public. I think that feels very high schoolish to me. But everywhere else, I would definitely love to be bent over. I gave head in a movie theater before.I was sitting in the middle. It was very risky. The people behind me definitely had to know something was up, but it was exciting.

SW: For you, is the thrill people are watching or you might get caught.
AG: I think it’s the aspect, the fact that I just know I shouldn’t be doing it, and I’m doing it. Not necessarily, that people are watching. I am an exhibitionist. But I do like the idea of like, oh, I’m doing something I’m not supposed to be doing. ‘Cause I am somewhat of a goody two shoes at times. So it’s nice to be like, he he he, I’m doing something bad.

Sw: Do you know what a badge bunny is? For sake of discussion, you’re having sex in a car, you get caught by a policeman. A badge bunny is a person who works out with the cop to let you go.
AG: Would I do that? Oh my goodness. I don’t know. If I didnt feel like we’re in any sort of trouble, most likely not. But if I feel like, okay, whoever I’m with, I’m going to take one for the team, so that way you don’t get in trouble. I’ll take one for the day.

SW: Are you turned on by people in uniform?
AG: No.I think that’s my rebellious side. I don’t like authority. Authoritative people. I don’t know like bosses, I don’t know why that is.

SW: Do you have a bucket list of places you want to have sex?
AG:Yes. I want to have sex with really pretty views. I would like to have sex maybe either on top of a mountain or in Italy one day, for me, it’s about looking out and stuff. Maybe even on a high rise, like a nice apartment or condo. Someone did message me recently and said: “I want to go somewhere and have sex really cool.” I’ll keep you updated.
SW: Are you a spontaneous person when it comes to sex?
AG: I would say so with the right person. Actually not even with the right person. There’s been times, honestly, I’ve been in an Uber and let’s say, I don’t know, it’s something about, you know, the person’s voice or how their hands are on the steering wheel. And I’m like, damn, I wish I could ask them for sex. But ever since, I joined the industry, I feel like I can’t be too spontaneous, you know? ’cause I gotta keep myself safe. But I do like that spontaneity of “oh, but what if I had sex with this person right now?”
SW: So if you if I saw you in a bar, this sounds like a bad porn set up. And I went up to the bar and asked you, you know, “[you’re] fucking stunning! I would like to take you in the bathroom. And bada Bing you. Would you consider it?
AG: I mean, I feel like it depends like how what the energy is. If I feel safe, and yeah. Because honestly, there was a time. So back in the day, I definitely used to be spontaneous. And there was a time where I was working at this club and there had been a couple guys. They’re just a little bit older than me, I was young at the time. They were also in college, but {looked like they were }towards the end of graduating or maybe they just had graduated. It was three of them. They were like, okay, “we would love to like you know.” I said, “um, I’ll think about it,” you know? Also, if, you know {you were interested}, you know, So anyways, we get into their car and we’re driving and basically what happens is that they have one guy who’s driving, while the other two guys… I kind of started doing stuff with one guy, sucking his dick, the other guy’s fucking me. I think that was my first time ever doing anything with two guys, and it had been like a dream of mine, because it’s kind of hard to find, well not anymore because I’m in the sex industry, but it’s hard before to find guys that are cool to do stuff, you know with like have another guy in the picture. And so I was just like “oh yeah”! I was very happy and it was so spontaneous. I think that’s what added to it. I didn’t expect that day to roll out of bed and do this, you know what I mean? And on stage they were tipping me really good on top of that, so I was like, “all right perfect!” And it was it was really fun experience, and luckily they weren’t crazy or anything, you know?
SW: Are there any scenes that you’re saving maybe for the end of your career? Where you say: “I did a gang bang. I’m done.”
AG: I don’t have a big “blow out I’m done” kind of scene yet, but there are big scenes like that, I want to do. Honestly, I need to figure out some of the things that I want, if it’s even doable if I can really handle it,
SW: Such as:
AG: I like watching some of the stuff some older porn stars used to do, like where they would have, I don’t know, there’d be 200 guys and they all just take turns coming on her. And I’m just like “Oh I kind of want to do that. can I handle that though?” So I need to kind of work my way up to it, but I think that’d be cool to just do some giant bukkake, or something like that., I’m the type of person where I just want to keep doing the next craziest thing that I can, but yeah.
SW: Is there any one particular part of this process of you getting in this industry that generally surprises you about yourself?
AG: Yes, I mentioned about big personalities: I’ve been saying this very recently a lot, like, ”I’m not a big fish in a pond anymore” and stuff like that. And I’m also learning that I thought literally everyone {people outside the industry} made me feel like I was this crazy sexual deviant and I think what I’ve learned since then, is, I’m pretty normal – you know? – compared to what I’ve seen. So it’s just been, I guess jarring to look at myself and really relearn myself in the context of where I am today, who I’m surrounded with, especially being in LA. I’m new to the LA area. So it’s very interesting.
SW: Have you had people hit you up that you went to high school with, maybe undergrad, anything that, because you’re a Porn Star, they brag that they banged a famous porn star before she was anybody or people even lying that say they did?
AG: luckily, no one’s lying. Maybe it’s because they know I keep receipts to everything, I have text messages,etc. So I think people are smart enough not to lie, but there are people, who all of a sudden want to be close to me. People who are like “yeah”, or who will comment maybe sometimes, and be like, “yeah I’m her friend”. But they’re not, you know? I think that’s interesting how close people all of a sudden want to be to with me. It’s just really interesting – you know? And, they want to fuck some of the people I’ve worked with, which is interesting, this one girl is like “I’m so jealous you got to work with Jay Mack.” So that’s been interesting. There have been a lot of people. Honestly I think are from my high school and undergrad that have subscribed to my platforms. I think that I am living a life in their eyes that they kind of wish they had. So they’re very invested. I’m very fortunate and I’m very happy for the life I’m living now, but there’s also a lot of work I’m putting into it. It’s not like, “yay life is you know so easy.” I’m making sure I’m staying on top of things you know.
SW: Is it possible for you to have a relationship with a civilian and be in this business?
AG: Yes, for me it is. There’s people who come to me actually about relationship advice because I’m in a non monogamous relationship. I’ve been in one even before the industry. It was very easy to navigate getting into the industry, because I already had a similar sort of setup.
But I will say that, even people in the industry still struggle with people who are not going to accept sex work. Who don’t understand, and want to just own you and your body, you know? “Oh that’s my body she can’t be with anyone else,” even though it’s work. So it’s definitely hard to navigate. I think that’s why a lot of people in the industry need to be firm in what you want, don’t take anything less if somebody’s not with it that your career came first. I feel like, unless somebody’s going to pay your way in my life, then you do what you need to do. So that’s what I would say. Make sure they’re supportive and loving. I’m very fortunate to have friends, partners and family in my life that don’t tolerate what I do, but celebrate what I do. And that’s very important to me.

SW: Do you think it might be an issue of: you’re a good-looking woman, you’ve got a whole lot more sexual experience than they do, that you might intimidate them?
AG: I think it’s more like they love my bad bitch energy. They like that I know what I want out of my life and that I take it by the hands. I’ve literally gotten compliments, specifically from my mom [about] a partner that I’ve been with for over 5 years, who just say: “I like that you know what you want and you demand it, even from me, and you know what type of life you want to live”. Sometimes I have a lot of free time, there’s not a lot of people who are able to have a lot of free time, they might be working multiple jobs, they barely get to see the people they love, so at the end of the day, you make a choice to center the things that are important to you and I feel like, I don’t know, I felt very just, nice to hear that. I know a lot of people don’t have that so I want to be that person for the industry to be like, no you got this, you are amazing, you know.
SW: Anything you’d like to say to your fans.
AG: I just love you and thank you for all your support. I literally would not be here if it weren’t for y’all, supporting me, sharing your lives with me. So many stories that fans have shared with me just come to my head right now, it’s amazing that I had gotten the opportunity to get to know y’all just like y’all have gotten the opportunity to know me, so thank you for that.





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