Ana Foxxx- From Minister’s Daughter to Superstar- Exclusive Profile

Ana Foxxx’s path to Superstardom has been anything but ordinary. The Southern Cali native once had aspirations to be a Ballerina and a Clown, was raised by a father who was a minister, an Aunt who was a Pastor and was always told to remain pure, abstain from having sex. After going to both Public and Private schools, worked at Starbucks and in a grocery store, where legend has it, she was “discovered”. A short time later, she found herself at a party for Tori Black and was intrigued, did her first scene a short time later and hasn’t looked back since. Our discussion covered a wide variety of subjects dear to her heart, including Racism, the struggles African American Females place daily in the industry, her personal commitment to be a Big Sister to any performers looking for help, and all things Ana.

Ana Foxxx’s path to Superstardom has been anything but ordinary. The Southern Cali native once had aspirations to be a Ballerina and a Clown, was raised by a father who was a minister, an Aunt who was a Pastor and was always told to remain pure, abstain from having sex. After going to both Public and Private schools, worked at Starbucks and in a grocery store, where legend has it, she was “discovered”. A short time later, she found herself at a party for Tori Black and was intrigued, did her first scene a short time later and hasn’t looked back since. Our discussion covered a wide variety of subjects dear to her heart, including Racism, the struggles African American Females place daily in the industry, her personal commitment to be a Big Sister to any performers looking for help, and all things Ana.

Interview: Sherman Way

Editor: Ralph Greco Jr.


Ana Foxxx

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SW: Sherman Way

AF: Ana Foxxx

SW: I guess let’s start with last night. I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way, but you’ve won a ton of awards, and I’m sure you got nominated for a bunch of stuff last night.

AF: Yes.

SW: Do they still mean a lot to you the nominations and stuff?

AF: I feel like nominations always kind of make me feel good because if I got none, you know I would feel some I would feel a little sad. So it’s always nice to get recognized for my work regardless of how it comes. It would just be nice to win them all.

SW: And you actually deserve them, too, so that’s a whole other thing.

AF: Thank you.

SW: What do you think the secret to your longevity is spent or is?

AF: I think the secret to my longevity is that I really like my job and I stay consistent with my performances and my appearance. I hear constantly that I haven’t aged in the decade and more I have been working. So, you know I look pretty much the same, if not better. I’m always giving up my best performance. I really enjoy it. So that helps when you’re working with a bunch of people that you know because I know everybody now personally. So working with people that I know, working with awesome performers, it’s just really easy.

SW: Where were you from originally?

AF: I’m a Cali girl. I just never lived in LA until right before I moved and got into porn. So, I’m from the outskirts of Los Angeles.

SW: Born and raised?

AF: Yep.

SW: Go to a public school, private school?

AF: little bit of both. I started off going to public school in elementary, and then I got switched to private school during junior high and then went to public school for high school. The switch from public to private is crazy. It’s day and night. Your classroom goes from maybe fifteen kids and  a total of two hundred kids in the whole school to forty kids in a classroom and thousands of kids.So it’s a big switch.

SW: In grade school, did you have a favorite subject?

AF: I really liked history and English. I like storytelling. I like learning about the past and everything like that. So yeah, I think that those were my favorite subjects because math just got harder. Once you needed to do one problem on the front, back of one piece of paper, I was like, “I don’t like math anymore.”

SW: I know you’re really young at that point, but did you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life? AF: When I was younger, I thought that I might be an art teacher.  Then reality hit, and I just had a regular job. I was said, “Well, probably I’ll just work a regular job like everyone else and shuffle around in whatever industries I get into” because you have these ideas of how your life’s going to go. But once it starts going, you kind of get completely off the path.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl? Were you a loner? Were you a geek? A nerd?

AF: I would call myself a little bit of all three, like a loner, a popular kid and a nerd. I used to hang out in the library in school. I was on the varsity cheerleading squad, and I got a lot of good grades. I didn’t ditch school. I had perfect attendance and stuff like that, but I would always watch people. I didn’t have a lot of friends. I think I had one friend, and I can’t remember their name. But high school was a lot of fun for me. I would not go back and do it again, but it was a learning experience.

SW: Were you popular with the boys? AF: Not at all. I did not like the boys in high school. I actually didn’t really even date or anything like that. I have a lot of brothers, and I just saw all of the guys as my brother’s friends or variations of my brothers. They were all just kind of like dumb boys when I was in high school. I was just like, “Ew, like boys, ew.”

SW: But did they give you a lot of attention, though, and you just ignored it?

AF: I don’t think so. I don’t think I was one of those girls that guys would go after. Even now, I have pretty non-threatening tits and whatnot, but I was even less threatening back then. So, I wasn’t actively looking for boy attention, and I don’t think that they were looking for attention from me. I was really competitive. So, I would play sports with them and beat them and stuff like that. I was kind of like my brother’s annoying sister.

SW: Did you go to your high school prom?

AF: I did. I went to two high school proms, and it was really weird. I didn’t like either one of them, but mine, especially I feel like I ruined it. My date definitely wanted to hook up and stuff. I don’t know. I was just like, “This is so cliche. We don’t have to hook up on prom. It’s not the day that we’re supposed to.” So, I kind of kind of ruined the night, but I looked good.

SW: At that point in your life, were you not sexually active? Were you waiting to get married and then lose your virginity and all that stuff?

AF: I didn’t believe that I was going to get married and lose my virginity. I was still a virgin until after I graduated high school. I just didn’t have a desire just to do it, just for fuck’s sake. You know I didn’t want one of those stories where I dated a guy and he cheated on me. I didn’t want any drama around the sex that I wanted to have. So, I just kind of waited until everyone mature. So, I don’t know. I’ve always been attracted to mature people. So, when I was younger, I was not attracted to anyone.

SW: At that point in your life, had you seen adult material? Had you watched the late-night programming and HBO or Showtime, or?

AW: I had seen some porn. Definitely not like it is now. You know If you looked at porn on the computer, you might get a virus. So, the forms of porn that I had were like the Hustler magazines on the back of my dad’s toilet, sex in movies, like movie scenes, some sex in the scene, but I’d be like, “Wow, whoa.” The first porn that I saw, I didn’t understand it.


So, magazines and movies were way, way more sexual to me than porn. Yeah.

SW: When you saw porn or adult material, did the thought ever cross your mind ‘ I could do that.’

AF: No. Never in a million years did I think that I would be posing naked or that guys would pay money to see me. I did not think that I would be the fantasy of so many people.

SW: Was there a point in life when you wanted to be a clown or a ballerina?

AF: Yeah. It’s actually funny. For my high school counselor, you have to go talk to them before you graduate. They asked, “What careers would you want to do?” And they give you this long sheet of careers. I was looking through it, and I was like, “Well, the funnest things on here.” If I’m being honest, are the clown and the ballerina.” So I feel like I failed the test. But I was really honest. When I moved to LA, I was like, “I wonder how much clowns make.”

SW: Your father was a minister? How did that affect you growing up?

AF: You know, what’s funny is my dad is a minister, my aunt is a pastor. Growing up with that in my family, I was constantly being told to remain pure, don’t have sex, be good.

I was sitting there thinking, ‘Well, I don’t even know what sex is, and I probably wouldn’t even be thinking about it if you guys weren’t thinking about it all the time.’ So I kind of thought from a young age, ‘ I don’t know how or when I’m going to do this sex thing that you guys are all afraid of, but I’m going to do it. I’m not going to be married.’ But my parents are all humans. So, you know with my career now, my family is pretty understanding. I didn’t really question if me jumping into porn would ruin my, I don’t know. Even though that we grew up in the church and stuff, each individual in our family is allowed to do whatever they want. So, I just did what I wanted.

SW: You finished high school. Do you get a job? Do you go to college?

AF: I went to college for a couple of years. I had a job at Starbucks, and then I started working in my financial aid department of my school, making sure people could purchase their books and that they got their financial aid handled properly. Then I worked in a grocery store. I think the grocery store was my last job before I got into porn.

SW: That’s where you discovered, correct, in the grocery store?

AF: Kind of. At the grocery store, I had a lot of customers, I guess. I was the fifteen-items-or-less girl. I had a lot of customers that I knew were coming in to flirt with me. So, it was kind of like, in a way, my first sex work job because I knew damn well that they were coming back on their breaks. They were coming to the grocery shop, but they were coming to flirt with me. They would get dressed up and stuff just to come through my line. I would have people offer me things and stuff. I’m like, ‘Huh, this is not a bad idea. I don’t know how to make this work for me, but guys are kind of already willing to give me money, and I’m just scanning their groceries.’

SW: Well, between guys flirting and you’re not doing a lot of sex stuff growing up, what is a pitch like in a grocery store for you to get into porn?

AF: Actually, I got the pitch from going out to a cousin of mine was a club promoter. They worked with an agency full of people, and I would go out with them any weekend or weekday that people had parties. I was going out in LA all the time. And then one time, they had a porn party. It was Tesa lane and Tori Black. They had parties. And I was like, ‘Oh, who are those girls?’ I thought that they were reality stars or something. Porn stars. I was like, ‘What?’ Porn stars exist today. That’s crazy. I thought they only lived in magazines. They’re right there. So, after a couple of weeks, my first agent actually was at the party and came by and gave me his card, and said, “Hey, if you ever want to get into the industry, here’s my card.” I laughed so hard at it. I was said, No one wants to see me fuck, but thanks for the card.” I don’t know what happened, but I was sitting there thinking about it, and thought, ‘Well, everybody I know growing up, from the people in my church that have eighteen kids to the hoes in my school that are fucking everybody, like everybody.’ And everybody had sex videos. They would record themselves constantly and stuff like that. I thought that this was kind of my kind of door into sex in a safer way. ‘I can try it on a set with professionals, and I’ll look cute,’ I thought. ‘And they might scam me, but the goal, I might get paid for this.’ So, I kind of took it as a dare, and I asked my boyfriend at the time if he would do porn and tell me how it went. He kind of declined, and I said, “Well, damn, one of us should do this.”

SW: So, at that point, though, was it for the attention or for the money? And the dare, obviously, but….

AF: It was definitely for the money because I did not think that anyone would even see my porn. I had never looked at myself really naked or anything like that or thought of myself as sexual. I was always thought that people were into me because of my face. I never thought of my neck down being something that somebody wanted to look at. So, I thought I’d try porn for a little bit and see how it goes. It’ll be like a dare. I’ll get some money, and then I probably won’t do it too much longer. I’ll do like three max and then no more, and nobody’s going to see it. The first one I did, everybody saw it.

SW: For the sake of discussion, I’m guessing your first was a boy, girl. When you met the actor, when he introduced himself, did that excite you, make you nervous, scare you because it’s somebody you’ve never met and you’re going to have sex with them?

AF: For some reason, I was very comfortable. I knew just from how they were handling the situation that it wasn’t just a random person off the street. I had an agent. The person that I was going to work with had an agent. I could look them up. I could look up the company. So, all of the information was there. As long as the person on the paper shows up, then I’m comfortable. As long as what I’ve been told is what is happening, I’m not going to be uncomfortable. I was actually kind of shocked at how comfortable I was. It was a really good boy-girl, for a really cool company. And it was a lot of fun. I said to myself, ‘Hey, as long as this guy’s down to fuck me, I’ll be down to have some sex with him.’ And I got paid! I was really most excited about having some fun sex and getting paid.


SW: Was that the first time you’d done professional nudes?

AF: No. I had done some nudes at that point. Not too many, but I had done lingerie modeling and stuff. So, I had been naked in front of the camera. I was trying to break into mainstream modeling. So, you know, trying to get your pictures done, you come across some projects where there’s nudity involved and stuff like that. But even then, I was just like, ‘Ah, I don’t think I look quite right in this setting.’ So, I still wasn’t confident when I was doing the modeling. And then it was crazy. On my first porn shoot, I was like, “Wow, I’m actually pretty. What?”

SW: Had you done some runway modeling or something before that, or was it after that?

AF: I had done all the modeling things before, but I kind of like, you have this idea when modeling of the classic supermodel. You know, and there’s no way in LA at that time, at my age, that I would be a supermodel. I was just not confident enough, and I was like, ‘This is cool,’ but I’m doing these runway things for people that no one’s going to know their name, or I didn’t think I was going to get that far. So I also didn’t think I was going to get this far in porn either. So who knows?

SW: You seem surprised about how far you’ve gotten in Adult Entertainment, but you’ve got such a unique look to you that to me, you’ve always stuck out. I don’t mean that in the wrong way.

AF: No, I agree. When I started, there was nobody that looked like me. So, it was kind of hard for me to figure out, what the fuck do I do? I don’t have I have this and I don’t have that. So where am I going to go? But I think that’s been the one thing that helps me the most is that I don’t look like anyone else.

SW: And from my perspective, you say the name Anna Fox, and everybody knew exactly who you were talking about. I mean that in a very good way. I mean, because we met you the first couple of times in the industry, you were cool. We met you. Four years later, she’s still cool. We meet you now. She’s still cool, which is very difficult in this business.

AF: Yeah. I can see it. Especially now. SW: Are you comfortable talking about racism in the adult business?

AF: Let’s get into it.

SW: Did you experience it when you started? Was it something you noticed?

AF: I think when I started, I was definitely ignorant to the racism in porn because it happened right away. One of my first scenes was like a Confederate flag blow bang. And I said, “Whoa, isn’t that bad?” And they were like, “No, no, this is porn.” I was like, “Well, you’re kind of right because they do do fucked up shit to anyone that’s ethnic.” You know, like at the time, if you looked at Asian porn, for example, it would most likely be titled to something extremely racist, as with Latinas and any other category like that. So the racism that was like clearly there, and I thought, ‘Well, this is adult, and it’s already super fucked up. It’s almost like being mad at a comedian for telling a shitty joke. You know, I thought this is the place where shit is not normal, or you know, acceptable. I was kind of new and just kind of accepted it right away. I thought, ‘Well, I am obviously black, so I’m going to have to play into this role. It’s either this or I’m out.’  I ignored a lot of it until I got just genuinely irritated and disturbed. And I was like, ‘Wait, how far does this go?’ You know I can accept stupid racist titles and even t-shirts. But when it’s like, when it hinders your money and how you can make money or how people perceive you and your reputation is when I say, “This has nothing to do with how we title our content. It’s now personal.” And I feel it’s also a reflection of Earth. It’s not like porn’s the only place that’s racist.

SW: African-American women don’t get paid the same amount of money. They maybe don’t get the same roles? In the beginning, we had the IR rates, right?

AF: I didn’t know about that. When I found out, I said, “Well, that’s fucking stupid that this girl gets paid more to fuck the same dick that I’m getting fucked with.” And as far as I know, if you turn the lights off, you couldn’t tell whose pussy is who’s. I think they’ve taken away those IR rates, but the way that they get away with it now is by the amount of work that an African-American girl can get. I’ll just use myself as an example. The features that I’m in, a lot of them are just like black-titled. One of my only features that I star in is Sweet Sally May, and it’s all black. It’s very rare that I would be the lead for a feature that isn’t all black. And that was the one black feature for this whole year. So, if I only have one opportunity to work in a feature for the whole year versus someone else who is either white or can fit in a generic role, they can work all the time. It’s kind of like the opportunities are less important. I feel like the darker you are, the more it’s going to affect you.

SW: Do you think African-American women more than African-American men have gotten screwed when it comes to awards and stuff? Like, you’ve had one African-American woman, I think, win performer of the year in like ten years? If ever.

AF: It’s weird that that’s the first because there’s been groundbreaking black women, household names in porn since its beginning. We’ve had Skin Diamond, Misty Stone, Jada Fire. You know, how did they never get the recognition that they deserved, and how are we just doing it now? So, it is shocking. It’s shocking to me. And it’s a realization like, “Oh, my God. It’s taken this long to do this, and are we doing it now just to be performative, or do you guys really give a fuck?”  I know that porn, whoever the porn entity is, think that they’re doing great. But it’s just like I’ve been here for so long and sat back and seen the constant rewarding of certain people over others. It’s not that they don’t deserve it. It just totally seems like marketing, which is weird because we’re all paying our rent, so it’s not like we’re not all marketable. You know, people jack off to tube socks and weird things so they can jack off to anyone. I don’t know why anyone would be more valuable than others here.

SW: Do you think this business will ever change, get any better?

AF: I think it’s always changing, but at the pace, it’s changing, I think it’s going to be too slow. It’s going to change, but it’s just too slow. And it’s sad to see the slow pace, because people deserve more. There’s people that are not even black that deserve a whole bunch of credit. But because they don’t fit that mold, they won’t get it. You know, so I’ve seen people on all sides of the spectrum just getting kind of like kicked to the curb, and it makes no sense because we’re all here because people like us. We all have fans. So, it doesn’t make sense that we don’t have enough space to recognize everybody’s hard work.

SW: But do you think African-American women have it harder than African-American men? Because the men thing seems to be really popular with the Caucasian woman. Yeah, and the African-American woman is just, to me, is gorgeous. And it’s just kind of like she can work with anybody, but there’s always this weird stigma.

AF: I definitely do think black men have it easier in porn than black women. Just with our fans or people online, I constantly see black women getting attacked online for working with white men. I never see that happening to black men ever. We get ridiculed harder, we have less opportunities to work. I feel like they put black women in the industry against each other. There’s this unspoken competitiveness that’s going on that it only seems like there can be one. It’s made it hard to befriend other black women. They’re always in competition with each other and it’s not real because unless you look like you’re twins, no one can steal your shine, but there’s not enough seats at the table. So, it does feel like a competition with the black women, whereas black dudes do gang bangs, so, there’s like however many dudes? I constantly see them working: I say, “Damn, you guys work more than me.”

SW: Do a lot of women now in the business look up to you because you’re a survivor? Say a girl comes up to you now, an African-American female, and she wants to get in the business, so she just started. What do you tell her?

AF: I get this all the time, and it actually happens often in real life. They’ll come up to me and ask, “Hey, girl. I admire you. What do I got to do?” I just say, “You know what? You have to make your own content.” I don’t mean content like fucking videos, they need to make media. Post your prettiest pictures you know or whatever your style is. Put yourself out there so even when people aren’t hiring you or working with you they can’t help but see how beautiful you are and want to work with you. If you keep putting your fine ass down their timeline, they’re going to see you and they’re going to want to work with you. Or they’re going to be embarrassed.

People will ask, “So, why haven’t you shot such and such? Look at her. Like she’s fucking stunning.” I always give them that little bit of advice, and I always tell them that no matter what, that they’re unique and nobody can take that away from them. Just be the best, baddest, boldest bitch version of themselves that they can be. I tell them that they can call me anytime they want. I like being a big sis.

SW: Everything we just discussed and we have to ask later, but I’ll ask now, for you, what’s the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

AF: The reality of it is that it’s not as dark, and yes, there’s a lot of negatives that can be talked about in porn, for sure, but it’s not so negative. You can say anything negative about the real world in any other job, you know like racism, discrimination, whatever. But you know it’s a really nice place, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people and see them change and be creative and all those things.

So, I think porn is just more normal than people think it is.

SW: Do you think a lot of the negativity about or surrounding porn is self-inflicted from within the community?

AF: A hundred percent. I think insecurities run high in porn. I feel like that’s natural, especially when you’re being judged on your body, your being, yourself. I feel like people, often times, whenever they’re complaining, it’s like a reflection of how they feel about themselves. So, when people don’t like you or whatever, it’s often just because they’re insecure that you’re intimidating or whatever. And it happens a lot. Even me, like I get intimidated by people, and I’m like, ‘Ooh, do they like me? I don’t know.’ But yeah, there’s a lot of inflicted drama.

SW: Okay. I’m guessing you have an OnlyFans, LoyalFans, and the rest of it?

AF: Yeah. OnlyFans is my main I have LoyalFans too.

SW: When it comes to creating content, do you shoot what you want to shoot or stuff you think will sell?

SW: A little bit of both.

AF: My fans are able to order customs. But when it comes down to the content that I’m going to provide myself, I’m going to shoot what I want to shoot. I always try to keep my fans in mind. I try to make sure even if it’s something that I want to shoot, maybe they like anal, or maybe they like feet or whatever. But ultimately, I pick the person and the scenario in whatever we’re going to do.

And we work within each other’s boundaries with keeping the fans in mind.

SW: And do you have any idea what your demographics are? Do you appeal to a specific demographic?

AF: Older white men are definitely the bulk of my fans. But I do have a lot of women. And I do have a lot of mixed-race fans and stuff like that. But the majority of it is older white men, for sure. I’m always excited when I have a woman fan because they almost feel like friends. They DM me privately. And instead of talking sexually, they’ll be like, “Oh, girl, I love how you said this and this and that.” So, it feels like I got a bigger girl circle.

SW: For sake of discussion, when it comes to being successful, I guess in anything at this point, but for brands sake, do you think people come more for your personality or to watch you get boned?

AF I used to think that they were just here to watch me get fucked, for sure. But now, after having OnlyFans, I realize that they really just want to have conversations with you and build a relationship with you. Yeah, they can watch you, but to be able to talk to the person and know that their favorite sandwich is like tuna on rye or something like that is really cool for them. I’m not really a fan of anything. I don’t watch football, but I’m sure the more you know about your favorite football player, the cooler it is, and the more it feels like they’re actually your friends. So, building that relationship with them is what I think that they ultimately like.

SW: Do you do the whole cock rating thing on your OnlyFans?

AF: I do. I do. And yeah, I get a lot of them.

SW: How do you do it, though? Do you do the picture thing? Do you do the video?

AF:  I have them send me whatever they’re comfortable with. Usually, they send me like a photo, and then I’ll send them back a video and sometimes they want me naked. Sometimes they like lingerie. So, I’ll send them back a video for a minute or two telling them what I think about it. I try to really think about how I genuinely feel about it. Like I’ll look at it. I’ll show them the picture of it and zoom into the parts that I like. I’ll describe it to them and why I like it. And fans decide.

SW: At this point in your career, are you a size queen or is a penis a penis?

AF: Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever been a size queen. I do my job just fine, but if I had to pick, I would not pick the biggest of the biggest. It’s an accomplishment when you get a big dick and you finish and you’re alive afterwards. But it’s also very stressful. So, if it was up to me, I’m definitely not a size queen.

SW: A good sex scene to you, a good scene in general. Is it the lighting? Is it everything technically perfect? Is it the energy? Is it what?

AF: I think a good scene kind of starts with the company and the talent because you can be in a perfect scenario where the lighting’s great. You’re in a crazy, beautiful, stunning heaven-looking house and your talent, and you guys just aren’t messing, and it just doesn’t go well.

And then you can have like a shitty location, and you have a person that’s just like feeding into your energy, and you’re like, ‘This day would have been completely shit if it wasn’t for you, and you’ve made the day.’ So, I think it’s really like the talent and the company because the company has to care enough to give you the talent.

But when somebody asks me specifically who I want to work with and they will fly that person to me, I  say, “I’m going to do the best job with talent that I have good chemistry with.

SW: You kind of just touched on it, but do you have to have good chemistry with the co-performer for it to be a good scene, or can you act your way or exaggerate your way through it?

AF: I don’t have to have good chemistry, like sexual energy. We can just have a mutual, respectable understanding that we would both like to perform well, and we both will perform well. So, there’s kind of like two different vibes. You can have someone with crazy sexual energy, and you guys just kind of like write your own poetry in front of the camera, or you can have a person that says, “I’m willing to work hard right now with you, and I want you to look good. I want to look good, too. If you need some water, let’s get some water.” So those two make a great scene.

SW: And over the eleven years of your career, what are the big changes you’ve seen in the business?

AF: Probably the way that  the industryran for sure. When I started, I feel like it was the tail end of the rock and roll part of porn where shit was a little bit loose. It’s definitely more professional now, and I thought it was professional then. So that’s a lot more comforting. Some of the content that people are creating are really competing with the top companies’ content. It’s nice to see; I love seeing people win. So, watching people just kind of take what they need and make their spot.  think it’s a little bit easier to do that now you know because you don’t have to rely on an agent or even mainstream porn to do that. A lot of the independent content creators, I feel like, work harder than me.

SW: Do you think they’re a lot more in line now because there’s more people paying attention and there’s more eyeballs on them because of the internet, and you couldn’t get away with a lot of shit you got away with before?

AF: Yeah. I think with porn stars being on Twitter and Instagram,  when I started, Twitter was kind of like, you don’t really need one. You can have one. They prefer you to have one, but people aren’t really using it like they are now. So now you have people looking at you. Now you have people that can speak up on a platform. If you didn’t listen to them, Twitter sure will. So, it’s like Big Brother. You’ve got to keep your set in shape or else people will talk about it and people will know and people will want to work with you.

SW: There was an agency whose name we won’t mention recently had a very bad problem. When you heard about that, did that surprise you?

AF: I’m glad you brought this up because everybody had been talking about things, not even this specific incident. But whenever you had mentioned that agency, everybody would say, “Oh, what are they doing now?” Like everybody knew the rumors around that agency for years. I was just kind of shocked that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was like, ‘This?’

SW: We have a joke on our end. It’s like, “Why is it that a Spiegler girl understands what a call time is, but a lot of other models don’t?”

AF: Well, I already had a fear of being late before I was a Spiegler girl, but Spiegler put that shit in and he definitely stamped it in me. I’m not late. If I’m late, something crazy happened, the freeway caught on fire or, I don’t know. My butthole fell out. But I like being on time.

SW: What can you tell people about Mark? Why has Mark thrived while all this other shit has crashed and burned? AF: Because he’s just straightforward. I feel like Mark’s definitely not for everyone. You have to be willing to work, and you have to be willing to take criticism from people if you’re going to be a Spiegler girl. I think the reason why he’s lasted so long is that he’s just here to work. He’s not fucking around. He’s not trying to do no scandals. You don’t hear any, I’ve never heard any story about Mark in a backroom. You know what I mean? You see him at every event front and center, right in the front with all the girls. He’s just sitting down chilling for years, or decades. He’s just an agent, and he’s the best one.

SW: Were there any awards you won that you were surprised that you won them?

AF: Yes. A lot of my XBIZ awards. I think I only have maybe one or two AVN awards, but mostly all of my XBIZ awards, I was genuinely shocked.

SW: Why were you shocked?

AF: Just because sometimes when you see the categories of the people that you’re up against and you know certain companies like, there’s rumors that companies buy awards and stuff like that. So as far as I knew, nobody was buying me an award. When I started winning them, I was just like, ‘Oh, thank you. Thank you guys.’ I wish I had been thinking more clearly and thought that I was going to win so I could have properly thanked everybody on the stage or had an appropriate speech. But no. I was always shocked at all my XBIZ awards. So now I’m like on my toes. I’m like, ‘If I win another award, I’m going to have an appropriate speech this time. I’m going to thankeverybody.’

SW: Was there an event or even an award or a magazine where you felt you’d established yourself in the business? Like something happened in your career, you got a role, or you won an award, or something where you felt that you had arrived and that you’d established yourself?

AF: I think when I got the role of Sweet Sally May for Adult Time, it was the first time that a company had specifically tried to make a feature for me. A lot of times I would get roles because somebody canceled, so I’d be like the wife, but like I could tell that it made no sense that I was the wife. So, this one was purposely made for me. So I definitely felt seen. I felt valued when they created the Sweet Sally May character for me. Ricky Greenwood directed that.

SW: Ricky Greenwood seems to be literally directing everything. What is it about Ricky?

AF:  Ricky definitely has all of my most craziest outrageous things that I’ve done, I think, in well, at least this year. The most outrageous things I’ve done this year have been on a Ricky Greenwood set. I think it’s just he’s so sweet. I don’t know if you’ve ever met him, but he’s like a giant little teddy bear. He’s just so nice that you’re like, ‘Yeah, I’ll put slime in my ear. Yeah, I’ll jump over a couch and pretend to shoot people or whatever the scenario is.’ It’s just, he’s such a great person. And it’s really an honor to work for somebody that’s so kind and so welcoming and that really cares. I feel like Ricky actually builds relationships with the talent. He’s one of the newer directors that I’ve worked with, but I probably hang out or talk to him more than I do most.

SW: Script-wise, is he type of director that sticks to the script, or does he let you adlib?

AF: It depends on if the script is specific.


Sometimes there’s dialogue that you have to hit the words so that way it builds up for something else. But for the most part, he’s definitely let’s you put your own spin on it, put your own character on it. He’ll give you your role, and you bring your own clothes and you wear what you want to wear however you want this to look for you. To me, it’s more fucked up in mainstream than it is in porn. It is. That’s why I kind of like came to the porn wagon. There was a lot of stuff when I was trying to do mainstream that kind of came down to like, “You could get a step up if you sucked a dick.” And I was like, “Oh, well, I’m not good at that. So, I’m not even going to it’s not even going to benefit me if I do it or don’t.” Well, my whole take on all that stuff was each person does their own business their own way.

If that’s your thing, maybe they’ll have a ball. Yeah, not my thing. I’m going to go do my thing over here. Yeah, you just let it go.

SW: How much different are you than the character you play in adult?

AF: It’s really funny. There’s a lot of times that I try really hard to change into the character, but I always kind of break character and turn back into my regular self at some point. I’m lucky that a lot of the characters I play kind of are relatable to my normal self because it’s just hard. if I don’t see myself doing what I’m hired to do, then I kind of can’t do the job. There’s certain fetishes that are, I don’t even think they are too crazy, but I just can’t do it because it’s not something I would do in real life.

SW: Shooting aside, is there part of your day when you get up and think ‘Today I’m going to shoot for a company?’ Is there a spot in your head where you can immediately click in the Ana character and go to work, and some girls are giggly, and some girls are I don’t want to say sluttier, but dirtier?

AF: Yeah. I feel like when I’m on set, I’ll be bubbly and giggly. But as soon as they set up and get into the position to be ready to shoot whatever it is, I immediately am ready. What’s my dialogue? I don’t look at my partner directly in the eyes until we’re going to have sex because I feel like it’s going to break my character. I’ll just turn into a goofball.

SW: Is it difficult for you? Do you even have relationships with civilians?

AF: I do. I’ve had relationships with people in the industry and civilians, and I feel like both are equally difficult. I feel like no matter who you date as a sex worker, you kind of have to respect the person the same way, regardless of if they’re in the industry or not. But it is hard with civilians because they don’t work here. So, it is harder for them to understand why I would like an orgy. It’s harder to explain. But I feel like when somebody loves you, they love you and they accept you for who you are. So, if you love me, you love me. If you don’t, you don’t. That’s as easy as it is.

SW: Do you ever think maybe A, you’re a ridiculously good looking woman? B, you’ve got more sexual experience than they do that you might intimidate men?

AF: I definitely end up intimidating my partners even just on a financial level. It’s kind of hard. The majority of the people that I’ve dated, I’ve either made more than them or competed with how much they make. Even when I’ve dated a celebrity and stuff, and he was kind of turned off by how much money I could make. So, I think that’s the number one thing that makes my partners insecure, is the amount of money I can make, which sucks.

SW: Have you ever dated somebody and you guys are getting ready to get intimate, and he either prematurely ejaculates or he’s too nervous and really can’t get it up?

AF: I think the coming fast thing happens more often than not getting it up because I’m not a person that expects when you drop your underwear for you to be rock hard. So, you know the erectile dysfunction usually isn’t an issue, but the coming quick can be. I just understand that, man, if I had a wiener, I’d probably come fast too.

SW:  But joking aside, do you give the guy another shot? What happens in that awkward moment there when the guy is finished and you’re standing there?

AF: I feel like it can be weird, but I’ve had a person that came quick call me like their dick therapist because I said, “That’s fine. If you want to go again in a little bit, we can. It depends on how much time we have. Is this just a quick hookup or whatever?”


But I’m always down, I’m pretty patient. So, if you want to try again, I can try again. Even if it’s just still just a few minutes again, like I don’t need a super long time to have a good time. You know, the experience is pretty fun all around, whether it’s just a minute or two or thirty minutes. I just try to have the best time that I can have. So, I do the best with what I get.

SW: And in a relationship, because you’re a sex worker, does sex have to be a big part of your relationship outside of work?

AF: You know, a few years ago, I thought that I needed to have sex every day in my relationship to prove that they loved me. But nowadays, I’m learning that to be just a normal human, realistically in life. I don’t have to be clawing my partner when we wake up. I kind of enjoy just like spending the day relaxing. And then sex in real life is just kind of you’re saying, “Okay. Where are we going to do it? Are you going to come on the bed or in the shower?” You know, it’s kind of like a chore in real life. So, I just save it for the time when the time is right, rather than trying to do it all the time.

SW: And for you at home, is it more about intimacy than it is about the physical mechanics, I guess?

AF: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s definitely more intimate. And I find other things to be intimate in real life. I feel like just waking up or holding hands and stuff like that is really intimate. It’s like I don’t necessarily need sex all the time, even though it’s lovely. It’s nice to not have it all the time. It’s like dessert. I can have some dessert when I feel like it, but I don’t always want to eat it.

SW: Do you ever get insecure or jealous if you see your man talking to another girl?

AF: I would if we didn’t communicate well. I don’t get insecure or jealous because anybody that’s my partner now is really good at communicating how much they like me and how they feel about me and they show me that they care.

Like, my current partner does a hell of a lot for me, so you know, shit, if he wanted to talk to another girl, I’m like, “You deserve it.” But he does so much for me, he’s stuck with me.

SW: From being a sex worker, is an open relationship okay, or does it still have to be monogamy?

AF: An open relationship is okay, but I prefer kind of like monogamy, which I know doesn’t make sense to a lot of people because what is monogamy if I’m the porn star and I’m going to fuck all the time. But just because I feel monogamy is better, it’s safer for me to know that my partner is only fucking me. If he starts going if he wants to be in an open relationship, that’s fine. But the second he starts fucking other people, now, I have to treat him kind of like work. You got to go get tested, and I can’t work with you until your partner gets tested. So, it’s a lot easier just to be monogamous.

SW: You mentioned you waited a long time to lose your virginity. When you lost your virginity, do you remember where it was and all that stuff?

AF: Oh, yeah. I really did not want a fucked-up virginity-losing story. Like everybody was always saying shit, their story sounded not too good. So, I had a crush on this guy that was in my dance class, and we were dancing partners for a while. I remember it was in my bedroom. I went to the swap meet store, and I had picked out underwear that I thought were really sexy. And they definitely weren’t. I thought it was, but they were like these giant shorts, almost like boxers, and they were lace. And I said, “Oh, these are sexy.” So, I had these giant underwear on, and I had a bowl of colorful condoms, and I picked out the pink one because pink is pretty. And he asked, “Are you a virgin?” And I was like, “Yeah, but I really want to.” We had talked about it a couple of times. I said, “I just really want to put this pink condom on your dick, and can you have some sex with me, please, sir.” So, I had a good time.

SW: Prior to going all the way with him, had you done BJs or anything, or did you wait and do all that?

AF: Oh, my God. I had tried one time to give a BJ, but it was so bad. It was really bad. I had never really seen a dick in real life like that. And my friend’s dick was soft, and I didn’t know what you’re supposed to do, nobody gives you a manual with how to have sex. So, I was just like, “Ew.” And he’s like, “Yeah, you just put it in your mouth.” And I’m like, “This feels like Fear Factor, this soft dick feels like I’m eating, It’s cold. The taste of it is weird.” So, it just was not a sexy experience at all. I’m pretty sure he just ended up like it wasn’t really a BJ. He didn’t really get hard, but still ended up coming for some reason. So that was like my first sexual experience, and it was really weird. I really just wanted to have a good one. I said, “I don’t want to do I don’t want to do a BJ. I want to have sex.” I just want to have sex.

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SW: Well, at this point, you can see yourself good at giving BJs?

AF: Oh, yeah. I’ve come a long way. I’ve come a mighty long way. I always tell that guy that I gave my first blowjob—I’m still friends with him—I tell him sorry all the time, but he has not experienced a good BJ from me.

SW: What’s the secret to a good BJ? Are you a hand person, a spit person?

AF: I really don’t know hand or spit. It’s all in how you approach the dick. I feel like you need to tailor your experience to the body, the person. I’ll never say, “Okay, hand and do this,” or whatever. I feel like I just need to be in tune with what I’m doing to the person. I like to do a few things to see how they respond to it. And the whole time, I’m like either looking at their toes, how their toes wiggle, or their moans or whatever.

I kind of like listen to their body language when I give BJs.

SW: For you, do BJs have to go into sex? AF: No. I’ve actually asked a few people if I could just give them BJs, and they agree upon it, but it always ends up going into sex. But no, it doesn’t have to always end up being sex for me.

SW: Have you ever used your oral abilities to get something you wanted? AF: Oh, yeah. I think that’s the point.

SW: You had sex the first time, did you wait or did you immediately become sexually active?

AF: I think like after my first sexual experience, I had maybe like a few posts together, and then I waited like a year until I did it again. It’s almost like now, like I don’t feel like the need to have sex for sex sake. I’d rather wait until it’s going to be good or it feels right. So, I kind of like had, I guess, what people would say a low body count before I got into porn.

SW: Did you wish you had any more where you’re at now in your life if you look back at it?

AF: No, because I learned some things from the sex that I had before porn, but the porn sex that ultimately taught me the most. I’ve evolved more from having sex and porn than I have in my real life. So, I’m just kind of excited to share what I’ve learned in real life.

SW: Do you have any celebrity crushes? AF: I’ve always had a celebrity crush on The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, and Zoe Kravitz.

I don’t know. There’s so many sexy people. Like Scarlett Johansson’s stunning fucking face is beautiful. Angelina Jolie, you know there’s so many there’s so many people, but oh, Bruno Mars. I’ve always wanted to fuck Bruno Mars too because I listen to his music all the time.

SW: If you could shoot a sex tape with the Rock, what would you do to him?

AF: Probably climb him first and lick his head. I’d do whatever the Rock wants. I’d smell what the Rock is cooking first. SW: What could he do to you?

AF: Whatever he wants, whatever he wants, man. Whatever he wants. I don’t know. He’s a big, big slab of man.

SW:  Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

AF: I would like to tell my fans that they’re really awesome. They’ve helped make me I feel like a superhero because you know without my fans, I wouldn’t be Anna Fox. So, I just genuinely thank my fans for supporting me and keeping me here, keeping me inspired, watching my shit, giving me confidence, giving me money, and just giving me a lot of friendships. They’re really awesome. I have a great time talking with my fans. I have a great time with them. So, thank you, fans, for being fans.

SW: Thank you, Anna.



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