Bazowie Magazine Issue 9 Free Download Presented by MyFreeCams

SexyFandom is pleased to announce that, courtesy of Bazowie! Magazine’s presenting  sponsor MyFreeCams, the e-mag edition of the new issue of the magazine is free to download, for a limited time.

Bazowie #9 showcases award-winning cosplay star Molly RedWolf as a Slytherin Hogwart’s Legacy vision to behold, with an in-depth interview on the organic way she came to cosplay through fandom and going to conventions, along with insights on the challenges of social media.

Features include FinleyFae, GenCon Turns 55, and an exclusive in-depth interview with Luke Sparke, the writer and director of Occupation and Occupation: Rainfall.

You can get the free download with code bz9 at or just click this link. (The issue will show as a free download when you get to the checkout page.) I hope you love this issue as much as we put love into it and love the way it came out.

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