Beducated Talks Masturbation May, Bridging the Orgasm Gap through Solo Exploration

In celebration of Masturbation May, Beducated, the world’s largest digital sex education platform for adults, is shedding light on a crucial topic: the potential of masturbation to close the orgasm gap between men and women.
Recent findings highlight a significant discrepancy in orgasm frequency during partnered sex,
with 85% of men reporting they orgasm “every time” or “most of the time” compared to only 46% of women. However, this gap nearly vanishes when it comes to solo sexual activities, with 86% of men and 88% of women achieving orgasm during masturbation.
A pivotal 2022 study from Spain supports these findings, revealing that women with a higher level of solitary sexual desire tend to experience greater orgasm satisfaction in sexual relationships. Conversely, women who hold negative views about masturbation often report fewer orgasms during partnered encounters.
Beducated founder Mariah Freya commented on the findings: “That isn’t surprising – greater sexual self-knowledge and comfort with one’s body and needs will obviously lead to better sex.”
The benefits of self-pleasure extend beyond balancing the scales of sexual satisfaction: it em- powers individuals with sexual self-knowledge, enabling them to identify their pleasure zones and preferred methods of stimulation, communicate their likes and dislikes and set healthy boundaries to foster confidence in the bedroom.
Beducated encourages individuals to embrace and explore the benefits of masturbation, not only during Masturbation May, but as a continual practice for improving sexual health and relationships.
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About Beducated:

Beducated is the biggest pleasure-based sex education platform on the internet, with 100+ courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration. The library hosts thousands of lessons and extensive learning materials curated by world-class sex educators, coaches, and experts.
Founded by Mariah Freya and Phil Steinweber in 2018, Beducated began as a “Netflix for sexual education,” offering online access to sex and sexuality master classes via subscription. Their latest venture, the AI Sex Coach, is a comprehensive ‘intimacy assistant’ that provides detailed advice on sex and relationships, leveraging extensive training from thousands of sex education lessons and materials to foster an environment of shamefree sexual exploration.
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