Boss Lady Valentina Nappi Demands Ass-istance at DickDrainers

Adult superstar Valentina Nappi plays a hot-blooded employer hellbent on carnal comfort in the new anal fantasy scene at
Branden has taken a new job as an assistant to the lovely Valentina — which sounds like an ideal gig except for he fact that his emotive boss lady often gets stressed easily and starts yelling . . . .she even threw stuff at him a few times!
Branden would quit, except he really needs the money…and also, the tempestuous Valentina is really sexy, and wears the hottest, tightest outfits that show off ALL her curves. If he were to be completely honest, seeing her get mad while looking so fine is a turn on. And she’s got this sexy Italian accent too!
Her husband has been out of town for the last week, and she’s been extra mean because now she also has to do all stuff that he would normally take care of. Today she called Branden to her house and said to hurry TF up. Sounds like she has something major for him to do . . . .
“It’s hard enough being a successful adult film star on one continent, but Valentina Nappi manages to be an icon on two,” raved her co-star, DD producer Branden Richards. “Fans have gone absolutely crazy for Valentina’s DickDrainers debut and for good reason! This Italian stallion put it down! She put on an amazing performance that definitely had me wanting more! Hopefully when borders open up we can get in a round two!”
“My Boss’s Ass Needs Some Assistance!” is available for streaming and download at the DickDrainers official website ( ).
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