Coco Lovelock-“Aged out” to Perfection-exclusive interview

For Coco Lovelock, the Adult Time/Pure Taboo feature, “Aged Out: A Coco Lovelock Story” from Filmmakers Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q is more than just a showcase for the powerhouse performer. It’s a statement of things to come. Coco has been quietly been impressing fans with her over the top performances for 4 years, enjoying each and every moment, begging for more. For Coco, she got into Adult Entertainment to have sex, not to be a social media influencer, {and in the process became a social media influencer on her own terms}. She knows who she is, she knows what she likes, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She’s candid, she authentic, and anyone who dismisses her because she’s short is really missing something special.  From spending 3 years every night researching how to give head on google, to Margo Robbie, learning how to eat ass very early, the wisdom of Mark Spiegler to taking Alex Jone’s massive cock up her ass in her first anal scene, Coco Lovelock lays it all out in this exclusive profile.

All photos courtesy of Coco Lovelock, Adulttime, Jules Jordan, New Sensations

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SW: Sherman Wayze

CL: Coco Lovelock

SW: You wrote part of the script right.

CL: Siouxsie came to me around a year ago with this idea to do the scene. And I was like, yes, I want to do it. So I helped write the script, help come up with some of the wardrobe, I was sending her screen shots of certain shots that I wanted and angles. It was a lot of fun.

SW: I just spoke with them. Here is an excerpt from my interview them about you:

SW: What was it like to work with her?

SQ{Siouxsie Q}:MV {Michael Vegas}:

MV: She’s a sex demon.

SQ: Aged Out is a mission statement about who Coco is as a performer. You may look at her and think that you’re seeing some little girl from the teen genre, right? But she has such a mature perspective on this work. She is deeply committed to this industry, and is a very thoughtful person to have on set even as just a performer, when we had her on set for all my Stepmother. She’s always thinking about what’s coming next. Like, oh, should we have some supplies in this bathroom off {to the side} of where we’re sitting you know? She thinks about the whole operation. And she’s also just an actual joy. She’s silly, she’s fun. She’s kind, very sweet. And so I would collaborate with her. Again and again.

MV: Totally. Seeing the big picture is one of the things that sets performers apart. It’s like, okay, you’re trying to do more than just show up for your performance. You’re looking at the comfort of everybody to see how well the day is going to move forward. That’s producer director level mindset.

CL: I love them. My favorite people to work with, it’s an amazing time on set with them every time I know if I’m shooting with them, I know it’s going to be a good scene. It’s going to be an amazing day. Even if it’s something like “Aged out”, that it took a while to shoot because there’s a lot of stuff involved in it. But it didn’t feel like work, which is what we’re here to do.

SW: When they approach you with the initial idea, had you had other thoughts, about writing scripts and stuff before that, or was that something that you thought would be cool.

CL: I thought about starting to write scripts, even having a website of my own. I love everything that goes into making a scene. Post-production, pre-production, everything. I’m like, porn is mine. It’s my thing. I have the biggest love for it. And all the people don’t realize how much work actually goes into creating a scene. It’s like a real movie set. You get a script with your wardrobe, your call time, when your lunchtime is going to be.  So when I was approached with this, I was over the moon, I was so excited.

SW: You’ve been in the business for four years?

CL: Is it four years now? I don’t know if it’s four. It’s around there. I think it’s like three, two or three. Maybe it is four now. Oh my God, it might be four.


1-800-YOU WISH ???

SW: What do you think is the reason for your longevity?

CL: Having a good attitude on set. And actually wanting to be here. I feel like there are a lot of people who are in the industry. to get clout and then move onto OnlyFans. And it’s not the right reasons. We don’t have enough real sluts in porn anymore. You’re here to suck dick sweetie. I’m so sorry. You signed up for it. And they don’t actually like it. So that’s why some girls don’t last as long as others. And I love every part of my job, so. You know? I’ll be sucking dick every day for these scenes, you know? Put me in coach.  It’s insane. There’s a lot of girls won’t go to the shows {conventions}.  Their no list is long. And it’s like, okay. I’m here to do everything and anything on set. And. I’m down for the cause, we need more sluts in porn. We need that on the T-shirt.

SW: After four years, I mean, you kind of just said it, but, the sex stuff, is it still fun for you or is sex a job at this point.

CL: No, no. I sex is still fun for me. I’m always excited to check my call sheet. Oh, I can’t go a day without sex, it’s horrible. So this is the perfect job for me.

SW: How did you get into business in the first place?

CL: I met a girl at a party. And I was doing Onlyfans at the time. I was posting it on my real Instagram under my real name.

Sitting pretty

Posting it with this girl so much, She slid up and she was like, hey, how would you like to do real porn? How would you like to do mainstream porn? And I was like, I would love to. So she hit me up with my old agency and there we go. I signed the same day. It was amazing.

SW: Before Onlyfans, had you watched adult material?

CL: No, I had never watched porn. I had watched a few cam girls like gifs on Twitter, but I had never watched porn.

SW: How did you find out about Onlyfans and all that?

CL:  I was always very sexual and I was, I mean, I was always, selling my own. And I knew how to do it. I knew what I liked. I was doing Premium SnapChat. And then I saw  some Instagram model posted that she had Onlyfans. And I was like, oh, what’s this? And went from Premium SnapChat to that. SW: When you started, were you strictly doing solo stuff, what you were doing?

CL:  When I started, I was doing Premium Snapchat, it was just was just solos. Solos that were literally, like little teases. Oh my gosh, I look back on them, and it’s like, it’s so bad. I’m like just rubbing my tits for like 20 seconds, and I’m like, there we go. That’s the one.

SW: When you’re doing that {smiling and laughing during the interview}, I can feel and see the energy and the happiness in your face. When you were doing that back then, was it just for the money or for the attention too.

When it rains it pours HAPPY NEW YEAR


CL: For the attention, I love it. I love seeing videos, guys send me back of them jacking off, I love it all. And it’s so much fun. For a while, the only people I talked to were people in my Onlyfans and SnapChat because I had so much fun doing it.

SW: Was your Onlyfans successful right away or did you take time for you to build it up?

CL: It was successful at the time as in I didn’t realize how much money I could be making. I was happy with what I made at the time. Now I look back and I’m like, oh, I thought I was then who I am now. Basically, I had like a thousand followers on Twitter, maybe, and I was like, oh, they don’t know. They all love me.

SW: Today, to be successful, OnlyFans, I guess, influencer, whatever that means today. Is it more of a personality or people watching you get boned?

CL:  I think a lot of it is about personality. There’s this creator Kazumi. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Kazumi, but she just recently started doing some scenes in the industry, but she did Onlyfans before. And the way she marketed herself, was genius, her personality on point. She did a whole bunch of podcasts showing her personality, talking about slutty stories, yes, but also having her personality shine through beyond who she is as just being somebody who fucks. And she skyrocketed. I think people want that connection. They want to know about you. If you’re not posting, not talking with fans, showing who you truly are, you’re not going to be as successful. As if you did the opposite.

SW: Tell me about your Onlyfans.

CL: It’s We’re revamping it. I have a shit ton of new stuff I’m posting. watch me suck, fuck, masturbate, squirting stuff. Anything you can think of, really, anal soon.

SW: When you create content for your Only fans, is this stuff you want to see or stuff you think will sell?

What he sees

CL:  It’s stuff I want to see. I will hire somebody now if it’s not just like, you know, pull out the phone type of deal. But when I’m setting something up, I just come up with the ideas. I get the costumes myself. I do the background. I come up with a script right before hand, I’ll come up with a theme. So each month there’s like a holiday or theme, football’s starting up. So during the drafts I have been wearing a cheerleading uniform and just come up right before I start shooting with like, oh, this is what I’m going to say, this is what I want to do. Here’s where it is. Let’s go shoot it.

SW: And for you, Is a good scene perfectly lit, beautiful and everything, or is it the energy, the intensity, and the fun?

CL:  You can see in a person’s eyes when you’re doing something. It’s definitely within the performance. You can have the best lighting best cameras in the world and still be the shittiest fuck. You can still not know how to suck dick and not know how to portray it on camera. Because you can also not suck dick well, but it could look good. I do think a person can tell when somebody in the scene is not feeling it, it’s the best when two people have good chemistry and it just makes it a way better scene. Way better scene.  I recorded stuff on my iPhone that looks fucking insane. And that’s better than a scene I’ve shot. And I know Brazzers is shooting their black draw. They do phone videos at the beginning of some of their scenes, they have to lead you in. And so it’s like a niche thing. But yeah,  sex is definitely more important than cameras and lighting.

SW: Do you do custom work on your Onlyfans?

CL:  Yes, I do.

SW: What was the craziest request you’ve ever got for a custom.

CL:  There was this one that was really cool. They wanted me to be a scientist who was sick of being so shy. I was like, a shy scientist. So I make this potion, drink the potion, and then I start getting horny and  taking off the clothes and like fucking myself. But I made it really cool. I got a little beaker, and filled it up with water and then put dry ice in it. Then put food coloring in it to make it look like extra little potion and stuff.  I had glasses on, a lab coat, it was really cute. That was probably my favorite one. But crazy. Nobody asked for anything sexually crazy. everybody always asks for me to put my legs behind my head, squirt my mouth. But it’s not really crazy to me. But I can see fisting stuff, pissing stuff. would that be the craziest in terms for other people.

SW: For you at this point? Do you prefer the high quality vixen stuff? You prefer the gonzo stuff? Dialog.

Cl: I don’t have a preference for anything. I really don’t. I love it all. I think you have to have, yes, you can stick to a niche or something that you like, but having different styles of videos is always the best. Putting yourself in a box to be, this is all I want to create is not what people want, they want to see you explore. People want to see you do the things that they wish they were doing and put themselves in your shoes. So yeah, I think all of them. I love all of my love Gonzo because I love getting straight to it. I love portraying a character. And I love, just like the style, and all the background stuff that would go into a big time shoot. And how much time and effort and stuff was put into a set?

SW: How long did it take you to come to that perspective on the business? It’s a very smart business approach.

CL: I don’t think, it didn’t really take me a while to figure it out, I’ve always loved what I’ve done, but it took me a while to do think of it more think of this porn as, hey, this is your career. This is what you want to do. You need to focus on this more. You love this so much. Why are you not focusing on this as hard as you could?

SW: The development of the Coco Lovelock brand. When you go from Onlyfans to getting in the business, at that point, is it just a job or is it a career for you at that point?

9.30.22 It’s out now 😉

CL:  I always knew I wanted to do this since I was 18. So I think it’s always been something I wanted to do as a career then, but didn’t know, how to exactly do it. And getting into the business gave me. Like, I met so many girls and got so much help. And so it gave me a way to make this a career. But I don’t think it was, if I had to have gotten into the business. Yes, I’d still be doing this, but to the level that I am at right now, it probably wouldn’t have blown up as much.

CL: Do you attribute that to any one thing? I know you mentioned a lot of people helped you, but was there a specific way? Because to me, there’s not a lot of people that look like Coco in the business. You seem to have your own little lane.

CL: Yes,. It’s insane. I’m like the youngest looking really girl in the industry.  I don’t know if it’s like, I am trying to stand out. It’s like I know what my brand is. I know how I like to portray myself. And that’s who I am on camera, as who I am off camera. And so I think it’s very shocking for some people to see that in person, because a lot of people are in different on camera than they are in real life. So I think that’s why it seems so, in front of the world. Like shocking.  I think I would have still taken off, but because of that, I still don’t think it would been to this level.  My agent, everything that I’ve done with all the people in the industry has definitely blown me up and by putting me on bigger platforms that I would have otherwise never been on. And to get the fans that I do have.

SW: So do you feel authenticity is important to your brand?

CL: Yes. I do. I’m not rude to people. It’s just the way I even talk to fans, these are my friends, but I love you. And if I was just, one day, just go off on Twitter or do this to a fan. They’d be like, this is not the Coco we know, block, delete. There’s people that lose themselves in the industry and get all wrapped up and, you know, it’s not worth it.

SW: At this point, are you happy with your status is in the industry.

CL: I don’t know. I’m happy with where I am, but there’s always room to grow. And yeah, I want to I want to do better, there’s still a lot that I haven’t done in the industry. And I mean, I just got to put in more important work. But, especially for my niche, I am very happy and grateful for where I am, because this is a very small niche,  not too many people like how young I look. And or at least they say that they don’t. So it’s pretty crazy how I blew up with my looks. I’d say.

Pretty in pink

SW: Were you aware of that when you started looking into the whole thing and all that?

Cl: No. I knew people would tell me I looked young, I thought it was just because of how short I was. And I had no idea and then I started coming to sets and people were like, oh my God, we need to triple check these ids and make sure everything’s fine. They’re like, you look like you should not be here.  I wasn’t aware of it. People wouldn’t tell me I looked young. I thought it was just because I was short. And I was like, yeah, I’m sure. Even if I’m like, no. I’m a little baby face.

SW: You mentioned there was a bunch of stuff you haven’t done in the business yet. Is anal one of them? Is that a business decision?

CL: I did anal. I did anal with Brazzers. It came out a little bit ago.  It was a threesome. It was with Alex Jones. And it was insane. First dick in my ass is Alex Jones, I love Alex. Alex is the best. He was very sweet. I messed with him. That morning {of the shoot}, I was like, can we practice a little bit before? He was like, yeah.  Everybody was so kind on set. I was stretching out. And just let me have my time. He’s so sweet. Alex is such a genuine and sweet person.

SW: Before you did that scene, had you done anal sex a lot? Or is it like the first time you did it?

CL:  I had practiced a little bit with one person before hand, I hadn’t done 30 minutes, like a scene. And it’s like performing. It’s different. You’re just like, 30 minutes hard. Here you go. We’re doing it.  It’s also like, Alex Jones dick is big as fuck, imagine this is the first cock I take in my ass and it was just insane. So yeah, I didn’t do it anal before. I decided to do anal for my first scene.

SW: Had you done butt plugs or fingers and all that stuff?

CL: Yes, I had done fingers and plugs and stuff. But God, never an actual cock up my ass.

SW: Sexually for you. How much different are you off camera than I? Are you crazier off or on camera?

CL: It’s the same thing. Same thing as on camera, I am off camera, but I am into the peeing, into all of it. The dirtier, the better.

SW: That’s stuff you turns you on personally, or you just like to make your fans happy.

CL:  It’s something that turns me on personally. Like, I do it in my personal life. I took an Uber for two hours just to get my pussy pissed on.

SW: Is it difficult for you to have a relationship with a civilian?

CL: I did. And no, it wasn’t difficult. You have to find those people that are going to accept you. I do think it’s far and few  between {finding people who understand}. He was completely fine with everything that I did. I’d come home and be like, look, this is a script that I do. I’m so excited. I did this on screen, it was really good. But I have seen people struggle with being in relationships while in porn. It is something that it’s really hard for girls to find somebody who is actually open to them being in the industry.

SW: I think most of the people too have the problem of when you get intimate at home, they expect porn sex. And then a lot of girls just want to just lay there at home.

CL: I mean, I’ll be honest, I hate riding at home. That’s the only thing I hate, riding. I didn’t know how to ride. My first scene I ever did. I had never rode before. And if you  go back and watch the scene, what they keep it in the scene of me, I’m riding the guy for like ten seconds. So I was like, I’ve never rode it before. I was scared. I was like, am I doing this, right? So after three years, I’ll do it, but riding’s not my forte.

SW: Was there a big difference for you when you went from shooting for your  Onlyfans to shooting your first mainstream scene?

CL: It was a big difference. I go from like, I didn’t really collab when I was doing OnlyFans. So I go from doing it with my boyfriend at the time. And shooting solos in my room alone, just my phone propped up on a window. To going to set getting my hair and makeup done, having pretty girls taken and seeing how everything went from A to Z. But I was so excited. I’m like, hair and makeup. I got waxed for it. My nails all done. First thing I looked good. And I’m good. I was going to say.

SW: And was it a rush for you to have sex with someone you didn’t know? Like, I’m guessing the guy’s name was Johnny.  For the sake of discussion. This is Johnny, he’ll be working with you today.

CL:  I was excited. I needed some mystery meat, you know what I mean? Right. The guy was very sweet. He knew it was my first time. He had shot my ex first. And my ex actually told him, hey, my girl just got into the industry. You should shoot her. And they already had a connection. He told me the guy was really sweet. So I was like, oh, okay. I felt very comfortable knowing who I was going to shoot with. Which probably made the nerves a lot, it wasn’t even the nerves. I remember getting in that chair and chatting that makeup artist ear off. I don’t think I was really nervous. For a scene. But it probably because of everything that went into it.

Donut tell me what to do ??

SW: Doing the actual first scene, was it easier doing, let’s say, the dialog , or the sex?

CL:  For the first scene, I didn’t have dialog. It was like a casting couch set up. But my first real scene that had dialog. I mean, I was looking at that script like crazy. Making sure I wouldn’t. So the dialog wasn’t hard,  because I had studied and made sure I knew my lines because my first real scene was for Brazzers with Luna star. I was so nervous, I’m like, it’s fucking Luna star. And it was like a squirting scene. And I didn’t know how to squirt on command. I knew I made myself squirt.  So I hit up a few people in the industry  that I’d seen following me that were squirters I messaged them for tips on how to do it. And then I was able to perform on camera and squirt, and I was like, oh, this is amazing.

SW:  You do the first scene. It goes well. Do You immediately decide at that point that I’m going to make a career out of this, or do you maybe take some time and think about it?

CL: Oh, no.  I was ready. That day. I loved it. I was so excited. I remember calling my agent at the time. I wanted to see the scene so bad. I wanted it to come out and I was like calling them like, hey, do you know where this is going to show up? And he’s like, no, they don’t tell the agent when the scene’s going to drop. I’m like, okay. I was so excited to see it. I wasn’t on their website yet. So it took like a week or two until I was finally on the website to be able to start getting more bookings, I was like, oh my God, what if they don’t like me? And he’s like, no, you’re just not on the website yet. We need to get your pictures up on the website. Do all that. But as soon as I did, it was game over. I was doing OnlyFans and working at a mortgage company. And I started working so much that they knew that I was doing porn at the same time, They’re like, hey, could you just quit? And I was like, yeah, can I use my insurance first? Yeah, go ahead.

SW: How long did it take you or maybe even now before you felt you were established in the business?

CL: Probably a year. I was nominated for three scenes. And I think when I saw those nominations, I was like, I’m here to stay. First year in, and you’re nominated for the top three categories on AVN.  I won best VR scene. And teen dream and XRCO.

SW: Where you from originally?

CL: Vegas.

SW: Born and raised.

CL: I was born in Colorado.

SW: Did you go to a public school, private school?

CL:  Public school. Do you  think a private school would produce something this good?

SW: You’d be that fantasy private school girl  everybody saw in school that we hoped do the naughtiest things. So you actually did them. So yeah.

CL: Exactly. Should have been in a private school.

SW: In grade school, did you have a favorite subject?

CL:  I loved English and science. I loved writing things, poetry, different little stories, and stuff and with science, I just thought it was really interesting to see how everything actually works and  why we are what we are and why the world is how it is.

SW: I know you’re really young at that point. Do you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life?

CL: I wanted to be a Playboy Bunny.

SW: So you knew at that age, what a Playboy bunny was?

CL: Yes, I was watching the Girls Next Door, that was one of my favorite TV shows. And then I was talking to my parents. And I was  named after a Playboy Bunny that my dad was friends with in high school. Ever since I found that out, I was watching the girls next door with so much more appreciation for my lead girls. I went from Playboy Bunny to stripper to porn. It was amazing.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl, loner, geek, nerd.

CL:  I kind of hung out with everybody. Every group. I didn’t have just one group. I’d go  around to different tables at lunches and I was friends with everybody, like a social chameleon.

SW:  Were you ever bullied in grade school or high school?

CL: I just started sucking dick without girls  in my mind.

Cheers to 150k ????


SW: Was it their boyfriend’s penises you were sucking?

CL: No. It was, the first dick I sucked was, it was during summer and this guy hit me up, he was a senior and he was like, hey, he just graduated and he was like, hey, I’m going off into an army. It’s going to be a last chance to see me. And so I hopped in his car, went to the park and sucked his dick. Lost my virginity a week later, got one taste of a dick and I needed more.

SW: He picks you up, you drive, what is the discussion for him to get his penis in your mouth? Did he just say something to that effect or do you just want to do it?

CL: I don’t know. I think I knew what I was getting myself into at that point, I was like, somebody hits you up at 3 o’clock in the morning, asking to go drive and sit in the park parking lot. You’ve got to be a certain kind of stupid, not understand what’s going to go on there.

SW: At that point, how did you know what a blow job is?

CL: I’m not sure, I know friends would talk about it, but I’m not sure how I actually found out what it was. But I know when I did, I was in high school, before I even sucked it, I thought I would never have sex in my life. And I was afraid, like definitely afraid of getting robbed. And somebody coming and trying to kill me. So I would stay up late at night and Google. How to suck dick for years. Every night before I went to sleep, Google how to suck dick. So if there was an intruder, I could suck their dick and they wouldn’t kill me. Okay.That’s my defense mechanism.

SW: Your In the car with this dude, you’re getting ready to do the deed. Does your head go into Google mode?

CL:  It’s like, okay, I got to do this first. Then I got to look at this. And they got to do this. I remember every article from the past three years on sucking dick.

SW: Did the guy trip out? Did you look like you knew what you were doing?

CL: He was like, I thought you said you never sucked dick before?

SW: Did he come in your face coming your mouth?

CL: I think he came in my mouth until I did porn. I didn’t know there was another way besides swallowing. And then getting it inside. It just didn’t occur to me that there were other options besides just swallowing it.

SW:  You didn’t mind he came in your mouth or anything, that was cool?

CL: Yeah. It was fine. And we were in a car too. So it’s like, what am I going to do? But  I was like,  just swallow it, he’s going to drop me back off my house, never talk to him again.

SW: And from that point, until you lost your virginity, had you given a lot of BJ’s or was it the one time?

CL: I didn’t give any more BJ’s. It was just a week, but I remember, I was so excited and told all my Friends,  like, oh my God, guess what I did.

SW: But when you go all the way, was it with a boyfriend? Was it somebody you thought was hot?

CL: It was this guy that I was friends with for a really long time. I knew him in middle school and all through high school, and we’d always kind of, like flirted. But it never got that far because I was a virgin, didn’t really like talking about it, and he hit me up one night, and he was like, hey, I heard you sucked dick for the first time, why don’t you  come over and suck dick for real. And I was like, on my way. Got an Uber, and I fucked him in the home theater of his house.  When he was taking me out, his dad had caught us coming on the security cameras.

And so it’s like boring, and mind you, I was a teenager awake at 3 a.m.. We’ll say that. You know what I mean? We’re a partying. And so I’m like, so scared. And after that, I always told him, I was like, I’m gonna fuck your dad. As soon as I turn 18, I’m gonna fuck your dad. Then I ended up going over to his house, and I fucked him and all 5 of his friends.  And I went out outside and I was like, where’s your dad? I want to say hi to your dad. It’s been a minute. And I start talking to his dad. And his dad’s like, cancel her Uber. You come into my room. All right, look at him. I’m like, did your dad just say to go in his room? He’s like, yeah, go on to my pops room. And so I have a threesome with his dad and his cousin. And then he kicks the cousin out of the room once he comes.


And I continue to fuck his dad all night wearing his mom’s lingerie. He’s like writing things all over me. It was a lot of fun. That was the first time I ate ass too. First time I ate ass was his dad.

SW:  Before that, you had sex with your friend and 5 of his friends? How did that come up?

CL:  That’s just what I would do. I would see what he was doing, see what friends he had over at the time. Then just be like, yeah, I’ll come over and fuck all of them.

SW: And then was it was just, maybe double BJ, and then blowing a boy while fucking another?

CL: They would lay down on a bed. And I would go from one to the next. And as one finishing, they would go out in the room and clean up and I would just keep going down the road.

SW: Was it a turn on you, knowing the dude  next to you would be watching you satisfy your friend?

CL: Oh, I loved it. And I can tell it was a thing for them to see who came the fastest. And it was like it was a lot of fun for me to see who I could get to come the fastest and my record is ten seconds. And this guy, it’s not like he never had sex and never experienced this throat and this pussy  before.

SW: You go and you do the three way with the cousin and the father. And you mentioned that you ate the dads ass, how does that come up? Like, how does dad tell you to do that?

CL: He went and he showered. I didn’t know why he was showering. And I was just laying there on the bed. My legs up in the air, ready to come and have fuck me. He grabs me off the bed, I start sucking his dick, he grabs my hand, says, eat this ass. Good girls do what they’re told.

SW: At this point, are you good at giving rim  jobs?

CL: I mean, I haven’t had a complaint. But I’d say I’m good. I get in there. I mean, I learned when I was 18 how to eat some ass, you know? Thank you, Charlie.

SW: And did the son knew that you had sex with the father.


CL:  I think so, because for a while, me and the dad had to sneak around, because they were swingers, but I was coming around too often. And it’s like just me. And I wasn’t fucking her. I was just coming over and fucking the dad and sucking his dick. So we had to start being sneaky. So I’m assuming. she got mad. One time I had to sneak in through the garage past the security cameras and I sucked his, the son doesn’t know this and he watches all my shit, so.  I sucked his dad’s dick on his bed while he was outside.

SW: Would you have done the mom if you had the chance? Yeah, of course. Keep it in the family.

SW:  At that point your becoming more and more sexually active, was that just like a one off thing, where you are trying all the sexual stuff out of your system?

CL: No,

SW:  Were you becoming more and more sexually active?

CL:  As soon as as soon as I lost my virginity, I was like, why did I not have sex my whole life.

SW:  Was it an exploratory thing? Well, you just wanted to see how much you could do or how far you could push yourself? Or do you just generally like getting pounded?

CL: I love it. I love getting fucked. It’s like, what else could you ask for? You can have a slice of the cake or you can get your dick sucked. You too are getting your dick sucked, you know?

SW: Any idea how many guys you had sex with in high school?

CL: Well, I lost my virginity when I was 17. So not too many. I would say maybe 40 in high school, which would just be, my senior year. And after that, before porn, I was up, I was past a hundred. I stopped counting. I used to have a list of names.  So when I go and I meet somebody I’m gonna go to suck his dick again, or I be would like that guy,  I’d be like, oh, which friends are at your house? And there had been a few times, and he was like, oh, this one, I was like, oh, I  really want to fuck him. He’s like, you fucked him three times already. And I’m like, oh, okay. So it’s just hard to keep track of.

SW: Were, there a lot more guys you gave BJ’s too, but didn’t have sex with or is it just straight all the way?

CL:  Yes. I gave a lot more head than I did getting fucked. I love giving head more than getting fucked. I would rather give head than get fucked. It feels good in my mouth. I love it. Giving head is like my thing. I mean, I Googled it for three years straight. And my brain, you know?

SW: Stupid question, but I have to ask. At this point, do you consider yourself good at giving blow jobs.

CL:  Oh, yeah. I consider myself one of the best.

SW:  Your a throat goat.

CL:  Oh, yeah. I’m still not good at deep throating, but the way I move my tongue how I move my hands, you don’t have to know how to deep throat.  Also, all the nerves are at the top of your deck. When guys come, it’s like if you watch videos like of guys jacking off, any guy, they’re not sitting and stroking the fucking bass of their cock to come a lot of the time because the nerves are down there. So you just gotta know how to move your tongue, know how to move your hands and know the correct spots.

SW:  Have you ever used your own abilities to get something you wanted?

CL: Yeah. What kind of girl would I be if  I didn’t suck dick to get what I wanted? At least once you know.

SW: Was that work related? Was that shopping related? Was it boyfriend related.

CL: All of the above. I’ve had to suck peoples dicks to take me shopping. And I didn’t even know that that’s what  they wanted me to do. When I started fucking the dad. He’s like, I got done fucking him, and he was like, hey, here’s a $100. Go get your nails done, your hair done. And then come back tonight. And we’re going to do the same thing. Our art was like, I tried handing him back the money. I was like, no,  I don’t want this. I’ll come back tonight. He’s like, no, I want your nails done. Get this color. It was just so much fun.. I met this guy at a gas station. And my phone was dead. I ubered to the gas station to get a charger. And my phone died right when I was at the gas station. There was no outlet. So I saw this guy, pumping his gas. And I was like, hey, do you think I can charge my phone in your car really quick? I need to Uber. And I started talking to him. And he’s like, you know, I could just give you a ride home, how far away are you? And I was like, oh, not too far away. We started driving. I was like, can I suck your dick? And he’s like, wait, I was like, yeah, I do Porn, look me up really quick. I have a task when my phone turns on and I’ll suck your dick. And he’s like,  what the fuck?

SW: So you like spontaneous sex?

CL: I love it. Spontaneous sex. Public sex. I love sex.

SW: Craziest place you’ve had sex on a whim.

CL:  Craziest place I’ve had sex. I mean, on a hike, but it was off the path. I have pictures of my knees. My knees were so messed up because I’m on top of these rocks. And getting like pounded.

SW: Public sex. For you, as a turn on, you’re getting watched or you might get caught.

CL: That I might get caught and then also, it just being a different environment than just a bedroom or like a couch. You know, we’re doing something different you.

SW: Do you know what a badge bunny is? CL: No,

SW:  A badge bunny. For sake of discussion, you’re on the side of the road. You’re having sex in the backseat. And a cop stops you.. A badge bunny would work it out with the cop to let you go.

CL:  Oh my God. I would so do that, That’s amazing. I never heard of that.

SW:  You touched on it a couple of times, but for a person to have a chance in hell of having sex with you, are you a direct woman, take a civilian. Do you date them? Do you think he’s kind of cool? Is he’s going to get some tonight, or do you decide. If I want to?

CL: If I’m having a good time with you, and you’re not like shitty to me, then yeah. That’s one of main things that matters. I like people to be direct. If you are a fuck me, then tell me you want to fuck me. I’ve had guys that I could tell they wanted to fuck me. And I totally would have fucked them that night. And they’re just dancing around the fact that they want to fuck me, rubbing my feet, trying to do this. And I’m like, oh, I got to go to bed. If you can’t be a man and tell me that you want to fuck me, then you’re intimidated. I mean, I’m four ten. The worst I can do is say no. I’m fine too.

SW: You as a woman, what is it that gets you going? Your neck nibbled, your boobies played with your.

CL: Whip it out and start playing with it. I love watching guys Jack off. Then just like that, the floodgates are open.


SW: Do you like dirty talk.

CL:  I love dirty talk. I love it.

SW: Giving or receiving.

CL:  Both. I’m like, I want you to tell me how I can’t move or you’re gonna do this to me. I’m like, yeah, tell me every little thing from A to Z what you’re gonna do to me and how I can’t do anything back.

SW: Do you like rough sex?

CL: Yeah.

SW: Choking’s okay?

CL: Oh, choking is highly encouraged. Yes.

SW: Spanking

CL: Yes

SW: Hair pulling?

CL: Yes.

SW: Do you like handcuffs, blindfolds, and all that stuff?

CL:  Yeah. I love it. I have a full my nightstand. The top drawer is full of cuffs, leashes, like a Bondage room. It’s insane. I was going to hang all my leashes and cuffs. Because I have matching cuffs for all the leashes on my wall and make like a little thing, but I love it.

SW: Do you know what a “Frape” scene is.   Stands for fantasy rape. It’s basically a consensual non consensual scene. Have you done any of those? Is that something you would do?

CL: It’s something I would definitely do, it’s something I love in my personal life. So yeah, I’d have guys, I had this guy like, choked me until I passed out and I had just had him over, just met him that day. And it was the first time he and I had ever met. I wake up and I’m riding him. And I started screaming because when I woke up after being choked, I’m half out. I didn’t realize who the fuck he was for like ten seconds until my brain caught up with my body. And he’s like, you’re good, it’s me. And I was like, oh, okay. Just keep riding.

SW: Is it a turn on for you giving up control? Like you’re completely at this person’s whim, and you’re going to do whatever they tell you to do.

CL: Yeah. Oh, I love it. One of my biggest fantasies is to be, I actually share my location with a few people and people say that they’re going to do it. Nobody’s done it.  I have my location. I’m like, let me know. A few days where I might be out. You kidnap me and fuck me in the back of the van and dump me out on the side of the road. I want it so bad. Like can you and 5 of your friends can come fuck me please.

SW:  Have you ever been asked in an adult film to do something where, you’re like, okay, that’s too far for me, dude, stop.

CL: No. I’ve licked cum off toilet seats. I’ve drank piss, I haven’t been asked to do anything that I felt uncomfortable doing.

SW:  At this point, you’ve done the Onlyfans thing, you’ve done mainstream adult work, and you’ve written a script. Do you want to start directing and doing more features? Do you want to go that route?

CL: I would love to start directing. I have a few ideas. I’ve had them since I joined the industry about a website to start. But I’d love to direct. I love just seeing things come to life. Like watching “Aged Out” go from just an idea to what it became, it’s so good. It’s like insane. The cinematography is just amazing. Michael and Siouxsie

are just great.

SW: When you look at something like that, from a visual perspective, a thought perspective, how much of your actual idea that you put into the idea ends up in the final product?

CL: Does that make sense? Yeah. They got everything that I asked for, like the wardrobe, or the scene where I’m putting my makeup on and putting my stocks on and humming to myself in the bathroom. That was like a specific scene that I found a clip from a movie. And I was like, I want this. I need this shot of me in the mirror and  putting the makeup on,  they were very welcome with collabing with me.

SW:  When you’re doing the actual sex scene, do you prefer the director just kinda of let you go? We need four positions, we need this and this, or do you like it to be  blocked out ? Typically when you do stills first, they try and set up all the positions, and then you cheat the pop, and then you shoot the scene. Do you have a preference to either one?

CL: I do like being able to just go and shoot, I understand why certain scenes need these certain positions or four positions and their companies telling them that they need to do that. But I do think it looks better when you just let the two people fuck. As long as they’re opening up to camera and it’s the time that it needs to be, what does it really matter? And it creates the best scenes.

SW: Your agent now is Mark Spiegel, right? CL: Yes.

SW: What can you tell people about Mark?

CL:  Mark is he’s amazing. He’s the sweetest person. He truly cares for his girls, and he’s one of the most interesting people I know, how he got into the industry, all these stories that he has about being in the industry. He really he’s a legend. He’s amazing. I mean, he has Angela White, Abella Danger, everybody. The biggest stars have came from him.  And he has such an eye for picking out girls. And realizing you know, she can be someone and even the way that he is with his girls and how he has standards. Alot of agencies don’t have standards for how a girl should come to set.  There’s some people that will be like 30 minutes late to a set and it’s fine. Mark’s on your ass. He’s like, this is a job. He’s like, yeah, it’s fun, but it’s a job. And that’s why he’s so successful and that’s why his girls are the best.

SW: You leave your old agency. Does Mark approach you? Do you approach Mark?

CL: I had been talking to Mark while I was with my old agency already. I have nothing bad to say about them. It’s just, I knew I wasn’t going to progress with them, they wanted to move in a way that’s more social media influencing type thing. And it’s not that I’m opposed to that. I joined this industry to suck dick. And you’re trying to get me to be a social media influencer.

And I’m like, I can see where that would help a career, but I’m like, no, I’m here to suck dick, and I’m here to get slutted out. And that’s exactly what Speigler is doing. He’s slutting me out. And I love it.

SW: Which becomes a great influence on the Internet.

Cl: Exactly.

SW: I guess in your case, though, from talking to you for about an hour, your more sincere about it. When you’re not doing silly interviews and stuff like this, what do you like to do? I’m assuming you have time off.

CL: Just lay down and sleep, I just started getting back into ceramics. I used paint and stuff. So I just started getting back into that, but besides that, hang out with people, and nothing too crazy. I love sleeping. I’m such a sleepy girl.

SW: We kind of touched on it earlier, but for a person to have a chance in hell with you,  tall people, short people, guys, girls?

CL: I don’t know. I’m into everything. To have a chance with me, the only specification I have is hygiene. Besides that, you need to make me laugh. And don’t be a shitty fucking person. But it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

SW: But for you being a sex worker, does sex have to big a part of the relationship?

CL: Yes. I need to get fucked at least once a day, or at least have some dick in my mouth.

SW: Work aside, what is it that arouses you?  Is it a smell, a scent, a feeling?

CL: Actually, I love the smell of a guy’s armpits. Certain guys like my ex, I could just lay there and like, smell them. I loved it. It turn me on. I’m like, I don’t know. When I see somebody, it’s not looks that’ll make me wanna fuck around. I start having a good time talking and I wanna fuck. Tell me you wanna fuck? Let’s go.

SW: And you gave the guy the best ten seconds of his life before it pops. For you, how long is a good sex session? Is it an hour or did a half an hour, is it 5 minutes?

CL:  Is it? I think it depends on how you got into it. And so my pussy is so sensitive, I cum so fucking easy. So if I start coming so much, sometimes I can’t even control myself. I can’t handle it. I’m like, I’m coming way too much right now. I’m like, please come for me. Please come for me. But that’s when I just need to put my face in the pillow.

SW: Are you cuming from getting pounded, cuming from getting stimulated, Cuming from someone touching your vagina?

CL: All of the above, I was with this one guy, and he literally like, our connection was really good, and I’m just laying there and stroking his cock and just from stroking his cock, I came.

SW: Have you ever had a guy where, you’re really turned on, and you want to fuck, he  drop his pants down and pops?

CL: I’ve never had somebody just drop their pants down. I have had someone slide it in.  Then came immediately. I’ve had that, but he was a virgin.

SW: Did you have sex with him again?

CL: No. Just one and done. We’re just one and done.I’m like, oh, I fucked you onto the next.

SW: Is that a turn on for you, that I’m going to have him once. And he’s never going to get it again.

CL: No. It’s not a turn on. I don’t know. I’m just always out meeting new people. If you hit me up and say you want to fuck again,  I’m like, yeah, but I’m not going out of my way to be like, lets do it again.

SW: Do you have celebrity crushes?

CL: Yes. I do. For girls, it’s Angelina Jolie. For guys, it’s Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. I love you.

SW: If you could hook up with him, what could he do to you?


CL: He could do whatever he wanted to me. I would let him use my throat like a fuck toy for as long as he wanted. He can put his hard fucking clock inside my tight little fucking plant and just pound it and pound it until I’m begging him to stop.

SW: Would you give him a rim job.

CL: Oh, of course. We gotta catch all bases, you know?

SW: Angelina Jolie, what could she do to you?

CL: Oh my God. Just suck on my clit for hours, her cheekbones and her lips, just stare at me and let me play with myself. All she’s gotta do.

SW: Can she do you with a strap on?

CL: Oh, I would love for her to fucking wear the strap on. I want a girl to fuck me in the ass with a strap on. Really bad. I’ve only been strapped twice before,once by Phoenix Marie and I’m forgetting the other girl’s name. It starts with a J oh my gosh. It’s up on my Onlyfans.

SW: Have you ever pegged a guy?

CL: Actually, I have pegged a guy with one of my friends. We put his boxers on him, it wasn’t like an actual strap-on. But we put  the dick through the boxers and held onto it, And like fucked him up together. I’d be sucking in his dick while she’s fucking him in the ass. And then we’d switch.

SW: Was that something you enjoyed, or was that something just different?

CL: It was different. I love doing new things. It was a lot of fun and doing it with my friends and going back and forth. It was just a lot of fun. And to see how it was his first time ever telling anybody that he was in to ass playing. There was always a rumor in high school that he liked it. And he came to me and he was like, no, he’s like, I love ass play. I want to take a real dick in my ass if you can find someone that’s a threesome. And I was like, oh, let’s crack this right now. And so yeah.

SW: Have you found a lot of the guys in Porn into that or no?

CL:  A lot of them are not into pegging, but so many guys love getting their ass eaten. There’s a few performers who, to make them come. You have to be stroking their cock and eating their ass.

SW: What are your socials? Twitter or Instagram?


SW: And how much impact do they {your fans feedback} have on the content you create,  like when you shoot content for your Onlyfans?

CL:  Yes, definitely. I love getting requests and seeing what people like and doing it. I  love doing what is going to make somebody else feel good. So knowing that I’m going to jam something and it’s going to turn somebody else on or something, it’s a turn on for me.

SW: Do you find you have a different audience on Instagram vs X?

CL: I think I have more girls on Instagram than I do Twitter, if you just look at my Instagram, I don’t make it look like I do porn. Because I’m not trying to get deleted. And so I think I captured a different audience who thinks, maybe this girl’s just pretty. I have like a few reels and stuff. So it looks more influencer type than X does, less like porn. So I do think I have more girls on there, but besides that, the audience is basically the same.

SW: When it comes to women, do you have a look?

CL: I love big titties. Big titties and wide mouths. I don’t know what it is. About wide mouth, but I love wide mouth bitches, it’s just, I mean, I have a thing for teeth too. Like I love sucking on teeth. So I’m assuming that’s probably where I get the oral fixation.

SW: Has there been any one part of this process for you in the last four years that surprised you?

CL: Maybe it was the anal scene. I didn’t believe I could take a penis that big up my ass. I was stretching and stuff, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to. But that’s definitely one of them.  Another thing was, I guess, realizing how many scenes I was doing and stuff was surprising too. I’ve done so much shit in my career, in such a small amount of time, I didn’t realize it, but when I reflect on it, it’s just insane to look and be like, oh, you’ve done this many scenes, and I blew up. It’s something that I always hoped for, but I didn’t know if I would ever reach this level because I’m short, I look like I’m really young. And I would look at all these girls like the Angela White’s they look like very different people. SW: But you don’t see the similarities between you and them?

CL: I do in our performances. I do in the work ethic.

SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

CL: Thank you guys for supporting me. There’s a lot more coming and there’s anal coming soon to OnlyFans too. Make sure you’re subscribed.



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