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Tifa Quinn is many things, including Dj, top webcam model,cosplay babe, gamer, spinner specialist,Oral Throat Goat in training and, if it’s up to her, Porn’s next BIG thing. The New Mexico native is turning heads every where she goes, including her recent first trip to Los Angeles. For Tifa, Porn isn’t so much a career, as it is a calling. While she is still relatively new, she is quickly becoming a fan favorite for her authenticity, relate-ability and over the top scenes. She’s available thru Coxxxmodels, at:, Twitter: @TifaQuinn1 , Instagram: @tifa_quinn and onlyfans: Read on and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

SW: What’s your handle and all that for Onlyfans?

TQ: It’s

SW: Do you do your only fans yourself?

TQ: I do it myself for the most part.

SW: How often do you update and all that?

TQ: I updated daily. I speak with all my fans every day. I’ve been kind of like busy with webcam lately and stuff so I’m kinda of going back to back and forth.

SW: Do you do custom videos. Craziest requests you got for a custom.

TQ: Probably my craziest request was this guy wanted me to do a video of me trying on a different clothes from a certain store and just telling him about it each piece and what they look like and then showing me naked and it was different for me, but it was really fun.

SW: Hopefully he bought you the outfits?

TQ: No. I did, but a lot of my outfits I got were from a place that I like, which is Sheen. So I tried on different crop tops, jeans, and all that. And he loved it. He thought it was really cool. Like those little instruments, instruction videos that you can see on YouTube.

SW: And you did that in the actual store?

TQ: Oh, no, I did it in my bedroom, but he just wanted me to videotape it, kind of like this top is good because it you know, you know, shows off my boobs or this pair of pants really makes my ass looks good. Stuff like that.

SW: And did that go into masturbation? Did that go into anything or just that?

TQ: That’s the thing, that’s why it’s the weirdest, because there was no masturbating. It was just me trying on clothes, there was nudity, but it was just me trying on the clothes. Like he can see that my boobs are hanging out and stuff like that. But that’s why it was so weird for me because I was like, you don’t want to see me masturbate?

SW: Did you start with the only fans and get into the adult business or were you web-caming before that?

TQ: I’d like to say I started with camming first and just having fun on there and chatting with people. I did that for a while. I didn’t know about Onlyfans, or about all the opportunities you know that I could do. My friend asked me if I wanted to start an Onlyfans, he thought that I would be good at it. So I set one up and it actually surprised me. It was a lot of fun. So I did that. And then I made different platforms and stuff and began chatting with people and it just all kind of blended together. Then being a porn star and getting into the adult industry was my last thing, and I decided to go and try for that, I didn’t know if I could ever do that to begin with.

SW: So when you began webcamming, how did you get started? Was one of your friends webcamming and you thought that was cool and you did it?

TQ: Originally, I did it because I wanted to be around people. I wanted to you know where I was from, there is not a lot of people there to interact with and so I thought it would just be fun to interact with different people that I don’t know instead of being with people you know. I like to meet different people. I like to interact with different new people and everything. And then also you can look at the cams too. So you can see different models. And everybody does something different, which I think is cool. It’s not all about sex, but then there’s some people that are all about sex, so.

SW: When you started interacting on web camming was it’s strictly non sexual? Or was it with the people that wanted to talk sexual with you.

TQ: When I got on there, it was a mix of both. You have people that want to have conversations with you, and then you have people that want to go straight to the sex and stuff. I didn’t for a while and then when it got sexually, I was like, well, you know what? Maybe I should try to be a model. So I applied for it, and I started making tips from that, it was fun.

SW: Did you know what a webcam model was and all that before you got into it?

TQ: Yes, I knew what it was. I’d heard a lot about it and saw some of that stuff, but I didn’t actually experience it myself. So, of course, it’s going to be a lot different. But it was a lot of fun. And it’s still a lot of fun. I still do that now.

SW: Do you have a handle or someplace that people want to check out your webcam shows?

TQ: Oh, yeah. So that’s I’m there like every night like from like 9 to about 5 in the morning. Sometimes I’m on too.

SW: What is a good webcam show? Is it a sexual thing? Is it the interaction with people?

TQ: I think what makes a really good webcam model in my eye is somebody who’s listens. I think somebody who doesn’t ignore you? Somebody who’s actually interested in the person because I’ll have a lot of guys say this to me. She was hot and she was great, but she wasn’t interested in me. And that’s what they want. They want a girl who is interested in them or what they have to say. There’s a lot of lonely people on there that really want attention from a beautiful girl and I can understand that you know.

SW: So do you think it’s more about personality than sex?

TQ: Yes. I think anybody can look beautiful. I think there are tons of beautiful women. But I think what separates it is their personalities. Because a guy is going to go for a girl who’s sweet and hot. Over a girl who’s you know really, really sexy as hell, but acts like a jackass.

SW: Do you remember the first time you were doing a show and a man pulled out his junk? Were you shocked or you turned on,

TQ: You know what? I kind of see that coming because of the way they were talking, you’ll have guys talking to you before and be like, can I show it to you? Or they’ll tip a certain amount so that they can pull it out and you can rate it. Because that’s the big thing now where you can rate guys cocks. For me, I enjoy seeing different body parts, different people, so. That’s just something I enjoy personally.

SW:Does that turn you on knowing you make men hard?

TQ: I like turning people on, but I also like it when people turn me on as well. And you know, I’m human, so seeing a guy touch himself turns me on, seeing a girl with a hot body, nice ass. Nice tits. Yeah, I’m good.

SW: Do you ever feel a sense of power over some people when you do that?

TQ: Not really. I feel like there can be , I see the power thing in that, but I don’t really feel like that. I just feel kind of like a mutual person, we’re getting turned on by each other. And we want to, because I get really horny when I see some things, if I see a nice looking guy with a nice cock and he’s jerking off. And if it’s to me, I feel horny. I don’t really feel like a power thing or anything like that.

SW: At this point, is this a career for you or is this just a job?

TQ: For me, being a porn star is my career. That’s the thing I want for the rest of my life. My number one goal you know. But I do think that the web caming helps that goal. Especially for being able to help with bills and stuff like that because I was told that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. You have to have different outlets and other sources of money that are coming to you. I just want them to all be enjoyable and things that I like.

SW: How much different are you than the person people see on camera? How muchof this is an act?

TQ: We’re not that different. I think for me, I try to make myself believe that’s where I would want to be in real life, so I don’t think they’re that different. I think we’re pretty much the same person.

SW: You mentioned earlier that you’re basically the same when it comes to sex, is one nore explicit than the other or maybe louder.

TQ: I’d say we’re pretty much the same. The only difference is one of us can’t be as sexually active. For me, I don’t have sex with a bunch of random people. She works with other people


SW: Is it a turn on for you to have sex with people you don’t know? I’d like to be safe, so there’s that. I guess it would depend because here’s how it is for me. I’ve worked with a few people and they’re like, hi. And it’s the way they have introduced themselves. I get really nervous, I still feel safer after talking. And then you can see it on camera, because for me, being petite, I want people to see that there was this chemistry flowing that day.And you could really see that we were clicking

SW: How long have you been doing movies now? TQ: Since last August.

SW: Is it what you thought it would be up to this point? Better or worse?

TQ: You know what? I would like to get more scenes and that’s pretty much my only thing.

SW: Do you do boy girl stuff and everything for you Onlyfans?

SW: Where are you from originally?

TQ: Albuquerque New Mexico. Born and raised

SW: Did you go to public school, private school.

TQ: Just public school. In grade school,

SW: Did you have a favorite subject?

TQ: You know what? Maybe science,

SW: I know you were really young at that point. Did you have any idea what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?

TQ: I wanted to be a porn star. Actually, I wanted to be a singer. That’s one of the things I wanted to be a DJ as well. I do make music, but I’m currently trying to learn my PC to try to create tracks. So that’s more of like a producing thing. I would like to produce maybe later in life. But it’s just a work in progress. It’s something that I have to learn myself. So that’s what I’m preparing for. What I was doing was I wanted to learn vocals so I could compliment them with my tracks.

SW: The DJing, is it almost like doing a webcam show? Where you’ve got a bunch of people trying your to reach out to, and you’re trying to keep your attention and get them excited and get them riled up.


TQ: I actually used to DJ for people on the webcam. It was just for a little bit. And I also used to do the light shows. When you start out as a webcam model, you want to try to get their attention. And if you’ve read everything on the Internet, it’s like, make sure to show or do something different and something that represents you. I like music. I like shows, and I also make bracelets too. So what I do, I like to show people that on the website. So they’re like, oh, okay. That’s cool. She’s different you know. And it starts a conversation, and it sparks.

SW: In grade school, were you bullied?

TQ: I don’t think I was bullied. I think I was just more like alone, a loner type, I had a boyfriend back then, so we kind of hung out with people or I’d be alone.


SW: In high school, you mentioned you had a boyfriend, but were you popular with the boys?

TQ: You know what, I was more popular, I’d say in middle school. I like to keep to myself. I like to walk around with my CD player because music is very important to me and I was very shy. So I didn’t really talk to many people and if people were wanting to talk to me, then they would come up to me. And I’d say maybe the way I dress you know, with mini skirts and fishnets and cute little tops, that wasn’t liked by a lot of the girls, but I mean guys, they didn’t have a problem with it.

SW: For you,was that a rebel thing? Or were you purposely unintentionally trying to get the guys attention?

TQ: I don’t think I was trying to get anybody’s attention. I just think it was just me because I liked the style. and . I was kind of oblivious to whatever people were thinking because I think didn’t know what guys liked at that certain time in my life. I was very open to all different types of styles. So I could dress very preppy one minute, gothic another. Just different types of characters that you could be because I think life’s too short, sometimes I’ll wear glasses and just ’cause I think I look really cute with them, not because I need them.

SW: Were you teased in school for being short, did that bother you?

TQ: I was always called, oh shit, you’re shorty, short stuff and people used to always make fun of my height because I’m four 11, I couldn’t try to like throw a basketball up, I couldn’t get it in the hoop and I was just really really little and somebody just grabbed me because I just could not throw it in. t Just funny things like that.

SW: Do you remember the first time you saw something adult related, a magazine, a movie, anything?

Iq: I don’t know, late night programming, I guess. Something adult industry or sex related I would say when I was maybe 14,15, I was looking somewhere I shouldn’t be looking. And I put it in and I watched it. It was just normal. I just didn’t figure out, you know what? I really liked that. I saw porn in a different light and Sunset Thomas was one of my favorite porn stars, she was like the first one I ever saw. I thought she was really beautiful. I’d say that’d be my first

SW: When you saw the material, did it not ever cross your mind that, I could do that?

TQ: You know what? I saw it very beautifully. I would love try that. I would like to do that on film. I thought I was really cool. I guess maybe looking up to those different actresses and kind of like, you know what? When I grow up, I kind of want to I hope I can get that opportunity, you know?

SW: Had you done any modeling or anything at that point?

TQ: You know, I tried doing modeling, but If you’re in Albuquerque, New Mexico, those opportunities aren’t given to you. Because if you’re In Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’m telling you, there was a lot of scammer’s that will take your money, people were like, oh, you can be a child star,and they just take money from you, I think that’s why I felt like, I’m never gonna be a porn star. it was just not happening. I’m like, oh, I would love to be starring in a Disney film , but what the actual reality of your chances starring in that?

SW: At this point, do you have a preference between the three {webcaming, Onlyfans, mainstrean porn} at this point?

TQ: : You know what? I love them all, but I mean, for me, I would love to just be a porn star. That’s my goal. I would love to make more movies. I would love to shoot with all the different companies, I would love to be able to work with different actresses. I would love to work with Angela white. I’d love to work with the Abella Danger. A lot of the different ones that are my favorites you know.

SW: I have to ask, you’re a very tiny lady.And yet you work with some very big penis’s. Some people would always wonder, how does that big thing going that small thing? Is that painful?

TQ: Lots of lube. Lots of lube. one of the other things is we talked beforehand, and typically, it’s like: go really slow, very gentle and I mentally prepare myself and prepare myself down there but some positions don’t work. And I don’t know why that is.

SW: For you, what’s the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

TQ: The reality for people that don’t know the business is they could think, oh okay, these girls don’t like anybody, they don’t think of them as people. People think like oh, she’s just a slut. I think if they actually went through the same thing I do. they would find out that different, we have souls,

We have families. We have people we care about just like anybody else. We are doing a job we enjoy that includes sex.

SW: Does your family know what you’re doing, your friends?

TQ: Oh yeah, my mom is happy for me. I’ve always been a good kid, I’ve never let my family down and anything. So my mom was like, you know what? You’re a good child, she thinks all my choices have been good choices. I’m very open with my mother too. We’re best friends.

SW: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

TQ: Celebrity crushes? I love Ariana. Grande. She’s probably one of my favorite celeb crushes. Because I think she’s very beautiful. I like Margot Robbie. I think she’s very attractive.

SW: If you could do a celebrity sex tape with Ariana, What would you do her?

TQ: Oh my gosh. Let’s see. There would be sex toys involved. There’d be a lot of deep kissing. I would say maybe 69. I would do a lot of eating out. I would love to eat her out. Yeah.

SW: What could she do to you?

TQ: Anything she wants. We would use scrap ons on each other. I picture us with both with high ponytails and cute little booty shorts. Maybe just start off with kissing each other, working our way down, start kissing each other’s necks, I like a lot of deep kissing when it comes to girl girl. And then I like the whole fingering and then maybe using a toy while I’m eating her out. Just things like that. And then we can do anal. Let’s go really crazy.

SW: What about doing a three way with Margo and Ariana?

TQ: Oh my God, that would be pretty hot . We could all finger each other, use toys and go from there.

SW Could they DP you with strap ons?

TQ: Oh my God. Yeah, that would be hot.

SW: When you’re not doing so many interviews and you actually have time off, what do you like to do?

TQ: I love video games. I like playing my music.I love to collect things. Or just go to a show. Maybe a concert. Hanging out. I wish I could go rollerblading. But I’d say music is my top one. And then also shopping. I’m a girl.

SW: When you create music, do you do it to enhance an experience? Do you just do it to express yourself?

TQ: I have ongoing thoughts in my head, like what I would want to hear. But it’s not been created yet. And I feel like I want to express myself because I think somebody else would want to hear what I’m thinking.

SW: Do you remember the first time you went all the way?

Tq: Yeah. I do. I actually had a really good experience.

SW: After you want all the way the first time, did you immediately become sexually active? Or did you wait and then do it again?

TQ: At that point, I was just really in love with my boyfriend and I just wanted us to be intimate again because it felt good, it felt right.

SW: When you did it the first time, was it because you wanted to do it, or was there peer pressure, because all your girlfriends did it and they told you how cool it was.

TQ: For us, we planned for it. So we were both like, we both want to do it on Valentine’s Day. That was our thing. I had a cute outfit, he made it all cool with candles and the perfect music because he knew that I liked Avril Lavigne. So that made it very special.

SW: And prior to going all the way, had you masturbated, done BJ’s or hand jobs?

TQ: We tried, beforehand we did BJ’s handjobs, but we didn’t have sex until Valentine’s Day. And throughout high school, he was the only person that I had sex with because we were in love. When we broke up, I went into another relationship, and we were sexually active. But I made the second guy wait like three months.

SW:On purpose?

TQ: It’s just because I knew he was kind of a player. So I wanted him to I wait. I wanted him to think differently of me. And I think it worked.

SW: Right now, do you consider yourself good at BJ’s?

TQ: Oh, yeah. I like BJs.

SW: For you, what’s the secret to a good blowjob? Are you a spit person? Do you use your hands?

TQ: I’m more of I want to please this person. So I use lips, tongue, I never want to use teeth. I like to get it all the way to the back of my throat. Some guys like it more in your mouth and some guy is like more with my hands. Sometimes in my webcam shows, they’ll be guys that will want you to do it like certain ways. I’m like, okay, so there’s not only one style that a guy wants to come to.

SW: For you, do you ever have a sense of power over a man when you have his penis in your mouth?

TQ: Not power, but I feel like, wow, this is something that’s turning me on, and he really likes this.

SW: Have you ever have used your oral abilities to get something you wanted?

TQ: Maybe back in high school, I made a deal with my ex and I was like, if it’s this, then I’ll give you a BJ underneath the table, but if it’s not, then I get this, and I was wrong. So I gave him a BJ under the table.

SW: For a guy to have a chance in hell with you, what type of guy do you look like?

TQ: You know what? I’m not picky. I am very hot for Asian dudes. I also like older older guys, I guess it would also depend on the mood. But I would say I like dark, dark hair. I like a guy with great personality. I think a guy with good eyes draws attention to me. A guy who’s just really passionate, I want you, I want to devour you I want to take you here right now, just something hot about that. I want to fuck you in your mini skirt. There’s just something that just turns me on, you know?

SW: Ok, for a guy to get into your pants, are you a wine and dine girl? Are you a chocolates and flowers?

TQ: I’m not really a money person. You don’t really have to have any money. You have to really have good words and things to show me. I like a little mystery. A guy with some mystery, that’s hot. If the guy’s like, come here, and I’m like, where am I going? I don’t know where I’m going. Is it safe here? I like a little safe, but dangerous as well. You know what I mean?

SW: So a guy is lucky enough to get into your pants. Are you the type of woman who likes to have a guy go down on her? Do you like fingers?

TQ: Oh yeah. I love my pussy eaten. I like when a guy is using his fingers, but he’s also using his mouth too. I like a lot of clitoral stimulation. Because that’s how I come. I do like fingers and licking and him licking on my feet.

Aree you Dom or sub? Submissive?

TQ: I’m very submissive. I’m not dominant in any way. I’m very sub. I like being walked around on a leash too. I love being spanked. I like being a naughty girl, it turns me on so much to feel like I don’t have power over myself. I want them to kind of have the power over me.

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