From flirting with her teachers, to having sex with members of the basketball team in school ,{yes in her cheerleader outfit} thru having explicit fantasizes about Donald Trump and Zac, Motley Models latest starlet checks all the boxes to be a BIG star in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Standing 5’11, with an all natural body accentuated by a very nice booty, {and yes, she loves showing people her asshole} who literally blew on the penis the first time she was asked to give a blow job, now strives {and practices as much as possible} to be a True Throat Goat and has a sex drive that would probably kill most men.

Dre Delvingne lives and breathes Sex, but what drives that desire to be the next big thing? The answers might surprise you.

photos courtesy of Dre Delevingne

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SW: You’ve been in the industry like 9 months right?

DD: Yes.

SW: Where are you from originally?

DD: I’m from New York originally

SW: Did you go to a public school or a private school?

DD: I went to a public school, and I was from a conservative town,

SW: Did you have a Catholic upbringing and all that?

DD: Yes. Irish Catholic

SW: In grade school, did you have a favorite subject?

DD: I always loved history.

SW: I know you really young at that point. Did you have any idea what you want to do with the rest of your life?

DD:  I was really obsessed with Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana. So I kind of always wanted to be someone like that. I was a little a dreamer.

SW: Did you do that for the attention?

DD:  Looking back on it, I would say probably.

SW:. Did you know who they were, that they were actresses, and they were doing this stuff, or the did it just seem cool.

DD: I think I loved the idea of dressing up, and when I got older, graduated, seeing how they were. I guess I did see the attention they got, so that’s what fueled it.

SW: In high school, were you a popular girl? You were a loner, maybe a  geek, or a nerd.

DD: I was a cheerleader in high school.  I don’t want to say I was cool, but I was a cheerleader. I got a lot of attention, I was well known.

SW: I’m guessing you were very popular with the boys

DD: Yes

SW:  Did it bother you?

DD: No, I always loved it, for sure. I think because, yeah, once I started getting it, I always loved it, which is why I loved cheerleading because I got to be around boys all the time.

SW: Did you understand you had an effect on boys?

DD:  I understood I had an effect, but I didn’t understand the power of the effect. I just thought it was all like, you know, I didn’t realize how you far it could go.

SW: Did you learn the effect while you were in high school or did it come after that?

DD: I learned the effect when I was in high school. I was always in trouble with boys.

SW: In high school or grade school, were you ever bullied.

DD: I was, in high school.

SW: Bullied because of grades, stealing some other girl’s boyfriend, etc.

DD: I would say I was a nice girl in high school, but I think people didn’t like what I  had.  Usually like my looks and boys, I always got a little tough time for it.

SW:  Were they jealous of your looks?

DD:  I would say so. Just because of  how tall I was. I always was very noticeable.

SW:  Had you done any modeling or anything at that point?

DD: In high school, I was 17 magazine’s prom queen one year, actually.

SW:  How did that come up?

DD: It was a random day in New York. They were signing up on the street. And I was with my friends. And I remember I was like, I’m going to sign up. And the joke was like, I wasn’t ready for it at all. And I was, but I was like, I want to try it. And I remember I had on this sweatshirt and a sweatpants for like the tryout, and then they were like, I got picked for the top 5, and then I was prom queen that year.

SW:  Did you get a trophy or anything?

DD: Yes, I got to be in the magazine. And then I got a prom dress, that was basically what they did for me.

SW: And that whole process. Did that make you nervous, make you feel sexy? How did that impact you?

DD:  It was  the first time I ever modeled in front of people. It was an open casting, and there was about like 200 people watching. And that was the first time I realized, I was like, wow, I like this. I remember I was nervous before getting out there, but then when I was out there, I realized deom the people around me,that the energy is what gets me going, and I loved it immediately.

SW:  And I’m guessing, you’re tall and you’re probably a lot better looking than the other girls.

DD: I was trying to pick up on that right away.

SW:  Did you notice?

DD:  I was the youngest one trying out. And I was like,like, so I kind of thought everyone there at first didn’t think I had a chance. But I was the tallest, so I knew that’s like what makes people remember me usually. So yeah. I think they were surprised at first. And then I was surprised too, because you could see in all the videos, I’m always like, oh, it’s me. It’s me. It was nice. So  I won their Prom Queen of the year in the magazines. But I didn’t end up wearing that prom dress to prom. I just saved it in my closet.

SW: But did go to your prom?

DD: I did go to my prom, but I wore a different dress.

SW:  And was that {Your Prom} everything you thought it would be?

DD: Was it? I remember I always liked the idea of dressing up for prom, but I didn’t really enjoy the process. I didn’t really enjoy prom. I liked the dressing up in the pictures.

SW:  Do you remember the first time you saw something adult related? A magazine movie, anything.

DD:  It was a magazine.

SW:  Did you know what it was?

DD: I just remember being like, what is this? And I was like, I don’t think I’m supposed to be seeing this, but I just remember it was like very intriguing to my head. And since I was raised very Catholic, I always shut it out, but it’s something I remember, the magazine and everything inside.

SW: When you saw the material, did the thought ever cross your mind, like, I could do that.

DD: Yes. I think I loved that idea.  I think I’m attracted to things I shouldn’t be. So like that whole thing, I was like, oh my goodness. That’s what someone could do when they grow up was fascinating. And in high school, I realized who Playboy was and the Playboy bunnies, and I remember like secretly always being very intrigued.

SW:  Was it a turn on for you or did it interest you that they were naked?

DD: I like the part they were naked. I wasn’t turned on by it, but that’s what was pulling me in. It was more like, I want to be like that. Basically. I wanted what they had.

SW:  In high school, did you ever send your boyfriend’s naughty pictures?

DD:  No. I never did. I’ve never had a boyfriend I sent nudes too.

SW:  Did they ask you to?

DD:  Yeah. And I never understood  why they would ask me because I was like, we’re always together. And I’m always naked, why do you need a picture of it? So that’s kind of  how my thought process was.

SW: What was the most risque type picture you sent someone?

DD: More stuff from my Instagram. They’d get more of those pictures. I’m like, which one should I post today? That’s really it. I just never, I was always very sexual with my boyfriends, and I feel like I was always really “with them”. But my worst fear has always been like, a nude being posted online of myself. I remember I used to always like make sure I didn’t accidentally do it or anything. Now, it’s funny that it used to be like a worse fear of mine and then now I’m like, it’s my job.

SW: Did you graduate from high school?

DD:  I did. I graduated high school.

SW:  Did you get a job? Go to college?

DD:  I went to college for two years in Connecticut, and I was a cheerleader for the basketball team at the school I went to. I stopped going to school because I got sober. And that brought me back to home.

SW: Did you have the wild and crazy college experiences? .

DD:  I had too much fun too fast, so that’s why I left fast.

SW: Sober meaning just drinking a lot? Were you having a lot of sex?

DD:  Yes.I was definitely a big drinker. So I was drinking and when I drank, I had sex.

SW:  When you were having sex? Was it more of an exploratory type of thing? Or did you just like sex?

DD: I’d like to explore, but I like to explore with different guys.  I’ve always loved guys.  I’m always like, I was  a” one and done” type of girl.  It feels kind of like a man in a girl way.

SW: We used to call those hit and runs. That’s a type of girl that saw a guy and said, I want to get him, and then said, go away.

DD: Yeah. I’m like, you can go now. I used to say that. I never liked the sleep over part.

SW: Was the turn on for you that you could get them? And then you could get rid of them?

DD: Now that you say that, I don’t know. That’s an eye opener, maybe. I definitely was turned on with the challenge of getting them. And I liked it. Sometimes I’m like, SW:  What were you majoring in in college?

DD:  I was majoring in communications.

SW:  Did you want to get onto that business? Did you want to be a sportscaster or a newscaster, etc.

DD:  I was there for a degree. I kind of just was doing anything. I was intrigued by social media and stuff always, so I kind of felt like, let me do communications, but I was never intrigued by the whole  idea of having a real job. So I felt like I never seriously took to the thought of that.

SW: In college, did you do any modeling?

DD: No, I didn’t do any modeling in college.

SW: Then how do you make the transition into this wonderful business?

DD:  When I got home from school, I got really calm and good. I had a boyfriend, and I was nannying. So I was just living basically like a bored housewife. And my boyfriend at the time, I didn’t know he watched porn. I woke up a few times and realized he used to jerk off to it when I was sleeping. That was like my first experience since I was younger with porn. I was like, what the hell? I couldn’t understand it. So I remember I went on his phone at night and I looked at because I have no shame. I was like, I need to see what he was looking at because I need to start doing that then. I wasn’t mad that he was watching it. I was more like, oh, this is like, I’m intrigued now. Because I feel like it’s always like, girls don’t talk about it, I didn’t know people could have sex like that, basically. And I was more like, if he’s going to watch this much sex, he better be fucking me like that. But he wasn’t. So I kind of left him and fell into the Onlyfans  little rabbit hole. And I started OnlyFans within like two weeks after the breakup.

SW: When you first saw the material, was there any sense of insecurity like? Maybe he’s watching this stuff because I’m not doing this to him.

DD: I was kind of confused because it was stuff that he never even brought up to me. So I felt like, he’s keeping a secret in a way, but more like, oh, why don’t you tell me? But my boyfriend was  older and stuff at the time too, so I felt like, I was maybe too intimidated to bring that stuff up first because he had more experience in ways. So once I saw that, I was confused,  maybe a little insecure, but it was more like, I want to learn. I was always like a willing to learn.

SW: And when you looked at the material, do you look at it and say, that looks pretty hot. I’d like to do that. Or did you look at something and say,  I could do better than that.

DD: I remember he used to watch Angela white actually, because that was  the one that I remember. And I remember I have such small boobs. And I was like, that’s one thing I can’t compete with. I can learn, but I don’t have the boobs. So that’s what I was confused about.

SW: But do you guys ever have the discussion, like why are you watching porn when I’m in here and you can do me?

DD: Yeah. So we used to have sex like three times a day or at least I was blowing him . So he’s coming like three to four times a day. His response was more like I’m always going to do it and I didn’t really feel like telling you about it. He thought I was more being a pesky girlfriend which I could see why. I just wanted a partner that wants to do things with me, not one that’s going to like, just pick and choose what he wants to do with me.

SW: Did he ever suggest you guys film something or do something like that? Maybe make your own porn?

DD: He once said to me, if you sent me more nudes, then he wouldn’t have to jerk off to porn so much. And I remember that comment kind of got me. I was like, so you don’t think I send you enough nudes? Because I didn’t.. I was like, a guy’s not going to give me an ultimatum.

SW: You start Onlyfans. At that point, are you’re just doing solo stuff?

DD:I was only doing solo on OnlyFans for 6, 7 months.  I’m also an OnlyFans TV, which is just like safe for work content. So while I was doing only solo stuff on my OnlyFans, I was doing pretty well.

SW: Let’s plug your only fans now. Is it the same Onlyfans now that you’ve had before?  What’s the handle and all that?

DD:  My Onlyfans is onlyfans.com/drebabygirl  And yes, It’s the same username as Onlyfans has always been.

SW: When you start shooting for your Onlyfans. Do you put your camera on a tripod and what’s that process like to you? Are you nervous when you have to strip for the first time do all that?

DD: Yeah, I was so nervous, it was the first time I ever took a nude and I ever shot a video, basically.  I was never like a huge masturbator. Always had a boyfriend, I was always really act sexually active. So I never did.  It was actually funny, seeing my whole experience,basically, all be on camera. But it was very, very nerve wracking. Once it was over with, on my first day, in my first 24 hours, I did very well. And I was like, oh, I got this.

SW: Do you play it back {the video} and look at it and say, oh, my boobies could look better and so forth.

DD:  I just posted them. I don’t watch them. I can’t. I just do a skim through to make sure it all looks good.

SW:  You mentioned your first day did good. What were the responses like? Like, oh my God, you’re stunning. Oh my God, you have a great butt.

DD: They were very like, intrigued. They thought I had like a different personality than they usually found on there. They thought it was kind of like I gave very “ girl next door” vibe.  My first day I got a lot of fans and I made like $2000 in the first 24 hours. So that was  more that I made in a week at my job.I  was like, oh my God, I just couldn’t believe it. To me, that was a lot of money.

SW:  Did you have people sending you dick pics the first day?

DD: Yes. I didn’t know how to feel at first. After that, npw, I’m very used to it.

SW:  Does that turn you on {looking at dick pix}?

DD:  Yes? I get turned on. I get turned up down there that they get hard for me.  I do like it turned on seeing what I do for others. So when they are politely sent to me, I can appreciate it.

SW  Now that you do movies and videos and it turns on million guys, who will  jack off to you, does that turn you on?

DD: Yes, It’s very empowering.

SW: Did you start writing dick pics and doing all that stuff too?

DD: Yes I do ratings. I do customs too.

SW: How long have you been on Onlyfans?

DD:  I’ve been on OnlyFans for 13 months.

SW:  In your opinion, to have a successful Onlyfans, does it come down to having a good personality or do your fans just like watching you get boned  to be successful? DD:  Totally, it’s personality, because you can Google any type of sexual act, and you could find it on the Internet. But to find someone unique or special, they want the companionship. My fans want to get to know me and vice versa. I want to do the same for those who follow me. So I feel that’s what they look for. And if you’re able to provide that connection for them, that’s the key to have a successful OnlyFans.

SW: How long did it take you to figure that out?

DD:  Pretty fast, I remember when I was messaging and chatting my fans, I was kind of confused because I was like,  oh, they’re not really asking me sexual things. I was more like chatting to a lot of people at once. And that’s when it made me feel  a little more at ease. I was like, oh, this is definitely way different than what I ever thought it was like, these people actually want to see a different side, which is nice.

SW: Did you do live shows on there?

DD: I go live weekly on there and do like live shows.

SW:  First time, a man pulls out his penis out, does that freak you?

DD: Yes,. I actually  used to have one of my friends next to me when I I either went live or if I did video calls as well. I was so nervous that my friend would have to sit there and watch me, it was like having a buddy with me. Now, I’m used to it.

SW:  How often do you update and do all that stuff?

DD:  Daily. I’m always like, living on my phone and living on my Onlyfans.

SW: Do you do custom videos.

DD: Yes, I do.

SW: What is the craziest request you got for a custom?

DD:  They wanted me to once run on ten bananas and they want to me to keep zooming in on my feet and then take pictures after.

SW: Was there anything more sexual they asked you do, that maybe freaked you out or anything?

DD: The first time I ever had to cuck someone,I was like, oh my God, I didn’t understand humiliation and that stuff, so  I kind of  felt bad and I was like, oh you want me to be mean to you? And then like my friend was like no, that’s like a thing and that now opened a whole door and I realize I love cucks. So the first time I had to say like some things that were mean, I didn’t like it, but he loved them .

SW: Are you a Dom or a submissive person in general?

DD: I’m outgoing, but I’m very submissive, very submissive In the bedroom and then dominating outside the bedroom. I’m definitely independent dominant  on my own individually, but to a man I’m like very submissive.

SW: How do you make the transition in the mainstream adult?

DD: I basically was bored in my apartment, alone doing content and I was like, I get very inspired by looking on Pornhub and stuff at the other girls, then I realized I’m like what they’re doing, and on their film is no different than what I do in the bedroom, but they’re actually getting laid and I was like, why don’t I join porn because I get the best of all girls too then. I felt like I was kind of half assing it, I’m kind of doing the same type of thing, so I might as well be doing it full extent.

SW: Was there any sense of hesitation because of your background? I mean you know, Onlyfans is slightly still kind of underground, but it’s not like mainstream. but when you decide to do mainstream adult with your Catholic background, everybody is really going to know what your doing.

DD: My whole town and family found out the first day I joined OnlyFans, someone called them up and told them. So I kind of got all the backlash day one, which  was  the best thing ever ’cause I was like oh, I had nothing to worry about after that. I was like, oh the worst has already happened, it only goes up from here, and they were saying that I did porn already so  in my head I always thought like felt ready for it.

SW: Did you have any preconceived notions about the adult entertainment industry?

DD: I heard good things and I heard not so good things, I also figured if you’re going to go play in the kitchen, you might get burned. So I’ve always  kind had that mentality, and I was like, if I’m a smart girl, I’m honest and I’m willing to work then I should have a good experience. If I don’t act that way, then I’ll probably not have a good experience. As long as I am positive about it, I wasn’t too worried.

SW: When you watched a movie, did you understand that, not that it’s fake, but it’s a performance.

DD: Yes, that’s what I like. Fulfilling a fantasy, that’s I love being able to do. So I’m able to, like separate the two.

SW:  Was there any of that going into when you shoot content for only fans?

DD: I didn’t feel as inspired before I joined porn. I didn’t feel inspired on my only fans because, it was pretty much the same thing every day. So I felt like I needed that and creativity and energy around me. Now, I have that with my Onlyfans because I get like the best if both worlds.

SW: And to you, is there a preference between the way you shoot content?

Would you prefer shooting POV stuff, which is much easier?

DD: I do prefer filming on my phone. And if I do like anything on set, I like it to be gonzo. That’s how I usually am.

SW: When you decide to get into adult, how do you make that transition then? Do you Google it?

DD:  Yes, I Googled it. you know, best agencies and stuff like that. I tried to get some answers. And I got connected to Motley Models, and that’s how I got signed.

SW:  How long have you been with them now?

DD: Well, I signed with Motley Models in October, I was a little nervous to come out for my first trip. He was so great. It was like, all this stuff lined up, and then I got cold feet, and I was like, let me wait until after the new year. And then I got invited to AVN. So that was actually my first experience with porn. And I saw it for the first time ever. I feel like that was probably the best way possible.

SW:  Did you get those rushes about the attention people were paying to the girls is that what intrigued you or is it just how open everybody is?

DD: I guess the openness, I find I feel like life is so much more fun when being around people who are confident in their bodies, because I’ve always been like a marine  when it comes to working out. So I always showed off my body for my own reasons and stuff. Because I liked how I looked. So to be around others, like that too, I was like, oh, this is great.

SW: So you’re confident in your body now?

DD: Yeah, for sure.

SW: Some people say that when you do adult material, it makes you feel more empowered. Is that true?

DD: Yes, for sure. I definitely feel definitely that rush I get, the empowerment from it.

SW: At this point, you’ve been with Motley Models, we’ll say 9 months,  what can you tell people about Motley?

DD:  I think Motley is the best.  I just feel like it’s the best agency because it allows me to do I get to choose what kind of shoots I want to do as well as working on my brand. I feel like very confident with Motley because I know I’m going to have long-term success with them. Dave always wants to make sure we’re set up in the future and is always thinking outside the box in ways that I don’t always think for myself. So I’m really grateful to have his guidance for that.

SW: For branding purposes. For you, is it being the tall stunning babe? Is it the personality?

DD: I hope I can show my personality more in my brand. I think my height tends to take that over a little more. That seems to be what gets people’s attention, which I love. But hopefully my personality shines thru.

SW: In terms of Adult entertainment, do you hope to be known for something good? Some girls are good at  B/G, some Bj’s, G/G, etc.

DD: I don’t know. Right now, I do boy girl. I kissed my first girl, and ate my first pussy last week, actually.

SW: What was that like for you? Was that something you wanted to do for a long time? Because it sounds like it was.

DD:  I did , I was on Plug Talk, Plug Talk is low key and my favorite podcast before I joined adult. I felt when I got the opportunity, I was like, this is God’s timing for me to do it. So I was very excited, especially to have them fulfill it.

SW: Do you have a hit list of girls you want to “work” with?

DD: I do.. Now that I got my first one, I was very, very excited after that. I was like, oh, I want to try more now.

SW: And you did it right on the air? The whole thing?

DD:  London and I, I ate her out and then we swapped, you know, we shared the dick.

SW: For you, did it work out better for you because it sounds like it was totally spontaneous. It wasn’t planned.

DD:  I remember my Friends were like, oh, you should watch them watch some porn before, to know what to do. And I’m like, someone just wants to experience that. I like to give it the authentic experience. So it’s like, I just want to do it, and I was happy the way it went. Because it just like flowed naturally. And a good time, naturally.

SW: When you get ready to go down on her, is there any hesitation? Is there anything like, you’ve got this stunning lower part of a woman’s body in front of your face, you instinctively know what feels good to you? Do you just do it?

DD: I definitely was nervous at first because she’s so beautiful and she’s great at what she does. So I was like, oh my God, I hope we did this right. I just do what I like. And I like to eat ass. So I always say, eat pussy almost in a way, and it’s the alphabet almost. And on the vowels, you take a break and you say something naughty.


SW: Did they know it was your first time?

DD: Yeah. I told them a few minutes before.

SW: At this point, you’re doing boy girl, are you’re doing girl girl too?

DD:  Not girl girl, but I’ll do more boy/girl/ girl. I like the idea of a threesome. SW: When you’re not doing so interviews like this and you possibly have free time, what do you like to do?

DD: I love to work out,  I love to hang out with my dog. Stay home. So my free time is usually like by the pool with my dog.

SW: So at this point, I know you were still fairly new, but is it what you thought it would be? Is it different? Is it?

DD:  I thought it was going to be good when I got in and it’s even better than I thought it was going to be. I feel very confident and happy with my decision that I made. I get better sexually, better financially, better business wise,  just better overall, I’m around people that are just like me so I feel like I’m in such a better mood and then like financially very well.

SW: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

DD:  My first one is a kind of controversial, but it’s actually like my ultimate fantasy.  Hopefully people are open minded with it. But Trump is probably my ultimate fantasy. And it’s just because I love a powerful man. Basically, if I could film a POV in the Oval Office and he would just like, Monica Lewinsky me. I love that idea.

SW: So you just give him a BJ or he actually has sex with you.

DD: If he wants to do the Deed, I’m totally down for that. I’d eat his ass too.   Zac Efron has always been  a celebrity crush.

SW: For sake of discussion. If you could do a sex tape with Zac. What could he do to you?

DD: He can do anything to me. Anything. I’d let him do anything.

SW: Have you masturbated to any of his movies had done anything?

DD: To the idea in my head, I always say, the mind is very powerful, so I definitely have a great idea of what could happen with me and Zach.

SW What would you do to him?

DD: I blow jobs. I feel like he’d be someone, he’s so handsome, I just want to see his face the whole time I blew him.

SW: Boy/girl? Would you give him a rim jobs. You  mentioned you like them, rim jobs?

DD: I love to. I love eating ass. I love doing that. I don’t like to receive that, but I love to give that. It’s like my favorite thing..

SW: Have you given yourself any kind of business plan in the industry, like you want to be in the business for 5 years and then do something else.

DD: My long-term goal is to be a creative director of some sort. I always feel like, in ten years, I hope to say, I’m a creative director. I don’t know what it will take to get there, but I like where I am now and feel like as long as I can find a way, I’ll get to that goal. I love being in porn and doing sex work. It’s like a Jack of all trades actress and people I get to work with. So I definitely am enjoying my time here. And I don’t think I’m leaving anytime soon.

SW: What are your socials? We’ll start with Instagram.

DD: My Instagram is www.instagram.com/thedredelevingne  My Twitter is twitter.com/dredelevingne, tik tok: www.tiktok.com/@thedrebabyy

SW: And for you, is there a noticeable difference in types of fans on instagram and twitter?

DD: I always get banned {on instagram}. So it’s hard. But I do notice I tend to get the followers back once I’m banned.

SW: You’re banned for posting something naughty, saying something naughty?

DD:  Probably both. I feel like on Instagram is definitely because I probably don’t cover my asshole. I know that’s the one thing, or if you don’t cover your nipples, but sometimes it’s too tempting.

SW: So then you like showing people your asshole.

DD:  Totally.

SW: On Twitter, do you find people are more there for the free stuff than anything else? Because on Instagram, it seems like you’ve got more of a business background, a business audience.

DD: Yes. on Instagram. I try to make it more like my business card. So  I want to look good and then Twitter is like, my free for all. It’s like my unhinged thoughts that I can’t always say out loud.

SW: When you create content, do you create stuff you think will sell or what you want to shoot?

DD:  Both in a way, since I am so new to content and stuff, things that I used to only do until I learned the more I learned, the more I like. So it’s very cool learning curve that I’ve been enjoying. So I basically, I’m always selling something that I genuinely enjoy because I always orgasm for real in  all my content and stuff. So I have to enjoy it to be doing it like that.

SW:  And will you be doing some stuff strictly on your Onlyfans that you don’t do for mainstream companies?

DD: Yeah. I would say so, I would probably be more willing to try out some things like on my only fans first before doing it to a mainstream company.

SW:  For you, how much of the person we see on camera is an act versus the real you?.

DD: It’s not, it’s funny because, it’s like the way I communicate with my fans and stuff is how I talk in real life. Sometimes my friends, my civilian friends and stuff are like, “Oh my goodness. I know this is how you actually talk, but oh my God.”  They think it’s funny because it is me. I got class flirt in high school actually, that was my senior superlative. That’s what they voted me for. So I always believed I was like destined for something.

SW Do you remember the first time you went all the way?

DD: Yes. I remember that it was on like a Friday night and I it was after school, it was like 8 o’clock. My father was in the basement. He was right below my bedroom and he was sleeping. I knew he wasn’t gonna be waking up anytime soon. And I had my best friend in the staircase in the middle, and I said, “make sure he doesn’t come upstairs.”  And that’s when I did it.

SW: Was he with the boyfriend? Somebody you just met, was it a hit and run type of thing?

DD: It was from someone I met on Tinder actually. I was like the last of all my Friends to lose my virginity. I saw kind of how they did it. And I felt they all were very happy and fell in love with the person. It was always sappy stories and stuff. And I was just like, this is supposed to be a fun experience, and I just didn’t want to go that route. I kind of felt like, instead of waiting for someone special, I was like, well, if I’m going to have it with someone special, then I want them to get the best version of it. So for me, I kind of was like, I want to just do it with someone I find attractive. And when I’m really in love or whatever, then I got one under my belt.

SW: Was there any type of peer pressure like you know, your Friends had all done it? So what are you waiting for?

DD: Yes, definitely. I think it was definitely brought in like an insecurity because it’s more like, oh, everyone else had sex like. Why didn’t I? I kind of like was like, because they were really cool and, I the virgin.  I was like, why am I not having sex? But I was so tall that it was hard for me to find  guys in my age were, not always as tall as me and  with my height,  I prefer it to be with someone taller. So that kind of made it a little harder.

SW: So even now, do you still prefer to date taller people or do you date shorter people?

DD: Only taller.

SW: What about when you shoot a scene? Is it the same thing?

DD: I prefer taller, but I have filmed scenes with people the same height as me. I feel like I’m like giving my best performance when I am turned on the most, which is usually when they are taller than me. So I always say I prefer at least taller.

SW: Going back to your wild and crazy college days, had you had sex with any people who were shorter than you? Did they surprise you? Did they disappoint you?

DD:  No, I never had shorter guys because I was truly like the same height as the basketball team, I was always around very, very tall people then.

SW: Were there cheerleader fantasies with all the taller men?

DD:  Oh, of course. They always wanted to fuck me in my uniform.

SW: Did you ever have sex with any of them in uniform? Did that ever happen?

DD: Yes. I did. I feel like I had to. You have to.

SW: Before you go all the way, had you masturbated, done BJ’s, anything?

DD: I gave blow jobs.

SW: In high school?

DD: Yes.

SW: Was that something you did or did they initiate it? Is something you wanted to do?

DD: They would always initiate. I’d be too nervous to even move my hands down towards their pants. So I always was a girl that was like, I’ll do it. You just have to tell me how and when.

SW: Okay. So for sake of discussion, you meet a tall guy. And you guys, I guess, date once or twice. And then he says, put my penis in your mouth, Or how does that work?

DD:  Yes.  you know, when I was innocent, I remember I used to always just be like, he’d move my hands down there. And I’m like, am I supposed to blow you now? That used to be like my line.

SW: Did you want to give him a blowjob?

DD:  Yes,  I’m wasn’t really good with transitions back then. And so I was  very direct. And that was my punchline.

SW: You start doing it. Did you know what a BJ was at that point?

DD: No. I did not have any idea at all. I never watched scemes like those. I didn’t want to Google it or anything. I felt like it was something that I just wouldn’t want to say. I didn’t want to see it. So it was definitely natural instinct.

SW:  For sake of discussion, the guy opens his pants and this big hard thing sticks up. Do you know what to do with it?

DD: Am I supposed to put my mouth on it? Am I supposed to look at it? So the first time I gave a blowjob, I remember it was like in a shed. The guy was 6 6. And I blew on it. I hate to say that, but it’s called a blow job. My young mind did not know better. And he was like, “I don’t think it’s supposed to happen like that.” I remember I was just so mortified. I chug like the rest of my Smirnoff. And then I sucked. Because I chugged that drink and I was like, all right. I got to do this right. And ever since that day, it’s been my life goal to be great at blow jobs, because that was a really rocky start.

SW: Did you swallow the first time? Did he come?

DD: Yes. I did. I’ve never spit it out, I’m always like, if it’s in my mouth, it always goes down.

SW: Did that shock you the first time it happened. Or was it like, Is this supposed to happen?

DD:  I just didn’t know.That’s like, there’s something in my mouth right now. And I liked it. I was like, oh, he taste good at least.

SW: In high school, had you only had sex with one boy at a time? Would you ever maybe give two blowjobs at once or anything?

DD: I never did multiple guys at the same time, but I definitely did multiple guys in a single day span.

SW: So you’d have sex with somebody in the morning, someone in the afternoon and somebody in the evening.

DD:  I remember sometimes my friends would get so mad at me. And I was like, these are like the hottest guy there is. How could you tell? I showered in between and there was a nice 6 hours in between. I was like, I’m only young one time, and I’m never going to regret fucking. I’m probably going to regret not trying.

SW: And did you ever see two people or maybe try and fuck this one better than that one?

DD: I loved fucking best Friends. I was like a friend fucker. I don’t know what it was. I like to see who kept the better secret. Man were good at secrets.But most were not really good at keeping these hookups, secrets. It always comes out at the end.  And then it’s like, it kills it for both, and I had  to go on to the next group.

SW: When it came to BJ’s, how long does it take you before you think you’re good at them?

DD: I would say during high school. I was pretty good in high school. My body count {number of people she had sex with} when I graduated was 27.  I was proud of that.  Like I said, there were a lot of hot guys. So I definitely in that time span learned very well. I felt like I had a good variety.

SW: So you had Sex with 27 people or gave 27 BJs.

DD: I had sex with 27 guys. So the blowjob count might be a little higher,

SW: And were you just that turned on as a woman that you had to have sex with a different people three times a day or did it just kinda happen?

DD: Both, more like when it rained a poured, it kind of felt like. I could go a few days without it, but if the opportunity was in front of me, I wasn’t saying no. No matter if it was the third of the day.

SW:  At this point, you can see yourself good at BJ’s?

DD: Yes.

SW: For you, what’s the secret to a good BJ?

DD: Very wet, and you have to be involved with all parts down there. You have to be doing it on the shaft. You have to give the balls love, you have to eat ass too. I feel like that’s the ultimate blow job, and I love it.

SW: For you, is giving a BJ also a sense of power over a man.

DD: That’s a good question. I guess power, maybe more like, a satisfaction. Like, I get off on giving them the satisfaction. So seeing that I can do that for them is what turns me on. So I guess yes, probably the power.

SW: Have you ever used your own abilities to get something you wanted?

DD: Of course. I’m very open about it too, I’m more like, can I have to give you a blow job to get this to happen? I wish these days were still like that. that was  great. I would love that.


SW: And you’ve never a problem with it. If someone proposed it to you?

DD: Oh, no, if anything, I volunteered it.  I guess it’s like that whole taboo thing that I like.

SW: You mentioned you enjoy eating ass. How did that come up the first time?

DD: I was like, do you want to do this?  I always like to be like a one upper in the bedroom in a way. So it’s more like, if I really want to hook this guy, I have to do something  every other girl who just talked about, but hasn’t done yet. He said that was eating ass and I was like, I’ll do it. He always said it was a fantasy of his. So I wanted to fulfill it, literally. So I remember I did it. Then he wanted to do mine, but I was like, I’m okay. I just wanted to  get off on just doing it for him.

SW: Okay, but how does a good, quiet reserved Irish Catholic girl, even know what eating ass is?

DD: I know.  When I’m like turned on, and I’m having sex, I have an alter ego,it’s like a different part of me comes out. I’ve learned. And I hear like little things. I always say the best way to eat ass is you do the alphabet and on the vowels, you lick their balls. And then you jerk them off the whole time. And then it’s like, they’re going to love it.

SW: Do you like facials?

DD:  Love it.

SW: As opposed to swallowing?

DD: Well, I prefer to swallow, especially if I’m filming content or really turned on by the guy, I like it when they give me a facial and then I eat it after because then I want to swallow it.  I’m definitely someone that does that too. Naturally. Like voluntarily,  when I have sex, it’s what I like, not just for the camera and filming.

SW: Do you like being Face fucked?

DD: Yes. Love that.

SW:  Is that like all the way down your throat or is that the fact that the guy has control over you?

DD:  Yes, I like the fact that they control they have over me. I love that I can do it. I think I’m really good at it.

SW: Do you know what a CNC scene is?

DD: No, what is that?

SW: It stands for consensual non-consensual.Is that’s something that would turn you on.

DD: Yes. I feel like that’s the fun of it, I want the wild and thrill and that’s definitely what I would like.

SW: I know you don’t do butt stuff, anal, having your ass eaten out, but do you like being spanked?

DD: Yes, I do.

SW: Have you done any type of anal anything in your butt?

DD:  I feel like fingers in my butt is ok. I do wear butt plugs.I’ve done anal one time. When I was younger, and I didn’t love it, but I probably was doing it very, very wrong.

SW: Speaking of butt plugs, do you ever do ATMs with those?

DD:  What does that mean?

SW: Ass to mouth

DD: No, I haven’t. That’s a good idea, though. you just give me an idea.

SW:  Do you have a favorite position?

DD: Doggy.

SW:  You as a woman, do you just like getting pounded? Do you like when a guy grabs your hips and goes for it?

DD:  Yes, just goes full force.

SW: Sex for you. Is it different off camera than on camera?

DD:  So basically, ever since I got into porn and stuff, my sex life is like not. It’s not as active, I want it to be because I feel like I haven’t had an active sex life like at this level yet.  Because I know I will, the few times I have, like I am with the same person. I’m  very into it. And I want to be able to do that In my free time, I feel like that’s like very fun.

SW: For you, is there a point? You seem to be a very mellow person. Is there a point when you have to go on camera and you have to amp everything up because most people say sex scenes are exaggerated?

DD:  Yeah , I think when I get turned on , I naturally get like a little more amped up or drink an energy drink to get myself  maybe more in the mood or I always masturbate before because it gets me in the mood and inspires me.

SW: Going back to when you shot your first boy girl scene, was it a turn on having sex with somebody you didn’t know.

DD: Yes.

SW: Is that a turn on to have sex with people you don’t know?

DD: Yes.

SW: At this point, is it a rush for you to work with new people or do you like working with more established people?

DD: I think right now I like working with people who at least who are more established because I like the dominant thing, I like to not have a dominant role on camera because I like the to submit, being guided. I feel the guys pick you up, place you where you need to be and stuff.

SW:  Do you find yourself looking at a woman saying,” holy shit like just look at that,” and have all these thoughts in your head of stuff you’d like to do to them? But maybe you don’t act on them.

DD: I definitely get ideas and, more like an idea like, wow like I’d love to tag team with her, I would love to have her and me go after a guy together.

SW:  Do you like having sex in public?

DD: Yes. I definitely do.

SW: Is the turn on for you people are watching or you might get caught?

DD:  I love the rush and like the idea that someone could catch me, I love giving road head. I think it’s funny especially if you’re at a red light.

SW:  Do you know what a badge bunny is.

DD: What’s that?

SW: You’re giving road head. And you get caught by a cop. A badge bunny works it out with the cop to let her go.

DD: I would do that.

SW:  Do you have a thing for guys in uniform?

DD:  I love guys in uniform. I love that. Totally.

SW:  Teachers, do you have any fantasies about teachers?

DD:  Yes. I used to get in trouble, actually, because I used to try to flirt with my teachers, and they were like, you can’t do that. I didn’t understand you really couldn’t do that.

SW: Were you flirting for a better grade, were you flirting because you thought they were hot?

DD: Just because they were hot, I couldn’t care less about my grades.

SW: You mentioned you were submissive. Do you like rough sex?

DD: Yes, I love it

SW: Being tied up?

DD: Yes.

SW: Dirty talk?

DD:  Of course. They have to dirty talk. I love dirty talking. So I like when they do it too.

SW: Do you like it when they talk to you, or when you do it yourself?

DD: I do it myself, and it’s fun if they talk back.

SW: But do you really like when they use explicit talk, are you good at talking explicit? Or is it just like, oh, baby, you’re so hot and blah, blah, blah, blah.

DD: I would say that I’m good at talking dirty. I definitely will bump it up.

SW:  For you, it’s good sex more mental than physical.

DD:  Exactly. It’s all mental.

SW: Do you have a bucket list of places you want to have sex?

DD: Yes, I do.

SW: Top three places.

DD: I definitely crossed one off my list so far. I want to have sex on a beach because I got almost got caught the first time I did that. So I want to do that. I want to go to a sex club and do it in front of a lot of people, even though I don’t know if that’s public, but I definitely want to do something like that. Third, road head, more of that because I just don’t have enough of it.

SW: When it comes to road head, do you prefer pulling over on the side of the road or if you go to like a truck stop or the gas station while there are people in their cars.

DD: No, they have to be driving. They have to be driving the whole time.

SW:  The whole time? You don’t pull over. Or just driving.

DD: Yes, just driving.

SW: How close have you come to killing yourself? I mean, getting the guy some where out there, he’s really hard, ready to pop, and he can’t drive.

DD: Sometimes they’re like, I gotta pull over.  Usually they have to pull over for like the finishing part, but I like the challenge. I like that we’re passing lots of people.

SW: You as a woman, what is it that gets you going sexually? Do you like your nipples played with your clit licked?

DD: I guess it’s more mental what turns me on at first. They have to mentally get my before physically I’d say.

SW: Do you think you intimidate men when it comes to sex?

DD:  In my personal life, yes. I feel like on camera, everyone else has been  in the industry for much longer so they probably don’t get intimidated.

SW: In private, you meet somebody, you guys click. You think you want to do him? You go home and one of two things happens for sake of discussion.

He drops his pants and his stuff is about the size of my finger, or you guys are getting intimate and he pops right away. How do you handle that situation?

DD: If it’s small, honestly I will leave because it’s just not my thing in my personal life. So I pretend like my stomach hurts and say I have to go home,  because I know as much I love sex, if it’s not gonna be the best sex, I would rather just not do it. Now if he pops right away, then I will be like, okay then we have to go again soon. It’s okay maybe the first time if they pop fast because hopefully the second one takes longer.

SW:  Do you see yourself having a relationship with a civilian while you’re in this business?

DD: Yeah, totally. I was dating someone when I had an Onlyfans for a little bit and when I first got into porn, but I’ve been single ever since. I like being single and am focused on like what I do, but if the right civilian was able to fit in with the way my life is, who knows.

SW: Have you met civilians, hooked up with them and they expected porn sex as opposed to at home sex.

DD:  Yes. They definitely always do that.  Civilians definitely expect the porn experience right away. They get very, I think, very nervous or excited or something. And that kind of like ruins it for me. I don’t want to be on camera, so in my personal life, when the guy turns me on is when he is just  acting natural and doesn’t stress on the porn thing, because he’ll eventually get the porn thing if he doesn’t talk about it.

SW: Do they try and impress you because you’re in porn? Like, I can show this girl what real sex is.

DD: Yes. I think they do try some of that or sometimes I’ve had them just like cum on my face, and they’re like,” oh that’s what they do in the movie.”

SW:  You’re walking down the street and we’re checking you out. Is that cool with you?

DD:  It doesn’t bother me. I think it’s cool. I work very hard on my body, so I feel if people are looking, it’s worth it.  I wake up at four or 5 a.m. every morning and work out, so I very much take pride in how I look. So if they’re looking then it means like my hard work is paying off. And if I dress a certain way, I have to expect certain things in return, so I can’t be mad.

SW:  So what do you think we’re looking at first? Your face, your boobs, your butt?

DD:  I hope my abs, but I know no one looks at my abs first. It’s definitely my ass.

SW: Are you a direct woman when it comes to sex?

DD: No. I’m probably too submissive just to say things, but yeah, if they’re showing me interest, that’s what gets me going.

SW:  For the sake of discussion, I see you at a bar, and you’re standing at the the bar,  I’m 7 feet tall and hot, I walk up to borrow and say, I’d like to take you into the bathroom and do all kinds of crazy stuff with you. Does that turn you on? Do you smack the guy?

DD:  I would say, say no more.  I’m there.I love that. I feel like it’s spontaneous. I feel if someone you know, feels that way about you right away.

SW:  When it comes to sex in general now, because you’re so used to having it, do you still enjoy it as much as you did before being on camera.

DD:  Yes, for sure. I’m definitely very selective with who I shoot with. So I want to enjoy it.  I love sex, and I really enjoy what I do for work, so I want to make sure I am always enjoying it and not just doing anything for the sake of doing it. So everything I do with people, I genuinely want to film with and I never want to lose my love for sex in my real life.

SW: Do you ever find yourself at home, subconsciously opening up the for a camera when you’re having sex with a normal person? Because you’re so used to doing it.

DD: I masturbate a lot at home. That’s something I do a lot,  probably  6 times a day. So I definitely don’t  realize that I shouldn’t always be doing that probably.

SW: When you do, what is it that gets your mind to that point? Is it the scent or smell of a person, a sound, a thought?

DD:  I just look at porn like 24/7 almost in a way, and then it’s like I randomly get like thoughts in my head, ideas and I’m like, oh we gotta go in my bedroom for a little bit and then come back out and finish my work.

SW:  Do you ever film any of those or are they private.

DD:  Sometimes I film, but most of the time, like if  I really want to do it myself, I don’t film because I feel like I give the world enough pleasure in many ways, give my fans pleasure and sometimes I want that to be for myself..

SW: We asked you earlier if you have any impressions of the business before you go in, now that you’re in it, for you, what’s the reality of this business versus what people think it is?

DD: The reality of it is everything is very business focused.It’s definitely very professional and everyone’s there to work and everyone can have a real life when they leave set because what happens on set doesn’t come off set with you. So it’s very nice and I don’t think the real world realizes that you can have like the best of both worlds.

SW: Anything you want to say to all of your fans?

DD: That I’m very grateful for them and yes, probably the only reason why I’m here is because of them. So thank you very much

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