Ebony Mystique Discusses Sex-Ed with Fleshbot

 Influential Adult Blog Fleshbot (www.fleshbot.com) and Ebony Mystique discussed how everyone can (safely) fuck like a porn star in this exclusive interview with the Brazzer’s contracted star.

“Ebony Mystique’s tips and tricks are highly appreciated because she is a nurse, besides being an adult actress. She exudes sexual magnetism, radiates self-love and confidence, and is always going to be a kick-ass nurse that can save lives with her hands and brain,” said Ariana Levi who conducted the educational interview at Fleshbot.

Ebony worked as a frontline nurse right as COVID-19 was kicking off in the United States. She started playing around with the idea of becoming an adult actress. It was something she had considered before but not as seriously. But she decided that if you’re going to do something, do it right. It didn’t take long for her talent to be recognized and she started making a name for herself. Earlier this year she became an exclusive contract star with Brazzers

“I’ll always keep my license active because I want to be able to use the knowledge of medicine because it’s very much needed. People are doing all kinds of weird stuff to get to point B from point A. That could be why young men have ejaculation problems but are scared to talk about it. Women don’t know what BV is and are masking it with the worst things ever. Everyone is living over the counter. People need education. And I think that because I have the medical background, that will make it legal, more qualified, and more valuable.” stated Ebony Mystique.

Ebony Mystique is very serious about sexual education and plans on taking the necessary time to organize the information and knowledge she has gained during her time in the medical field. She also discussed with Ariana Levi at Fleshbot what “fucking like a pornstar” meant to her and her words of advice for all her vagina-loving fans.

To read the exclusive interview in its entirety, click here: https://fleshbot.com/8673114/sex-ed-with-ebony-mystique-sex-is-art/

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