Election Stress? Habibi’s Shahada Karim Offers Helpful Coping Tips

Habibi Sport founder Shahada Karim is addressing Election Stress Disorder, the latest affliction to overwhelm disheartened Americans in 2020.
The health & wellness expert estimates that hours of sleepless nights, anxiety and mental health concerns – thanks to the twin terrors of the COVID-19 pandemic and this year’s election – have plagued millions… and Karim explains that staying sane in these uncertain times is possible.
“2020 is apparently not done with us yet… in addition to a global pandemic, we are now being dragged through a presidential election with seemingly no end in sight,” she says. “I know it’s hard, but by distancing yourself from the very things that cause you stress, you can overcome that nagging feeling of impending doom.”
1) Turn off the television and put down the phone. “The 24-hour news cycle is part of the problem. Media outlets are repeating details of the same stories ad nauseum in new and exciting ways to keep viewers engaged… but it’s also keeping viewers stressed.
“The same goes for social media: everyone has an opinion, and it seems that everyone is presenting that opinion as fact. The less you absorb the analyses and feelings of those who know just as much (if not less) than you already do, the less anxious you’re likely to be about it all.”
2) Make a cup of soothing ginger tea. “Ginger can ease nausea and stomach cramps. It can also help you regulate blood sugar and calm frayed nerves.”
3) Occupy your time. “Sitting idly may actually make things worse. Look around and assess what needs to be done in your space. Assign yourself tasks and complete them one by one. It’ll keep you from fretting about things that you have no control over.”
4) Get some rest. “Resting may be easier said than done these days, but try to make the effort. It’s worth giving your body the time it needs to repair itself, and your mind some much needed respite.”
Energize, elevate and evolve with Shahada Karim and Habibi Sport at HabibiBodySport.com.

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