FreakMob Media Releases Five-Scene Kingsley Showcase DVD

 FreakMob Media announced the release of its latest DVD title, “Kingsley”. Co-produced with its eponymous leading lady, the five-scene showcase is the latest freaky project from the studio renowned for producing erotic content with an amateur feel and a professional look.
“When first approached me with the idea of collaborating on this project together, I was ecstatic,” said Kingsley. “I understood pretty quickly when entering the industry that mainstream opportunities were going to be limited for an alternative, Black performer like myself, so having this opportunity brought to me was unbelievable to me.”
“We clicked together really well from shoots in the past, so shooting these scenes was a breeze. FreakMob is creative, to the point, and he makes great porn, so working with him on these five scenes was a dream come true. He suggested some really lovely people to work with and couldn’t be happier with the line up of co-stars we have in this DVD.”
“FreakMob Media Presents: Kingsley” also stars Lydia Black, along with male performers Nade, Amazing and Mickey.
“Using up and coming talent in some of my scenes is something I am proud of as well,” Kingsley added. “I shot some of my first scenes with FreakMob so having the chance to give another talent the chance to shine in one of their first scenes was a really cool feeling. I hope you all enjoy watching and jerking off to this DVD as much as I had fun making it!”
Company owner FreakMob commented, “Our members have always liked seeing heavily tattooed models in our videos, and I’m all about delivering what the fans want. It took a long time to put this project together and I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s different, very freaky and very hot.”
“FreakMob Media Presents: Kingsley” has been made available only as a physical DVD — perfect for adult collectors! Get yours at as well as at Kingsley’s own online store:
For a limited time, subscriptions to are available at the discounted price of $14.99 for the first month. Join now by clicking here ( ).
One of the fastest rising brands in adult entertainment, FreakMob Media has a bold, creative style of producing sensationally attractive videos featuring a diverse range of amateur performers, exotic models and notable adult film stars.
“We produce a wide variety of adult movies, but our primary focus is on scenes starring models who have big butts,” FreakMob explained. “Our content has an amateur feel with a professional look.”
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