Girlsway Salutes the Fiery Allure of Flame-Haired Girls in Seeing Red

Redheads rule in Adult Time’s newest series from Girlsway, Seeing Red, three episodes of indulgent fun that’s sure to give fans a raging case of scarlet fever – launching October 10 at
Director Billy Visual said that “there are so many beautiful redheads in the business – it was only right to put them together and bring the fans a redhead-only series… they say redheads are fierce, and they prove that in this series!”
Seeing Red starts off with ‘Red Hot Reunion’ – three distant cousins (Jayden Cole, Scarlett Mae, Jayme Rae) escape the boring chatter of relatives by doubling down on a scorching-hot game of Strip Blackjack.
Closet Kissers’ (Oct 17) is inspired by a Member Fantasy submission from Girlsway viewer ParadiseLost, starring Lola Fae as a lovesick teen with a big crush on gorgeous redhead Lacy Lennon. When Lacy suggest a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, Lola can’t believe her luck! But her stepsister Maya Kendrick has other plans…
Office Hazing’ (Oct 24) is also a Member Fantasy scene taken from an original submission by Girlsway member IggyEgo. Sabina Rouge stars as a new intern whose boss Lauren Phillips teases her with dirty talk. Office harassment? No, just a game Lauren likes to play. “It’s like a hazing thing I do with the interns…”
“It’s true what they say – redheads always have the most fun!” said Rouge. “Haha, I’m just kidding, but being able to be a part of Seeing Red was such a fun opportunity, and all the lovely ladies in this series are all so beautiful! I can’t wait for all the redhead lovers out there to see this series and enjoy the hard work and sexiness put into it.”
Phillips echoed Rouge’s sentiment, saying “I always love a good redhead theme… gingers are very unique and they are a specific niche, like Superman and kryptonite. I was honored to work with amazing people that brighten up my day and show how awesome my job is. You always need a little bit of ginger in your life.”
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