Hentaied & Parasited Drop Bomb New Scenes

(Budapest, Hungary) Real-life porn hentai porn site Hentaied hentaied.com and the alternative world where alien parasites take over hot babes’ bodies, Parasited parasited.com, both have bomb new must-see scenes out now directed by Roberto Di Suna.
Hentaied’s “The Upside Down” is the trifecta of hot porn stars being ravaged by aliens and their tentacles. Barbie Rous and Alice Hernandez make their Hentaied debut, and Emiri Momota is back for her fourth scene. Barbie is in the locker room getting ready to hit the gym, and Emiri and Alice are talking behind her back before they go for their workout. Barbie is alone and about ready to close her locker when she sees flickering lights and two tentacles reaching out and dragging her inside. Total darkness awakens her, and two tentacles give her an ear fucking, pumping alien cum in her. More tentacles appear and go straight for her pussy fucking her hard. Emiri and Alice return to the locker room, wondering where Barbie has gone, but they will find out shortly. They approach her locker when tentacles pull them inside. Now all three ladies fucked by tentacles penetrating their ears ad making their way through their bodies. They can’t resist and give in to the orgasms. When the alien monster finally leaves, they’re exhausted and covered in cum. Watch the exclusive scene and view the photo gallery at hentaied.com/the-upside-down.
Parasited’s “Re-Awakening” stars all stars Rae Lil Black and May Thai. Rae enters a ritual room with candles lit, and May is lying naked on the floor. She promises to bring May back and takes out a glass jar with an alien creature inside it and a black magic book. Rae undresses, takes the parasite from the jar while reading from the book, and feeds the parasite with her breast before feeding May. My then wakes up with white eyes and pins Rae down to transfer the alien parasite to her pussy. The parasite takes control of both women’s minds and bodies and pushes them into a lesbian frenzy. They eat each other’s pussies, trib each other, and kiss, not stopping until they both reach screaming orgasms. The scene and photo gallery can be found at parasited.com/re-awakening.
“Both of the new scenes on Hentaied and Parasited are the bomb. “The Upside Down’ has an alternative world with a trifecta of three porn stars who are the objects of affection for an alien monster. And ‘Re-Awakening’ has two of the site’s favorite all-stars in a black magic scene to bring May back from the dead with an alien parasite and hot lesbian sex. Both scenes are true originals and definite must-sees,” says Creator/Producer/Director Romero Mr. Alien.
Imagine human depictions of your favorite anime characters getting down and dirty, and that’s Hentaied. It’s the only real-life porn hentai porn site featuring alien monsters, tentacles, cumflation all the way through, and lots of cum! The site is all about tentacle porn, alien porn, and hardcore anal and offers a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Reviewers refer to the site as “your #1 tentacle porn source” and enjoy the casting of top European adult stars. And the site boasts over 3 million visitors each month.
Their 2022 film Arcade Game starring Purple Bitch and Rae Lil Black made history with a budget of 250k euros with 70k euros for the CGI budget crowdfunded by hentai enthusiasts. And it was also the first porn scene where a CGI character intimately interacted with a human.
Hentaied has won the 2023 Fetish Site of the Year from the XBIZ Awards. In addition, they were nominated for Best Niche Series or Channel (twice), Best Art Direction, Most Outrageous Sex Scene and Best Editing from the AVN Awards, Favorite Channel by the Pornhub Awards, and Finest Membership Website for Fandom from the Bazowie! Awards.
Explore their site at hentaied.com. Follow Hentaied on Twitter @Hentaied1, IG @gianthealien and @mralienreal, and Discord discord.gg/EnnP36cB49. And find out why they have over 46 million views and 145k subscribers on Pornhub pornhub.com/channels/hentaied.
Parasited is an alternative world with the hottest babes and mind-controlling alien bugs. The highly original and exquisitely filmed scenes revolve around alien parasites taking over hot babes’ bodies to carry out their handiwork. Mixing horror and sex are two huge turn-ons, which has made this new high-end possessed girl site a hit. Explore the site at parasited.com. Follow Parasited on social media on Twitter @parasited_xxx and IG @mralienreal. Parasited is part of the Hentaied universe on Pornhub, is one of the top-ranking studios, and is consistently in the Top 100 Channels on Pornhub pornhub.com/channels/hentaied with over 46 million views and 145k subscribers.



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